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Many customers ask about the history of Otofonix hearing amplifiers. Well, Otofonix was co-founded by a retired Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT Physician). He practiced medicine in Michigan for over 25 years. During this time, he treated many patients with hearing loss. However, most could not afford thousands of dollars needed to purchase hearing aids.

Affordable “over-the-counter” hearing aids were not available at this time.

Interestingly enough, soon after retiring he noticed worsening of his own hearing. As a result, he went to see a colleague for their opinion. Sadly, there was no treatment for his hereditary nerve loss. He was stunned to find that his only option was to purchase of a pair of hearing aids for $7000. So, it was then that he understood the challenge faced by his former patients.

In 2009 a circuit court decision allowed for the sale of “over-the-counter” hearing aids. These are also known as personal sound amplifiers, PSAP. So, with the help of other hearing specialists, audiologists, and manufacturers he designed a miracle. The first quality personal sound amplifier, the Otofonix hearing amplifier. This “behind-the-ear” device offers comfort. It is discreet, high-tech, and a fraction of the cost of brand name hearing aids.

Otofonix is headquartered in Cornelius, NC. Furthermore, they use world-class components from both the United States and Europe. Otofonix operates an assembly plant in China. In fact, most of the major hearing aid manufacturers do so as well. Thus, they focus on manufacturing high quality, affordable hearing instruments. Ultimately, that is what Otofonix hearing amplifiers are made of.

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