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Medical grade hearing devices for 90% less

Created by a Doctor - tested by audiologists

How to know it’s time to step in and help your
loved-one find hearing-improvement solutions…

1. They turn the TV up to max volume in order to hear.
2. They struggle to hear phone conversations.
3. They say “what?” a lot and ask you to repeat yourself.
4. They struggle to follow a conversation when multiple people are talking at the same time.

Otofonix Hearing Aid vs Standard

The Big Brand Hearing Aids

  • Limited customer service – office visit required
  • Costly Audiologist visit required to adjust volume
  • Costly Audiologist visit to adjust listening profile
  • No free trial and additional charge for exchange
  • Required in-store pick up
Otofonix Hearing Aid Standard

Otofonix Hearing Aids

  • Free lifetime customer service & support
  • Self-adjustable volume control
  • 4 self-adjustable listening profiles
  • 45-day risk free trial
  • Free 2 day shipping

Designed by a Board-Certified Hearing Doctor

Otofonix was founded by a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT Physician) with 25+ years experience.

Easy to Operate

One switch operation – easily change the volume and program with one finger. Assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Free Shipping. Money Back GUARANTEE.

Shopping is easy and fast online. Free express shipping and our 45 day money back guarantee

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Sound Environment Settings
Programs or environmental settings that allow you to optimize performance for noisy, quiet, or social situations
Digital Sound Processor
All Otofonix Hearing Aids are 100% Digital because they all use a DSP Chip. Without a DSP, noise-canceling is not possible.
Noise Canceling
Uses a digital algorithm to reduce background noise more effectively in noisy and challenging environments.
Directional Microphone
Makes it easier to focus on sounds coming from in front of you, and allows for more advanced and effective noise cancellation
A telecoil acts as a receiving antenna for your hearing aids. When you connect with a sound system of a theater or church, you get amplified sounds delivered directly into your hearing aids. So no matter where you are in the theater, you automatically have the best seat in the house. Only the sound from the hearing loop's microphone is amplified, while background noise is shut out.
Wear your device all day and charge when you go to bed. No need to handle tiny hearing aid batteries
Smartphone Compatible
Adjust your Otofonix Bluetooth Hearing Aid with your smartphone via the Otofonix App. No need to draw attention to your hearing aid; you can adjust it by using only your phone.
Personalized Hearing
Using the Otofonix App, you can customize your hearing aid to meet your unique hearing loss profile. It's like having an audiologist in your living room.


Volume ControlRocker SwitchRocker SwitchSmartphone AppSmartphone App
Battery Size312Rechargeable13Rechargeable
Battery Life6-8 Days18 Hours4 - 6 Days18 Hours
Device Dimensions1.2" x .55" x .28"1.5" x .31" x .5"1.2" x .31" x .48"1.2" x .31" x .48"





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Lifetime Support Otofonix Hearing Aid

Lifetime Support

Our customer support team is right here in the USA! Always free and available when you need us! Each device comes with free life time support!

Otofonix Hearing Aids

Easy to Operate

One switch operation – easily change the volume and program with one finger. Completely assembled and ready to use out of the box.

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Money Back Guarantee

The Otofonix Digital Hearing Device has a 45 day money back guarantee and a one year factory warranty.

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