OTC Hearing Aid Act of 2017

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What is the Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act?

President Trump signed a law in August of 2017 called the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act.  In fact, this allows adults to directly purchase high quality hearing aids without needing to see a hearing care professional. Additionally, this law deregulates the hearing aid market. The cost of amplification devices to the consumer is now consistently lowering.

This new legislature requires the FDA to establish and regulate a new category of hearing aids. Consequently,


non-professional or online retailers can sell these devices to people who suffer with a mild to moderate hearing loss.  Thankfully, Congress is giving the FDA 3 years to complete this process.

What are OTC Hearing Aids

These OTC hearing aids or will be a new category of wearable hearing devices. Interestingly enough, the FDA has not yet officially approved these devices.  Additionally, this classification would be separate from “hearing aids”. However, just like traditional prescription hearing aids, it will be regulated and labeled by the FDA for product safety and efficacy. Consumers with hearing loss can’t buy these devices without the FDA approval.

Several organizations provide recommendations for performance standards of these OTC devices. These entities include the National Academy of Science, Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Technology Association.


There is no need to wait 3 years! In fact, you can purchase an Otofonix hearing aid today and begin experiencing life at its fullest.  Furthermore, the FDA has approved all of their digital hearing aids, and they also offer a 45 day hassle free return policy to eliminate any risk to you.

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