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How Hearing Problems Affect Our Daily Lives


Sadly, there’s no remedy for old age and it’s something that comes to us all at some point. As we get older, our hearing abilities can also change along with other senses such as smell, taste, and eyesight. For those of us that were able to hear a pin drop in our youth, realizing it is increasingly difficult to catch parts of a conversation or that we need to turn the volume up a few notches to catch the storyline on our favorite shows can be disconcerting.

If left unchecked, hearing problems can start to have a greater effect on day-to-day tasks and can significantly impact on overall wellbeing. Here are a few ways that without help, hearing problems can begin to erode the quality of life.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness

Many people with hearing problems feel embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves, meaning they miss out on important parts of a conversation. Eventually, they feel so conscious of their poor hearing that they avoid going out unless absolutely necessary-and sometimes not even then. This can ultimately lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Loneliness can be just as damaging to health as many medical conditions, so it’s critical that you take steps to improve your hearing abilities. With help, you’ll feel confident that you can leave your home and enjoy crucial interactions with others once again – combating those feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Missing out on social situations

An invite to a family gathering or a get together with friends can be a source of anxiety for those with hearing difficulties as they feel unable to contribute to conversations. In these situations, it’s easy to come off as aloof or fail to attend at all, which means missing out on important events and enjoyable experiences with loved ones.

Missing out on interests

Not being able to enjoy favorite TV or radio shows at home just adds to the feeling of boredom and isolation felt by those with hearing problems. Having to crank up the volume to catch the plot soon becomes common practice and visiting family members could well notice that they must shout over the TV to get themselves heard.

Feeling unsafe when out and about

One of the main concerns for those with hearing loss is safety. The inability to hear traffic turning the corner, someone coming up behind them, or listen to instructions from members of the public to keep them safe while they’re out and about is a real concern for individuals and their families. Consequently, it’s all too easy for the regular trips to the store to become a thing of the past, and easy to rely more on others for day to day grocery needs or go without essential items altogether.

If you feel that your hearing is beginning to impact your daily life, then talk to the friendly team at Otofonix today to discover how our hearing aids can help you enjoy high-quality sound and restore your hearing confidence.

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Programs or environmental settings that allow you to optimize performance for noisy, quiet, or social situations
Digital Sound Processor
All Otofonix Hearing Aids are 100% Digital because they all use a DSP Chip. Without a DSP, noise-canceling is not possible.
Noise Canceling
Uses a digital algorithm to reduce background noise more effectively in noisy and challenging environments.
Directional Microphone
Makes it easier to focus on sounds coming from in front of you, and allows for more advanced and effective noise cancellation
A telecoil acts as a receiving antenna for your hearing aids. When you connect with a sound system of a theater or church, you get amplified sounds delivered directly into your hearing aids. So no matter where you are in the theater, you automatically have the best seat in the house. Only the sound from the hearing loop's microphone is amplified, while background noise is shut out.
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Using the Otofonix App, you can customize your hearing aid to meet your unique hearing loss profile. It's like having an audiologist in your living room.


Volume ControlRocker SwitchRocker SwitchSmartphone AppSmartphone App
Battery Size312Rechargeable13Rechargeable
Battery Life6-8 Days18 Hours4 - 6 Days18 Hours
Device Dimensions1.2" x .55" x .28"1.5" x .31" x .5"1.2" x .31" x .48"1.2" x .31" x .48"





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