Compare Ear Domes


Open style ear dome have large holes or vents to allow some sounds to pass through the ear dome without amplification. This provides a more natural sound for the hearing aid user.

Best for those with a mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss who do not need much amplification in the lower frequency sounds.


Due to the large vents in the dome there is NO occlusion effect making this the most comfortable choice


Due to the large vents, open ear domes are the most prone to feedback (whistling) at higher volume levels


Closed style ear domes do not have any vents. The lack of vents prevents non amplified sounds from entering the ear canal. The closed dome allows for more aggressive amplification, up to 15-10db more, especially in lower frequencies.

Best for those with a more moderate to severe hearing loss due to the increased amplification provided.


More amplification compared to open ear domes

Better background noise reduction.

Virtually eliminate all feedback (whistling) that occurs from higher amplification


Maximizes the Occlusion Effect


Magic style ear domes are a hybrid open / closed ear dome. It looks like 2 domes stacked on each other with small slits rather than large vents as found on open ear domes. Overall, magic domes offer the best of both worlds as compared to open and closed ear domes.


Due to the small slits the magic dome has a similar comfort level of the open dome and NO occlusion effect as found with the closed dome

Because of the larger surface area of the magic dome, it provides increased amplification and better background noise reduction similar to a closed dome