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How to Deal With Mild Hearing Loss

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Do you have difficulty hearing the laughter of your grandchildren? What about your favorite songs? Do your friends and family complain that you have the television on too loud? You may be one of the 37.5 million adults who suffer from mild hearing loss.

To help you on your journey to hearing the “little things” again that make life so incredibly fulfilling, let’s look at what types of hearing loss there are and define what exactly “mild hearing loss” is. Learning the basics about hearing loss will give you a better understanding of what you’re dealing with and – more importantly – hope that there is a way to recapture the sounds of life you’ve been missing.

Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect one ear or both, and each ear can have different types. As hearing loss progresses in one ear, your other ear will naturally begin to compensate. This may accelerate hearing loss in the ear that is compensating. The 6 different degrees of hearing loss you should be aware of are: 

    • Mild
    • Mild-to-Moderate
    • Moderate 
    • Moderately severe
    • Severe
    • Profound

While there are different hearing loss types, no two diagnoses of the same type present the same in each person. If you’ve been diagnosed with mild hearing loss, your experience may be very different than that of a family member or friend diagnosed with the same level of hearing loss. 

What is Mild Hearing Loss?

Mild hearing loss in adults is defined as the inability to hear sounds lower than 25 decibels (dB) and can affect your quality-of-life in many profound ways. Because mild hearing loss tends to happen gradually over time, you may not be aware of how many everyday sounds you can no longer hear.  

Mild hearing loss generally makes it difficult to hear a range of low-to-high frequencies. However, those with mild hearing loss typically struggle to hear the high-frequency, soft sounds first, such as:

    • Women and children’s voices 
    • Chirping birds 
    • Sounds of nature, like rustling leaves
    • Conversations in noisy spaces, like restaurants or large gatherings

Mild Hearing Loss and Speech 

People who struggle with mild hearing loss may hear well when speaking with someone directly in front of them but have difficulty listening (and concentrating) in noisy environments. 

Mild hearing loss can also make it difficult to clearly understand language overall. It may even seem like people around you are mumbling. Thankfully, effective and affordable hearing loss treatment options from Otofonix make it possible to improve your hearing and restore your quality-of-life. 

Causes of Mild Hearing Loss 

As you age, the tiny hairs and nerve cells in your ear deteriorate. This gradual damage causes mild hearing loss as you age. Exposure to loud noises, middle ear abnormalities, inner ear infections, ototoxic medications, and even heredity will also cause hearing loss. 

It is important to note that you should immediately seek medical attention if you suddenly have trouble hearing in one or both ears. If your doctor diagnoses you with hearing loss, the digital hearing aid technology of today can turn back the clock and give you back a world of rich sound.

Why Hearing Loss Treatment Is Important

Recent research has revealed that a person with mild hearing loss may be more likely to develop additional medical issues like:

    • Alzheimer’s disease 
    • Dementia
    • Depression
    • Cognitive decline
    • Social isolation and withdrawal

Therefore, it is crucial to seek help the moment you begin having trouble hearing sounds. Affordable digital hearing aids not only help you get back to enjoying life again, they help keep your brain engaged, active, and healthy.

Get the Help You Deserve 

Unfortunately, many people continue to live with their hearing loss untreated because of traditional prescription hearing aids’ overwhelming price. We at Otofonix have made it our mission to create the highest quality, affordable, and most comfortable over the counter hearing aids available. 

Our team of US-based, award-winning customer service technicians are here to help you with any questions or issues that you may have – for the life of your device. 

Hearing Aids for Mild Hearing Loss

Mild to moderate hearing loss is more treatable than ever. However, sufferers of profound hearing loss will likely need to speak with a trained audiologist to get help hearing.

Test Your Hearing

Otofonix offers a free online hearing test that you can take part in to better understand your hearing loss. You will need to register first by providing your email address and name. It’s fast, easy, and the first step toward better hearing.

If you’ve been putting off treating your hearing loss, explore our incredible line of affordable hearing aids to find the best option for your needs. Our hearing aid comparison makes it easy to see each model’s features so you can get the help you need to hear better and enjoy all of life again. 

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