regain hearingHere at Otofonix, we have thousands of clients who we helped regain hearing. We understand that changes to your hearing can be a worrying and often stressful experience.
Many people who have noticed deterioration in their hearing capability are often afraid to go outside alone. They avoid their regular routine as the fear of not hearing traffic hazards settles in. This can cause a sense of vulnerability and lowers confidence. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Thus, you experience a  detrimental effect on overall health and well being. Of course, unless steps are taken to regain this lost independence.

Otofonix is proud to help customers  regain hearing and independence. Customers continue to live rich and fulfilling lives with our range of excellent quality hearing amplifiers. Here are just a few of the ways that Otofonix has helped our customers enjoy a new lease of life…

Cost-effective, great quality sound

Many of our customers are worried about the cost of pricey hearing aids. Fortunately, Otofonix hearing amplifiers are a very pocket friendly alternative. Not many people can meet the $4,000 plus price tag of a hearing aid.
The ability to improve sound with a hearing device at a lower cost is powerful. Far more people are able to enjoy all of the pleasures of life. Especially without fear that their hearing is letting them down.

Regain Hearing with Product protection

Accidents happen, so having a protection plan on your hearing amplifiers is a must! Otofonix  gives additional peace of mind to thousands of our customers with our 12-month warranty. Loss and damage are both covered in our protection plans. It’s easy to wear any Otofonix hearing device with complete confidence even if a mishap does happen. There’s also a comprehensive factory warranty with all devices from Otofonix. So, we ensure that a replacement is shipped out quickly.

Practical advice and support

Our customer care team has provided helpful advice and support to our customers for years. From set up guidance on a new Otofonix device to explaining the benefits.  We also guide you through our list of accessories! There’s no question our customer care team hasn’t encountered before.
Giving our customers the confidence to use our hearing amplifiers is our goal. This  is just one of the ways that our team has been helping Otofonix device wearers regain hearing. So, this is something we hope to continue with for many years to come.