Looking for an alternative to a hearing aidWhen you start to encounter hearing difficulties, your first thought probably is to turn to purchasing a hearing aid. However, thanks to Otofonix, there’s another alternative available for those of us who want to enjoy fantastic sound quality without having to journey down the hearing aid route.Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a hearing amplifier and the benefits that our customers have been enjoying for several years.  

Ideal for mild to moderate hearing difficulties

Hearing amplifiers utilize digital technology to amplify, clarify and deliver clear sound. They also remove any unwanted background noise, making them a great alternative to hearing aids. For those struggling to hear quiet conversations or having to turn up the volume to enjoy their favorite songs on the radio, a hearing amplifier is a good solution. 

Greater affordability

Digital hearing aids can be expensive, with many models costing thousands of dollars. Those seeking a more cost-effective solution to their hearing problems can enjoy superior sound once again at a fraction of the price of a hearing aid with an amplifier. It’s easy to see why thousands of customers are turning to Otofonix for their hearing device needs.  

Easy to use

Some hearing aids come with a vast array of features that can make them tricky to set up and difficult to learn how to use. As our hearing amplifiers are shipped with a range of already installed settings, the Otofonix range of hearing amplifiers is simple to use straight out of the box and requires very little set up time at home.  

Accessories and protection plans

Otofonix hearing amplifiers also come with a wide range of accessories to help get you started with your new hearing device. With a protective case to keep your amplifier in tip-top condition when traveling, a spare set of ear domes and a cleaning kit to remove any build up or residue that might hinder the effectiveness of your hearing amplifier, you’ll have everything you could possibly need to enjoy your new device for many years to come. There’s also the option to protect your Otofonix hearing amplifier with our protection plan. It costs just a few cents each day, so if you accidentally damage your device or lose it when out and about, we’ll replace your amplifier quickly at no additional cost.