common hearing complaintsWith more than 20% of the adult population in America suffering from some form of hearing loss as they get into their forties and beyond, we’ve heard of plenty of hearing problems here at Otofonix.

However, not all of them require the use of a hearing aid or hearing amplifier, so before you start to go down the route of seeing which of our hearing amplifiers would be best suited to you, here are some common hearing complaints explained and the best course of action needed to remedy them.

Hearing loss

As we get older, our hearing prowess begins to wane and we may find ourselves straining to hear our favorite TV shows, conversations and quietly spoken instructions from others. This is an entirely normal part of the ageing process. A visit to your ear doctor’s office will help you determine the level of hearing loss that you’re experiencing and whether a hearing aid or hearing amplifier would be the best option to help you regain clear sound.


The symptoms of tinnitus include an annoying ringing in the ears that is usually accompanied by some degree of hearing loss. Sadly, if not treated quickly, the problem can increase and become a hindrance to daily life, so it’s a good idea to see your ear doctor before it gets any worse.

Tinnitus cannot be treated by the Otofonix range of hearing amplifiers as they help amplify sounds. Your ENT doctor will recommend a course of treatment.  

Ear infections

Ear infections can also affect our ability to hear sound and speech, and can often be rather painful.

Caused by common colds, the ear canal and the area behind the eardrum called the middle ear can both be affected. Symptoms include itchiness, pain, discharge and hearing loss. The ear canal can feel blocked, which stops us being able to hear properly, but with medical treatment from your doctor such as ear drops or antibiotics infections usually clear up quickly. This means that your hearing will soon return to normal.

Keeping your ears clean and dry can also promote ear health and prevent common hearing problems occurring. If you are suffering from hearing problems, always consult your doctor and get a checkup to verify what the cause of your hearing loss is as this will then impact on which hearing aid or hearing amplifier you choose.

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