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The Otofonix Elite offers some of the most modern digital technology currently available on the market.  It was designed for people who struggle to understand soft speech, have difficulty hearing conversation over distances or difficulty understanding in noisy environments.

(469 customer reviews)

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Otofonix Elite is an advanced open-fit behind the ear digital personal hearing amplifier with 10 volume levels, noise reduction, and long battery life for the best sound quality.

The Otofonix Elite offers some of the most modern digital technology currently available on the market.  It was designed for people who struggle to understand soft speech, have difficulty hearing conversation over distances or difficulty understanding in noisy environments. It is not meant for people with a severe or profound hearing loss or those under 18 years of age.

The Otofonix Elite has been rigorously tested by leaders in the hearing field (ENT Physicians and Audiologists) who have unanimously agreed that the sound quality and output is incredibly accurate.

Here at Otofonix, we want our customers to enjoy the best sound quality and comfort that our brand has become renowned for. That’s why Otofonix doesn’t just offer fantastic value hearing amplifier devices!

Otofonix also gives customers the opportunity to protect their devices against loss or accidental damage. Available for Elite, Encore and Apex hearing amplifiers, cover starts from as little as 19 cents per day. This is ideal for an additional peace of mind. This also complements the 12-month factory warranty. It covers your device for product failures, but gives you extra protection against accidental loss or breakages. Get in touch with a friendly member of the Otofonix customer service team today to learn more about protection plans.

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Dimensions 1.0 × 0.5 × 0.28 in
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Cream Beige, Slate Grey


The Otofonix Elite offers some of the most modern digital technology currently available on the market.  It was designed for people who struggle to understand soft speech, have difficulty hearing conversation over distances or difficulty understanding in noisy environments. It is not meant for people with a severe or profound hearing loss or those under 18 years of age.

The Otofonix Elite has been rigorously tested by leaders in the hearing field (ENT Physicians and Audiologists) who have unanimously agreed that the sound quality and output is incredibly accurate.

    • Open fit design eliminates common plugged and stuffy sensation
    • Pre-programmed digital circuit
    • 4 channels & 12 bands
    • Low battery Indicator
    • Adaptive Layered Noise Reduction
    • Super Quiet
    • Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
    • Rocker switch easily controls 10 volume levels
    • 4 Programs
      • Normal setting – amplification across all frequencies
      • Noisy setting – reduces background noise (restaurant, wind noise etc.)
      • Treble setting – reduces annoying high pitched sounds (feedback, whistling, squealing)
    • Power setting – greater volume than Normal setting (watching TV)
    • Amazingly low battery current consumption
    • Average Battery Life: 7-10 days (waking hours)
    • Dimensions: 25.5 x 13.5 x 7.5mm
    • Output limiting to prevent possible damage to hearing

What's Included

1  Assembled Otofonix personal hearing amplifier
1  Protective Travel Storage Case
2  Formed sound tubes. Different sizes to insure custom fit.
3  Sizes of open dome ear tips. Small, Medium and Large
1  Medium size closed dome ear tip.
1  User instruction manual
1  Pack (6 batteries) of size 312 batteries
1  Cleaning brush
1  Cleaning Wire for Thin Tube

469 reviews for Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier

  1. MC in NE

    Bought these 10 months ago after trying out a pair of $5000 hearing aids from a professional audiologist. ( I would not pay that kind of money.) I am happy with these. They just amplify the sound and that works for me. I noticed a lot of feedback and squealing with the open domes, so switched to the closed domes and that is what I use. I wear them when going out to a restaurant so I can hear the conversation around the table. There is a little feedback when I wear them to a music concert because of all the tonal variations. I don’t wear them all the time, just when going out or having people over so I don’t miss out on what’s being said or have to ask people to repeat themselves. Energizer batteries seem to last longer than the ones that came with the devices. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great product
    June 21, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray

    I ordered these for my husband and he loves them. He worked in construction for years and the loud power tools did a number on his hearing. I can talk to him from across the house without screaming. He said he didn’t know just how bad his hearing was until using these. Worth the money!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Love it
    June 22, 2016

    Great product. I left a review for the right ear had to do it for the left because I absolutely love the fact that my husband can hear me with out me feeling like I’m yelling or repeating myself 3 times.

  4. Grandma Muffet

    I wear a high end hearing aid in my left ear and decided to research a product similar to an aid but at less the cost for an Amplifier for my right ear. I now have used this product for 6 weeks and it works perfectly AND at 75% less than what I paid for the hearing aid, AND it looks, feels and the clarity is just like the hearing aid. Not sure but wonder if it isn’t made by the same company.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I’d give it 6 stars if I could.
    July 3, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray

    I waited for a long time to try a hearing amplifier because I was embarrassed to wear one. This device is really small and very comfortable to wear. Except for the improved hearing, I honestly don’t know that I have them on and neither do my friends. I’d give it a 6 star review if I could.

  6. Gail Kirby

    Great product, great price
    July 5, 2016

    Great hearing amplifier at a great price. I tried a cheaper unit selling for under $100 on Amazon and you get what you pay for. I am very happy with this amplifier. Thank you for the prompt response to all my questions.

  7. Mauricio Zacatencoon

    Five Stars
    July 13, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray

    Excelent product! They are really small and easy to manage, I would definitely recommend these to someone else.

  8. Travis Heath

    Terrific product!
    July 14, 2016

    Terrific product!!! After years of working in a Metal shop, with lots of loud noises my hearing wasn’t at all what it should of been. With the amplified hearing I can now hear better then ever Terrific product!!!

  9. Amazon Customer

    July 14, 2016

    Great product. Waited a long time for one that actually works

  10. Charlotte Ganem

    And it is so easy to change the volume and programs
    July 18, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

    I received my new amplifier a few days ago and it worked perfectly right out of the box. I did have to put in the battery. No problem. And it is so easy to change the volume and programs. It’s a great product and I am so glad I bought it. Its a whole new world when I can hear my two grandkids playing. And if they are arguing I can turn the volume down (lol).

  11. Pat Mc Combs

    Directions are easy to follow and the amplifier is very easy to …
    Mon July 23, 2016
    Verified Purchase

    I have worn a bulky, hearing amplifier for a couple of years. I have also recently tried a couple of hearing aids. The Otofonix seems to be equal to the hearing aids in comfort and amplification.
    Directions are easy to follow and the amplifier is very easy to put over and into ear.
    It was getting to be a joke of how I misheard discussions – now I can hear my grandchildren, friends and nature.


  12. Judith

    Great Help and Service
    July 26, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

    I just recently had a second sudden hearing loss in my right ear so I decided that I should give this a try.

    It was a pleasant surprise. As per their instructions, it does take a little getting used to in terms of sounds levels, feedback, echos. Better instructions in terms of how to program and what how many beeps mean from the unit would enhance the set up, but you just figure it out by trial and error.

    The model I got had a lose rocker on the volume. I reported it to Otofonix and they had a new one on my doorstep in a day with a prepaid label to return. That was great service.

    As a result of all this, I can now, more or less hear out of the right side. The aid stays in through using headphones from my cell and LAN line phones. It’s a great thing at a great price.

  13. Budgie Mom

    My husband has hearing loss from working in construction for years. As most men, he is stubborn and will not submit to a professional hearing test…or hearing aids.
    I decided to order one of these amplifiers and I have to say, we were not disappointed. My husband is having amazing results with this product. He can actually hear crickets now!!!!!
    When we received the product I initially thought the medium ear piece and one wire were missing. Luke, from Otofonix, responded immediately to my inquiry about the missing pieces….it was my mistake…I had overlooked them as they were attached to the device.
    Thank you again for an amazing device

  14. Kimberly K. Wetzel-Williams

    Excellent communication! Not only did they promptly and completely answer my questions, they also sent additional information about the product and customer support if I needed further assustance.

  15. Ronald M. Grossman

    Let me preface my review with the disclosure that I am a retired E.N.T physician who has evaluated hearing and the need for amplification for over 35 years. This little instrument is a good value and represents both a help for hearing and a reasonably priced entry into the world of wearing amplification. Not everyone can adjust to wearing a hearing instrument and today’s digital hearing aids, while very effective, are also very expensive. I heard the common complaints over the years of misplacing, losing and inadvertently damaging one’s hearing aid; both annoying and costly occurrences. Technically, this instrument is not a hearing aide, but is classified as a digital personal hearing amplifier. This classification is mostly for medical legal reasons as it functions in much the same way, but does not require a prescription. It is an ” over-the-counter” amplifier. It works very well and I have particularly found it helpful in watching television and movies. It is well-designed and easy to use and comes complete with everything you need to begin using it and with a very helpful user-friendly instruction booklet. It is not a state-of-the art digital hearing aid, but it also does not cost $2000 or more. I found it of significant help and value received.
    Ronald M. Grossman, M.D.

  16. D. Murff

    Don’t know what more I can add. This device is just amazing. This is comparable to devices in the 1 to 2 thousand dollar range. If you are having problems following conversations or having to turn the volume of your TV up to the point it is uncomfortable for others in the room. This device is for you. Their customer service is top notch A1 as well. Wish I would have discovered this earlier

  17. Amazon Customer

    Otofonix Hearing Amplifier
    August 8, 2016

    Having worked in noisy environments most of my life I have lost a good deal of my hearing in both ears. I purchased a pair of very expensive hearing aids 4 years ago only to have one fail one month after the 1 year warranty expired and the other only made it a few months longer. After that I bought an inexpensive hearing amplifier which made things louder but didn’t work very well in noisy environments. Recently I went to a well known hearing aid supplier only to discover that even the cheapest model cost almost $4000 with a, you guessed it, 1 year warranty. I started looking elsewhere and decided to check out what Amazon offered in the way of hearing amplifiers. I stopped when I came across the Otofonix as it had a five star rating which is uncommon for any product. It was more expensive than the other models I looked at but still way less than one tenth the cost of the cheapest hearing aid I looked at. Amazon didn’t have the model for the right ear in stock so I went to the company direct and bought one. Delivery was super fast. I had one question so I called the company’s tech support and the call was answered with no waiting. The tech support guy was very nice and helpful as well. I am currently wearing the new hearing amplifier and I really like it. My background is in mechanical engineering and electronics and my initial impressions are very favorable. Unit is small and light and fit just fine right out of the box. The instructions are simple and well written. A rocker switch controls both volume and the 4 presets. Short press for volume and long press (3 seconds) to select one of the four presets. So far it works much better than the cheap hearing amplifier and the sound quality, to my ears is on a par with what I remember from my old, expensive, hearing aids. I am pretty sure I am going to buy one for the left ear as well. It remains to be seen if it will outlast my old hearing aids but I can buy 10 Otofonix units for less than I would have pay for one cheap hearing aid. It has a 45 day money back guarantee so I am not too worried about being stuck with it if I decide I don’t like it. Based on it’s performance to date I doubt that will happen. I will update my review if I find anything negative but, so far, I really thing it is great.

  18. Edward J. McCabe

    Luke at Otofonix was able to answer my questions prior to purchase. This device work great. As recommended I purchased it for my better ear (right) and It has helped my hearing a lot. After I have used it for about 21 days, the use time suggested to allow your brain to compensate for the change in hearing, I will order one for my left ear.

  19. James Z.

    Tired of getting ripped off !
    August 16, 2016
    Size: Left EarColor: Beige | Verified Purchase

    I have Moderate to Severe hearing loss. Over several years I have gone through two sets of Costco Hearing Aids. Costco has never been able to adjust the hearing aids to be loud enough without feeding back (whistling). I have worked in Electronics all my life and hate getting ripped off by having to purchase a hearing aid that a so called audiologist must program with a computer. My hearing loss is at the higher speech frequencies (as are most people). The built in Otofonix Sound Amplifier program takes this into account and is preprogrammed to do just that. I use Program 1 all the time. I especially like the fact that I can adjust the volume level if necessary (Not possible with Costco hearing aids). Program 4 is very loud and offers plenty of amplification power.
    With just one Otofonix Amplifier in my left ear, my hearing has greatly improved. My wife and grandkids notice a marked improvement in my hearing.

  20. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my husband and have only had a few days but he is happy with this one and is getting used to it. This is much better than the cheaper models that he has tried before and I can speak to him in a normal voice instead of yelling or talking so loud that everyone around can hear what I am saying. It is also small and hardly noticeable in the ear


    Excellent product. I bought one to test and find it’s performance is BETTER than my Costco Hearing Aids. I”m hearing sounds that has been missing. I will be ordering a second Otofonix for my right ear. Plenty of adjustable volume and 4 user selectable programs. Costco was never able to adjust my hearing aids to increase the volume without feedback.

  22. SBrown

    I am writing this just hours after receiving my Otofonix PSA. My initial impressions are all very favorable. This device is VERY easy to set up, to install and to use! I had it in my ear and working in about 3 minutes. It is hardly noticeable that I am wearing it and it has absolutely improved my hearing quite dramatically. Time may tell a different story and if so, I will be back with an update, but for now I am THRILLED and wish I had bought this years ago

  23. Ron Morse

    Five Stars
    August 31, 2016
    Verified Purchase

    Great product. Great follow up service.

  24. Mikki LaRoche

    I ordered this for my husband. He has had 3 pairs of expensive heariging aids that he couldn’t wear, because they made his ears itch and gave him a rash. So far these work for him. He can turn the TV volume down from 30-36 to 12-25 depending on the program and hear me better! I love that! If these hold up well we will order the left one. Thanks.

  25. Sally Herndon

    My husband ordered these for me and I am super impressed. I have been able to lower the volume on the tv 10 notches. I can now listen to the radio in the car and have a conversation at the same time. I would recommend them.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Totally Satisfied
    September 9, 2016
    Size: Left Ear|Color: Beige

    I recently brought a pair of Otofonix Elite hearing amplifiers to my wife in New Zealand. She had gone through a lengthy process of trialling hearing aids that were priced at approximately NZD$ 10,000.00 a pair. We simply could not afford them. From the moment she put the Otofonix amplifiers in she has been totally satisfied and says she is hard pressed to identify any difference to the expensive hearing aids she trailed.
    Keep up the good work.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Exceeding expectations
    September 10, 2016
    Size: Left Ear|Color: Beige

    Once in a great while a product exceeded expectations sts. My wife is amazed by this hearing aid. We couldn’t afford theREAL aids so took a chance with this. Your company should be proud of what you are affording the public. Pat on your back. I recommend to anyone .

  28. Joseph K. Young

    I purchased this Otofonix for my right ear because I misplaced (lost) my Beltone hearing aid 2 months ago which cost me $5,000 for both ears and I kept going back for adjustments due to high pitch squealing feedback . Beltone couldn’t fix it . So instead of spending another $2,500.00 for 1 hearing aid , I decided to try Otofonix. Very happy I did, these are great, no squealing feedback

  29. Amazon Customer

    So much better! Thanks again for this product
    September 14, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

    The first thing I noticed was the size, you really can’t see it behind hour ear!! It works well in all situations, sometimes I have to turn it down! I place it above the hearing aid I had that cost over $1.000, and it is a little smaller! Even people who know I wear a hearing aid can’t see and are surprised I have one on! I had to turn the Closed Captioning on my TV off’ because I found myself reading it instead of listening to the actors talk! So much better! Thanks again for this product; I love it and my family loves it!!

  30. Richard E. Handschin

    This is my first experience with a PSA, so I don’t know how it compares to other products. I can say that this product surpasses my expectations! I marvel at micro-circuitry and the quality of sound this device provides. Visually it is the equal of hearing aids costing far more. It comes with a variety of options allowing the wearer to create a perfect fit and their costumer service is great.

  31. Joe. Carman

    Excellant product, comfortable to wear, VoLume feature is a special – once to desired volume stats that way until change is wanted. Small domes work well to prevent whistling. I am very pleased with the product .

  32. L and SR

    Got this for my aunt. It’s ok, it fits well but sound wise its ok but not amazing

  33. John Blumenshine

    Better that expected
    September 15, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

    We purchased for my wife mother who has lost most of her hearing and hated the $1800 hearing aid she received from the doctor. This unit after some adjusting, seems to work very well and she is getting comfortable wearing the unit. It takes time like a good 25 days. Some headaches and sensitivity in the ear. Make sure you get some different size ear pieces to try as the size helps stop back feed sound but also too large seems to cause pain in the ear canal. Watch the pre programed setups. #3 seems to work best for getting rid of sequel that occurs. Overall it is a very good unit and would definitely do it again.

  34. Jonathan Halladay

    This is a great little device. It works exactly as described and has helped my deteriorating hearing without having to shell out the big bucks to recover the loss. Yes, it sounds like sound through a tube because that’s exactly what it is. But, make the adaptation and it’s nice not to have to say, “Eh? What did you say, sonny?

  35. Floon

    Have problems hearing?
    September 22, 2016
    Size: Left Ear|Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

    I love this. I am hard of hearing. I never could afford a hearing aid. I researched the next best thing; this product. I am a teacher and I am tired of asking the students to repeat themselves. It amplifies all the sounds around you. At first it is a bit over whelming, but I got used to it in a week or so. I could not believe all that I was missing! I wore my hair up and nobody even noticed I was wearing it. I forgot my hearing aid at home one day and that was the day I realized I will never not have one. When I have more money I will buy one for the other ear.

  36. Gary E. Schneberger

    Ordered two, Placed in my 90 year old dad’s ears, and left the volume set at 5 and program as delivered. He had no problem using them, and they did help him hear my mom’s soft voice. Was able to lower the television volume to normal levels. So far, so good. Now, let’s see how long before he loses one.

  37. Kent

    Why do audiologists have to have you come back repeatedly? This is much better.
    September 25, 2016
    Size: Right Ear|Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

    first let me say that the difference between “hearing aids” and PSA’S is nothing. I have used several different hearing aids and this is every bit as good as the most expensive. I deliberately waited one month before doing a review to be sure I had the full impact of the device. I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and moderate loss in my left. you should never wear just one aid if you can afford two but one is better than none. I purchased one only to make sure I liked this aid. Now for the real review.
    This device is tiny compared to the others I’ve had and this is the first open dome I’ve used. After I figured out how to adjust it for my hearing and the fact that it was an open dome the sound reproduction is awesome. At first I didn’t like it but I didn’t understand it. On a Saturday I sent an email to otophonix asking for help and according to their office hours I should not have had a return call until Monday. Thirty minutes after I sent the email I had a call from one of the reps and ten minutes after that I had a hearing aid that I loved. I can now walk through four programs designed for just about any environment I might encounter. some of the hearing aids I had in the past didn’t allow a full volume control, in other words it would only turn down as low as the manufacturer wanted. Quite often in loud environments this was still too loud. The otophonix covers the full spectrum from 0 to wow. The sound tube is far smaller than anything I have used in the past and I think is a huge contributor to the comfort of this aid. It took me a bit to get used to the open dome affect. It doesn’t leave you with that plugged ear hearing that I was so used to. The result (I think) of the open dome after you get used to it is comfort and more natural hearing. I kept asking my wife to talk to me because I didn’t think it was working (no buzz, no hum, no echo, nothing) after a few days of this she said “I know it’s working because you don’t say what, huh, or could you repeat that nearly as often as you used to. Other people noticed this too but oddly they didn’t notice the new aid because it is so small and I have very short hair. It is so comfortable twice I have forgotten and left it on in the shower and once I slept with it all night. I have never had this happen before. It didn’t do any damage to mine but I don’t recommend showering with your aid in. after the second week I would suddenly realize during the day that I couldn’t feel my aid and I would have to touch my ear to make sure I hadn’t lost it. With all my previous aids I couldn’t wait to get home and get the darn thing out of my ear. Battery life is far better than anything I’ve used prior. The otophonix is averaging five to seven days per battery and the best I can ever recall was three days with one of the others. I priced batteries for it at Walmart (i’m still using the pack that came with it) and at Walmart your average monthly cost for batteries would be about 1.60 to 2.00 dollars. The one time that I had a problem with it was due to the ear piece and sound tube being stopped up. You will receive a very fine piece of line to run through the tube and a brush to clean the ear piece. One cleaning and it worked perfectly again. One great thing is when I’m working in my shop I can wear my hearing protection without removing my hearing aid. I get no feed back. I also wear wireless headphones when watching TV at night to keep from bothering my wife. I do not have to remove the aid and it does not over amplify or cause feedback. I don’t even need to reduce the volume on the aid but I have learned that I need to turn the volume way down on the headset. During the day I can now watch TV with my wife without having to turn the volume up so loud she has to leave the room. I used to have to wear my headset to keep this from happening and when she wanted to comment on something I would have to pull off the headset and ask her to repeat it. I know for her this was very annoying as it would be for anyone. Now we can do away with the headset and have a normal discussion while watching a program. I had missed that a great deal.
    The only cons I found with this device is that it is so small it was difficult to change the battery and it is difficult for me to handle the program/volume control switch. But these are small things to me compared to being able to hear my grandkids, my wife, my students at school, and hearing the birds while sitting on my front porch. All this without spending a few thousand dollars for a so called “hearing aid”.

  38. Edward M.

    This is my second purchase for this device. I purchased one for my right ear and it worked so well I purchased this one for my left ear. Sound quality is great and it works as well as the the one that were 10 times the price that I tried. This unit does not have FDA approval which costs a lot to obtain and increases hearing device prices, not the performance.

  39. Mary Ann Carnevale

    Should have realized that the device was too small for my 94 year old mother to handle with arthritic fingers. My mother indicated she did have some hearing when I inserted it, but the problem was she could not handle by herself. I would suggest anyone with hearing loss should try this product before spending thousands of dollars,

  40. Gareth Stewart

    I had to return it because my wife has ear drum damage and was unable to hear with it.

  41. Bill Zeigler

    A great little device. Having had several hearing aids that are electronic this is awesome with the 4 modes and volume settings. And the price is very good. I am going to purchase on for my other ear.

  42. Claudia

    I am very hard of hearing but could not justify spending $6,000 on a set of hearing aids. My husband ordered this for me to try, well I am loving it. I can hear! I don’t have to have the volume so high everyone else is miserable…if you don’t want to spend a fortune of a commercial set, give these a try. No background noise, it is like hearing was when I was a child.

  43. Jonathan Halladay

    I am quite pleased with my purchase of this little device. It works exactly as advertised. Hearing “aids” are not the perfect solution to hearing loss; it sounds like I’m listening through a tube (which I am). But, if one is persistent and allows him or her self to become accustomed to the new sound of the world, then it’s pretty darn good.

  44. Rudy deWit

    I cannot believe this. I have had hearing loss for 20 years. Simply never thought it was was a serious issue and ignored it. Biggest issue was price. Have a disabled child that needs hearing aids, and for fun tried one out. OMG, I immediately did some research…..settled on otofonix. Arrived today……I cannot believe what I am hearing and what I have missed. Fit perfect….wife says they cant been seen,…..cannot tell I am wearing them. low volume…. I am hearing sounds I did know existed!!!!!!! I am amazed…. Please free free to contact me through otofonix

  45. Amazon Customer

    For my wife anne thanks you

  46. Dave in Lillian

    Works as well as the much more expensive hearing aid it replaced

  47. Cat lover 3

    I bought this hearing aid for my mom and she’s very happy with it. I tried it myself when it first came and it is very comfortable and very little background noise. It is also very small. You can hardly see it.

  48. Judith Thomas

    did not work for server hearing loss .my ears are very hard to fit. will send back .

  49. Empress Sandra

    Great customer service and it works wonders. Have had for a week use it specifically for evenings out to better hear in restaurants, for my favorite shows which are hard to hear like Blacklist..

  50. Lawrence Bousquet

    great product will purchase another for other ear customer service is excellent do not be afraid to deal with these people

  51. Brenda

    It works very well. It does give some background noise, but manageable.

  52. leo zevlas

    I have found this company and its product to be first rate. Its owner is a stand-up person in all regards. he has gone to extreme lengths to make me satisfied with my hearing aid. I have experienced many bad products and companys and thought that it was better not to hear well than be taken by snake-oil sales of very expensive aids that had reviews of horrible problems. Luke’s hearing aid attributes are; inexpensive, small and lightweight, great sound, comfortable, almost invisible, great support. I highly recommend this product.

  53. fishin around

    works great and amazed at customer service. They are amazing. Now don’t go thinking I have issues, all is going good, but they periodically check and give a phone number to call if there is an issue.

  54. MWH

    My wife can hear..she keeps telling me not too talk so loud…

  55. Bob Schat

    It’s as good as they said it was. Worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

  56. c armugwump

    The Otofonix hearing Amplifier was received as expected … quickly. It took about an hour to get familiarized with the “programs” and the volume controls. I have worn it (in the left ear) now for about 2 days. It already feels so normal that I forget about it. I am using “program 1” with a volume position of 6 or 7. It replaced a hearing aid that costs four times as much. I lost my original left one so I am in the position of comparing left hearing on the Otofonix and my right hearing aid purchased at Sams. I prefer the controls on the Otofonix . Overall my left hearing is now better than the right.

  57. Warren A. Hall

    The Otofonix “hearing aids” are the best purchase I have made this year, or perhaps ever. They work wonderfully with positively no problem using the ten-level volume control nor the four program selections. They are very comfortable and really help out. Batteries last a full week+. And of course, they beat the heck out of spending four to six thousand at a regular “shop”. Thanks.

  58. Merrill Moss

    This is an excellent product and works beautifully. I appreciate the low cost and the excellent customer service. Can highly recommend!

  59. John Engibous

    I was so impressed with the feedback and background noise elimination along with the comfort of this hearing aid that I purchased a second hearing aid for my other ear .You can barely tell you’re wearing it.

  60. VS

    Ordered this for my husband who does not read well. The instructional manual with device had detail pictures and clear easy instructions that my husband had extremely easy time. Within minutes, he had it on & working to to adjust for personal preference. He indicates the toggle switch is set in good position allowing adjustment without having to take off. He was amazed at the clarity of sound. Says the quality of sound is exceptional. We noticed he is even speaking softer now that he can hear. Giving it a 4 star as just got today. Will update after he wears it for a few days.

  61. Amazon Customer

    Amazing service, requested a faster delivery and it happened. I have been looking for so long for a hearing device that was within my price range. This is so comfortable and has no noise which is so annoying for others to hear. My daughter saw this on line and convinced me to give it a try. I am so happy with my Otofonix I’ve been telling all my older friends about it. Thank you for making such a wonder product that not only performs great but is so affordable. The service and speed of delivery was absolutely outstanding!!!

  62. Jscris

    Having started to have problems understanding conversation, I had been considering a hearing aid for a while but was put off by the price. The great reviews on this hearing amplifier, the price compared with a hearing aid, and the ability to try then return if it didn’t work for me convinced me to try the Otofonix. The last bit of information that swayed me was the ability to buy tubes for either ear for the same unit, which I did. I ended up using the opposite ear from the one I thought I would prefer. I have been amazed! No break-in period required at all. I’ve been wearing mine all day every day since I received it, absolutely no discomfort, program 2, level three or four. I let my husband try mine since his in-ear hearing aid was no longer working and he was sold, too, so I ordered one for him as well. His hearing is worse than mine and it’s great to be able to have conversations again without repeating several times or using texting. 🙂 Customer service is amazing. too! Quick answers, even on weekends. I’ve had mine a couple weeks and have purchased the protection plan now as well. It’s a keeper!

  63. Randall Carlson

    These are excellent. Only a tiny amount of static. Mother is learning to hear again. She looks forward to using these. Probably only one step down from the very best.

  64. Bluesinthenight

    This little sound amplifier seems to work just as well as my husband’s hearing aids – which cost thousands of dollars. I’ve tried both and I can’t tell a difference in sound quality. I was a little confused by the directions at first, but some research on the internet and a phone call with the sellers and I realized how simple it is to change the settings. I particularly like the the little “tail” on this device. When I tried my husband’s hearing aids, they never felt securely seated in my ear, but with the extra bit of tubing tucked into the bottom curve of my ear, it stays securely in place and I never even feel that I’m wearing it. I bought just one, for my left ear, to see how it worked out. I now plan to buy one for my right ear. I’ve been wearing this little fellow for over a week now and am very pleased with the feel of it and how well it works. Whenever I put it in I immediately turn down the sound on the television! Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully and begin by wearing it only a few hours a day, gradually building up. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and will have saved yourself thousands of dollars.

  65. DBG

    OK, I would make this 4 1/2 stars if I could. I was very iffy about this but there were so many good reviews I decided to try it, especially due to their return policy. I wasn’t sure if it would work well for my type of hearing loss. It definitely amplifies things well. If you are listening to one of those tv shows where everyone seems to mumble, it still isn’t 100% but much better. I can definitely hear better when someone is speaking to me, and even though background noises are amplified you can still hear well in a crowd – just have to get used to hearing more than I used to and I’m already noticing that my brain starts to block out the noise I don’t want to hear. There is a stange phenomenon because I only bought one. Now the other ear feels like it is sort of clogged up when I have this in. That is not a fault of the equipment though – I think I’ll just have to get one for the other ear. I found it VERY easy to put in your ear and use, easy to adjust even while you are wearing it, which I was concerned about after reading some of the reviews. I would definitely recommend, especially for mild to moderate hearing loss such as I have. The battery lasts about 1 week which isn’t too bad and is very easy to replace. Once the battery is in place it stays in place until you pull it out.

  66. Sandy Salyer

    My husband just received this. It worked right out of the box. They call these sound amplifiers. Not sure of the difference between hearing aids and sound amplifiers. This is for my husband. We bought the $1,600 pair of hearing aids. He always complained of not being able to hear in public settings. He lost one working outside in the yard. We purchased the Otofonix. He said he is happy with it. The company called the first day to make sure we were happy with the product. Great customer service. Better customer service with the Otofonix than we had with the $1600. pair of hearing aids. Just based on customer service I would recommend this product, but my husband likes the product so I am recommending it also based on this issue as well. It has several volume levels. They have a website with videos for instruction and they have phone numbers for help. The nice part for us is that it uses the same battery’s his other hearing uses.

  67. SheCan

    Worked beautifully. Arrived well-packed with easy-to-follow instructions; great follow-up from the company ensuring the product met our expectations.

  68. Turtlemon

    Otofonix actually emailed and a few days later called to reach out and help me get accustomed to their sound amplifier. I bought this for my uncle though, but for a non-medical-grade product, there’s certainly a lot of attention to the end-user’s comfort which I can appreciate. Kit comes with all spare parts needed and carrying case for convenience.

  69. Amazon Customer

    Bought two, after being quoted the price of $6000 for hearing aides. They were for my husband and he is extremely pleased. They are comfortable and we no longer have a blaring tv. He wears them daily and has had no problem with them. Representative from company called to make sure there were no problems and answered all questions. I would recommend these to anyone.

  70. John Van Drie

    I like this device – it works well. For me, the toughest test was talkiing to a young woman with a high, soft voice in a room filled with people talking. I heard everything, and not once needed to go ‘Huh? Would you please repeat.’

    Superb value. Great price/performance.

    The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I find it a bit fiddly, and I’ve needed often to refer back to the manual when things aren’t behaving quite right. The customer service is FANTASTIC, though, and I’ve always had my issues resolved. This is my first hearing aid/PSA, however, so I can’t compare this to others.

    This is clearly a company that goes out of their way to succeed.

  71. James

    Didn’t work as we had hoped. Probably because mom’s hearing is just too bad for this type device.

  72. MY

    Excellent robust design.While you have to learn to hear its input, after your brain gets used to it, it really helps. The battery life also seems longer than Brand X, which I have also owned. Gets quite flaky when the battery gets low, but you learn to recognize the symptoms. In short, this has got to be one of the best PSA’s on the market. But if the Otofonix design group is listening, a more forward-directed microphone would be helpful. I have been using mine for a month or so, will comment here again after a longer trial.

    One month update: Working like a champ; better battery life from the p312 battery seems to be real. Try wearing it with your fingers in both ears to hear it alone when you want to compare modes!

  73. Nicholas M

    I like this little ear piece. My hearing loss is moderate, I think I fired one too many rounds as a combat Marine. AncerNet was very obliging when I asked for help. Good company, good product. Now I don’t have to keep asking my wife, while watching TV, “What did he say?” I think she’s happier than I am. lol

  74. Jay E. Smith

    I ordered the device for my mother who is 102 years old. Her expensive hearing quit working about two years ago & I couldn’t get it fixed. I tried several different “cheap” hearing amplifiers & they were so noisy and distracting that she wouldn’t use them. I ordered the otofonix device because it seemed to meet the requirements we were looking for. We are pleased with the product. It works as advertised. There is no annoying background noise, and we have had no problems with it. It is a very good choice and we’ll worth the cost. Also the company has been very attentive and made every effort to ensure that we are pleased with their product. I recommend it.

  75. Santa’s Guy

    Works great and can definitely hear better.

  76. Randall Klingerman

    Doesn’t work for me. I have a server to profound hearing loss. I also have tinnitus in both ears. I did notice a slight difference and it may work for someone with mild to moderate hearing loss.

  77. Picky Buyer

    I recently had my hearing checked by me ear doctor. I have what is called moderate to mild to moderate hearing loss (10-20 db) in my right ear. Left ear OK.
    I met with a hearing aide specialist and he showed me a few of the products he recommended. They looked very similar to the Otofonix. Price was $1,200. After reading the reviews on Amazon I decided to try this product to see if it met my needs. I am a school teacher and was having trouble hearing students and hearing people in crowded places like restaurants.
    The product worked very well. I don’t wear it all the time (about 1/2) but I can definitely tell the difference when I have it on. If your hearing loss is not real bad I would definitely recommend it. I forget I have it on most of the time and most people don’t seem to notice I am wearing it. Are at least they don’t say anything, just as good.

  78. Ex Texan

    I am truly happy with this Otofonix Digital Personal Sound Amplifier as I have avoided hearing aids for several years. I’ve read up on several units who promised ease of placement with outstanding hearing improvement and talked with people who had that unit, and they were on the fence regarding if they were really worth the money. No one I had talked to had tried this unit, but I did talk with some Audiologists from Texas (worked with them several years ago) and they indicated a better than average positive reply. So I took the chance, and I’ve had this unit for over a month and am very pleased. My wife is very pleased that I can hear her talking to me without having to talk very loud. I am on several committees as a retiree at my church as well as on village committees, and I can now hear what is going on. I can hear sounds off my back deck that I’ve been missing and it is a joy to hear the soft rain again. Very happy and I would recommend this unit for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money on a hearing aid system, but still wants to hear what is going on.

  79. Andrea B.

    Fantastic. little, cheap, works very well. Completely satisfied. I am considering buying the second one.

  80. Les is More

    I am giving the Otofonix hearing amplifier a great review although it did not work for me. My hearing profile is such that I have normal hearing in the mid range frequencies but not at the low and high ends. Therefore when I amplified the ranges I couldn’t normally hear, the mid ranges were way too loud. I really wish it had worked because the sound was clear and there were no unpleasant whistles until it was turned way up or I caused feedback. Delivery was prompt and service was outstanding. I called when I realized I had an issue and James, the representative tried hard to figure out a solution for me. When it did not work I sent the device back and received a prompt refund. Perhaps I may be able to address my problem by dropping a couple of grand on a hearing aid.

  81. Amazon Customer

    Great Product… Great Support. The Otofonix people were great to deal with. They sent me an extra tube so I could try the product on the right ear, (I ordered for the left ear). After trying the product for a month I determined that I actuallly needed real hearing aids and sent the Otofonix Elite back for a refund. The whole process couldn’t have been any easier. I highly recommend this product and the people behind it.

  82. Lorraine Schlienger

    These are great . Way better than my 3500.00 hearing aids that didn’t last 3 years. Easy to work and more comfortable than my old hearing aids . I don’t have that blocked feeling with these. Hear much better with these too and a much better price.

  83. Austen Barnes

    Met all expectations

  84. Amazon Customer

    This was a great purchase

  85. Ron

    I’m some where between love it and like it. In the past I have worn molded in the ear Siemens. They were uncomfortable and for me could never be adjusted right. Three thousand dollars and many trips to the audiologist. For the last three years I have used Resound hearing aids. They were 5 yrs. old when given to me. They are digital open fit. I paid $500 for life time adjustment etc. They retested my hearing and reprogrammed them for my need. Even though not perfect they are very good. New they cost well over $5000.00.
    My Otofonix is, after about a week right next to perfect. The order from Amazon, the shipping, and the concern from customer service in regard to help setting the unit up has been excellent, better than any item I have purchased online. The hearing aid itself is great. It is open fit which is best for me. I couldn’t adjust the volume on either of the hearing aids I used before, the Otofonix has ten settings for volume alone. For me that is a big advantage. It has 4 settings for different environments, I haven’t had opportunity to test those yet. The plastic case has a better design. It seems to be thicker plastic than my resound, has a solid feel to it but still light weight over the ear. When the battery door is open the battery doesn’t fall out. I love that. Comparing the price of this unit to the Resound I will buy this any day.

  86. Bill

    Now I can say without reservation that this amplifier meets all my needs.

    I am very impressed with the company: they phoned me the day after I received the unit (I received it 2 days earlier than I had expected), and they asked me if I had any questions or if there was anything they could help me with. I said “No, all is fine”.

    I had watched the videos that Otofonix has on its website and they had answered all my questions.

    I had expected trouble cleaning the equipment because I am legally blind – but not blind; and with my magnifying devices, I got the battery changed and the equipment wax-free, with only minor slow-downs.

    I had tried a regular hearing aid and it did not take me long to figure out that an audiologist’s business plan includes not only the healthy mark-up for equipment, but also continuing revenue from follow-up visits for adjustments, wax cleaning, etc. The audiologist’s equipment soon stopped working and I soon quit the audiologist.

    So, I am happy indeed with my Otofonix amplifier! It is working just fine!

  87. Emm

    This little device WORKS for my husband. Not perfect but our friend who has the big dollar hearing aids thinks it are just as good. He will get this when he loses or breaks one next time.

  88. Florida Girl

    My husband has been needing a hearing aid for awhile, but we kept putting it off because of all the complaints we heard from our friends wearing expensive hearing aids. Usually in the $4000 range. We were quite discouraged and didn’t want to waste money on something that wasn’t going to do the job.
    After doing some online research and product shopping we came across this hearing aid. The reviews were so good we decided to take a chance and try it and we are so glad we did. My husband (after reading directions on their website first) popped it on and was thrilled! I don’t have to repeat everything I say to him anymore, which is awesome! It is so small that I don’t even notice when he is wearing it. Customer service is outstanding. We will keep evaluating as time goes by to see how durable it is. So far, we are very happy!

  89. Don Fairchild

    Works as good as the ones that the local professional hearing sales companies wanted to sell me for up to $3000 per ear!

  90. Don Fairchild

    Works as good as the ones that the local professional hearing sales companies wanted to sell me for up to $3000 per ear!

  91. austin123

    bought it for my father in China to try it… and father like it…

  92. joe acquisto

    Seems to help me. It helps to read ALL the directions and pay attention and experiment with the different size cups and tubes I don’t even notice wearing it, most times. Several times I have gotten ready to sleep and realized was still wearing it.

    However, there is one room, at work, that has an occupancy monitor (ultrasonic), when I pass by it, the unit makes rather loud clicks. There is also on rest room with the same effect. If I have to be in either room for any length of time, I have to remove the unit. That style of monitor appear to be in several other rooms, no problem, so I suspect the monitors are defective. Just thought I’d mention that as a heads up.

    A couple times, when it was raining lightly, but the time I walked, uncovered, into the building, I got some static. However, that cleared up when I removed it, made sure it and my ear/hair was dry, and opened and closed the battery compartment.

    I am considering one for the other ear,

  93. Sharon Waldron

    This is the second over the counter hearing aid I’ve bought and it is so much BETTER than the first one; the sound quality, the comfort, and the amplification are all EXCELLENT. I highly recommend this. Otofonix has saved my husband’s life because if I had had to shout at him much longer who knows what might have happened. 🙂

  94. Joanne Yohannes


  95. Doris Vukovich

    I started off by buying for one ear, worked very well so bought for the other ear. 6 months later both are working great

  96. Elizabeth S. Kerce

    Parts too small to handle.

  97. JaysDeals

    Nice just too tiny for mom to use.

  98. Betio

    My wife insisted that I needed a hearing test and hearing aids. I have been resisting, but I thought I would order the Otofonix hearing amplifier based on the reviews. The item was shipped very fast to my current work location out of state from where I live. This would give me a chance to try it in a work (busy office) enviroment without my wife around telling me “I told you so”. I must say that she was probably right all along. I can hear conversations much clearer and louder with this device. I don’t even know it is in except for the improvement in my hearing. I am still on the learning curve so I may give an update to this review.

  99. JayDeals

    Nice just too tiny for mom to use.

  100. Myma W.

    Got them for my husband and he thinks they really help. He says they fit well and words are easier understood.

  101. Amazon Customer

    Plug & play tech found here. Insert the battery. Place in ear. EZ-PZ to set program and volume as needed. Helpful video and phone support. Priced at about a third of other vendor-providers. Good people – Good product.

  102. joe acquisto

    Seems to help me. It helps to read ALL the directions and pay attention and experiment with the different size cups and tubes I don’t even notice wearing it, most times. Several times I have gotten ready to sleep and realized was still wearing it.

    However, there is one room, at work, that has an occupancy monitor (ultrasonic), when I pass by it, the unit makes rather loud clicks. There is also on rest room with the same effect. If I have to be in either room for any length of time, I have to remove the unit. That style of monitor appear to be in several other rooms, no problem, so I suspect the monitors are defective. Just thought I’d mention that as a heads up.

    A couple times, when it was raining lightly, but the time I walked, uncovered, into the building, I got some static. However, that cleared up when I removed it, made sure it and my ear/hair was dry, and opened and closed the battery compartment.

    I am considering one for the other ear,

  103. Amazon Customer

    Husband 90, trying to use it.

  104. Amazon Customer

    I was amazed at what I was hearing when I put the device in my left ear. The directions to use the device are clear, and the support from the company is excellent. I can now hear conversations better, and I can hear the TV without having to turn up the volume too loud. The device is well worth the money.

  105. Amazon Customer

    It has been a little more than two weeks since I received my sound amplifier, and what a difference it has made. It did take me 2 to 3 days to get used to it and find the right adjustments. But after that I have to admit that I wear it all my waking hours and what a difference I can now hear more clearly.

  106. John P. Helsley

    If you have been going crazy trying to find a hearing aid that won’t put you in the poor house but offers good quality, This is what you have been looking for. I am a school teacher,I have very limited finances. I have been trying to find something that would help me hear better but could not possibly afford a 2000.00 hearing aid. I have been looking for a year and actually tried a couple $100.00 hearing aids but they were terrible and tinny and useless. I was skeptical but desperate when I came across this hearing aid and its positive reviews. I decided to take a chance. WOW it has changed my life! It took a couple of days to find what worked for me but once I settled on a setting, it has been amazing. I wish I could afford one for the other ear but I will get one eventually. It is comfortable, easy to handle and care for. I recommend this hearing aid without reservation. Wait no longer!

  107. John B

    I just received my amplifier last week i have to say they are almost just as good as my $7000 Phonak hearing aids. I got 5 years ago. (i lost the right phonak) it took a while to ‘tweak’ them in. i’m still not quite there to perfection. i’ll will be buying another one for my left ear in the very near future. if you’re thinking about buying hearings, try these instead.

  108. Tom Hemphill

    Everything I have done since I was young has been loud so my hearing is really bad. I didn’t need a hearing test to know. I also didn’t feel like spending $4000 so after reading the Otofonix reviews I decided they were a chance worth taking. I don’t know how I could be any happier. The sound is a lot more natural than I expected and to my surprise I don’t need full volume, only #5 so far. The only person happier about this product than me is my wife!
    Great product, great customer service.

  109. Bobvon

    When it worked it functioned much as advertised. I don’t feel I am ready to make the decision
    to permanently use a hearing devise.
    The instructions supplied are very inadequate. The unit has 4 settings which are not
    explained at all. It would very helpful to have some more information on these settings.
    The unit stopped functioning around the 30 th day I was using it.

  110. margie abell

    For once I have a hearing device where the battery stays put. Sound is very good.

  111. Dave G

    I have had a personal amplifier in the past that just was not living up to expectations. This unit does everything it claims. There is a getting used to period of time involved, but for improving and amplifying the sound, it is great. I have not used it long enough to get the settings down pat yet, but that comes with time. Very small and lightweight unit. Sturdy construction and well made. Time will tell as I am outdoors a lot as to it’s durability.

  112. Book Lvr

    I read the reviews and decided to try the Otofonix rather than spend thousands. Have to admit I didn’t expect it to be great but for me it is! I read the instructions and watched the video. Arrived yesterday and I started to experiment. The attached tube was perfect for me. Tried both the open and closed domes, closed was better. Wore it for several hours on day one. It was comfortable and at times didn’t even remember it was there. When I speak, my own voice is amplified and I’m more aware of it but it’s not something that bothered me. Watching TV had been one of my issues. Before, depending on channel, my volume indicator on TV would be anywhere between 20-30. With the Otofonix, I was able to lower TV volume to 14-16. While driving, I was more aware of traffic, car and road noise, definitely not a bad thing. My next test will be a restaurant setting. Even though It does have a setting for reducing background noice, I’m not expecting perfection but hopefully to be able to carry on a conversation. Will update review after that. Overall, I am very pleased with performance and so happy I decided to take a chance on Otofonix. If I ever need a second one, I would definitely purchase another.

  113. inspectorudy

    I tried this device in lieu of a hearing aid. The company told me that they understood that not everyone could use this device and they offered a money back guarantee which they honored. The ear that I bought it for was a little too far gone for it to work successfully. It does amplify with four different settings for different conditions but since my hearing was so poor, the different options just amplified a murky noise. I called their tech staff and they were very helpful and offered a lot of things to try including the different tips that came with it. It is definitely worth a try before you buy an expensive hearing aid.

  114. gregory d minter

    lasted just about 6 months and the thing fell apart. after i posted a pretty bad review the manufacturer contacted me by email to let me know my hearing device was still under warranty. i sent the bad one back and they were quick to send another one. for that at least they should get top ratings.

  115. Bear123

    The Hearing Amplifier is working great at this time. It took a few weeks to get used to size of the amplifier behind her ear, as it was a bit wider in width than her normal hearing aid. She quickly figured out how to adjust the amplifier for her needs, and now that she has gotten used to it, she is very pleased with it. Her hearing has improved significantly in her right ear, and she is now planning to get a Otofonix for her left ear. You can’t beat the price and Otofonix provides excellent instructions for adjusting for optimum performance.

  116. Dfox

    I have had a wonderful experience with this little pair of hearing amplifiers. No problems with the units themselves – small and comfortable and virtually invisible even with my short hair. Easy to adjust, easy to clean and easy to replace batteries. I am getting 4-5 days from the batteries. I owned a multi-thousand dollar aid that I could not adjust to at all. Closed ear cones left me feeling stuffy. Much larger behind the ear. Also, follow-up customer service is exemplary though I haven’t needed much. My sister says it is so nice to be able to have a conversation again and my husband is just delighted. Thank you Otofonix!

  117. Robert Goodling

    Works Great!

  118. O.P.

    I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear. In conversations I found myself asking people to repeat themselves more and more over time. Hearing aids were just too expensive, but something had to be done. I decided to take a chance on a Personal Sound Amplifier. Did a fair bit of research, and decided on the Otofonix, based on features and flexibility. Very glad I did. My wife and kids have noticed a huge difference; I rarely say “sorry – what did you say?”, which used to be part of my standard vocabulary.

    I will also mention that I am a musician and singer. Not only do I now hear musical nuances I couldn’t before, but everything is more distinct in live sessions and I can hear my own voice better. Quite a confidence builder!

    I have the Otofonix dialed in to my preferred volume and sound profile for most situations, but changing it “on the fly” is simple and intuitive.

    Highly recommended.

  119. Michael J. Coleman

    Really improves my hearing. I have tinnitus and hearing loss (high frequency) and one of the 4 programs amplifies the higher frequencies. I can understand what is being said on TV much, much better. I tried an in the canal hearing aid and found it very uncomfortable and not effective. I seriously recommend this for anyone wanting to improve their hearing. It is an excellent value. Setup instructions are straightforward and very easy to follow. I have not needed to call for support but it is good to know that I have that option.

  120. Richard Dennis (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Otofonix for about a month and have found that it really helps when I’m watching TV or trying to carry on conversations in noisy environments. I did have the experience of my unit going out, possibly because of getting wet in a rainstorm, but when I contacted Otofonix Luke and Katie were quick to respond in a polite, prompt and professional manner. When I told Luke of my problem, he asked me to return the unit, which I did. Katie called on the day they received the unit, asked me about my experience, and the same day shipped a new unit to me. Otofonix stands behind there product and the staff was outstanding in their response. Just from the hearing improvement I’ve received from my unit and the terrific response of the company, I will likely be ordering a unit for my left ear as well.

  121. Amazon Customer

    These are the next best things to hearing aids you get from the audiologist

  122. Amazon Customer

    Wow ! I like this little thing so well I think I’ll get one for the other ear !!!! I can hear thing I haven’t heard in years !!!!!!

  123. Dee F

    I like this amplifier and there’s more pros than cons. It has definitely improved my hearing. But for no reason it will start leaving high-pitched squeals, sometimes several in a row. I can’t find out the reason why. Sometimes I’m sitting on the couch and it starts. Nothing has change like my position or the noise level. I have to take it out for a while because those squeals hurt. It happens in the car when traveling. The amplifier does this at least every other day and it’s not the battery and it’s not dirty. I tried calling the Company but got a busy signal all day long and I gave up. I still like the instrument because it has improved my hearing.

  124. Jim Maras

    Got tired of not being able to hear my grand children. Tried the ones that fit inside your ear but couldn’t stand the fit and “internal” sounds of eating etc.. Great product. Very comfortable. Didn’t take long to forget you are using them.

  125. T.D.

    I’ve had the Otophoniix for a month and have nothing but good to say about them. Product is as advertised and their service department is great.

  126. Richard Mitchell

    great customer, they take care of any issues you have. I needed different ear plugs. no problem.
    I do wish it had bluetooth so you could control the volume and frequency response with more ease
    I do think it is over-priced, but you get what you pay fore .

  127. Judy Byme

    It did help but since it magnified everything, it really didn’t help my husband hear any better.

  128. DAD

    This is a very good product. Comfortable, small, discrete with programming options. The sellers are absolutely 1st class in customer service! If you need help with hearing, don’t hesitate to try this product. My overall hearing experience has been greatly improved. I am glad I bought these. Just a little patience is required to discover which programs and volumes work for you.Various environments can be enhanced by program change. It is a learn as you go experience but well worth the small effort.

  129. Gloria Romero

    I just had the time to work on my hearing amplifier today. I got it last week but I have been having problems with my eyes and I could not see very well. The parts and the print on the instructions are very small but that is fine with me. Today my eyes were much better and could read the instructions and put it together. I am wearing it right now and it seems is going to work. I will post another review in few days. I would like to know if I can use it when I am in the phone. I could not find any instructions to that effect.

  130. EGR

    Works very well. I have been able to only use one even in noisey restaurants. It does a good job of allowing me to clearly hear conversations at the table as long as the background noise is not extreme.

  131. Bruce

    I tried this out for my left ear which has mild to moderate loss in high frequencies, using the “open” ear piece. There is much to like about this device: Can get voice telephone support from friendly and helpful people; the size of battery makes for easy insertion and removal; the battery actually stays in place when slightly opening the door for it; the volume/channel switch is sized well to make it very easy to manipulate when behind the ear. The four different programs may well be very useful with someone else’s hearing deficiencies, but for mine only 1 program seemed useful. An issue I had was that in a large room setting (actually my church) where I tried to increase the volume to hear the preacher, the unit start squealing too much and I had to back off to my more normal use setting. But that meant that I could not hear the preacher as well as I wanted to. For that reason, I decided to return the device during the evaluation period because another device I tried out worked better for me in church. But because of all the positives I have listed, I think others should certainly give this an evaluation and might be very happy with its match to their own hearing deficiencies.

  132. Michael Dixon

    The quality is okay, but there is something else that you should consider before you buy this product. The Elite Hearing Amplifier is tiny, which makes it both discreet and difficult to keep track of. Here is what happened to me.
    One morning, I put the amplifier behind my ear, plugged the sound tube into my ear canal, and went out to do yard work. Three hours later, I reached up and unplugged the sound tube only to find that the amplifier was not attached to the other end. Like a lot of you, I wear glasses, so my ear never felt different without the amplifier. I called Otofonix, and explained the situation. But all they could do for me was agree to give me a refund if and when I found the amplifier. I can’t blame them for that. Who is to say I actually lost it.
    But the point is that the Elite Hearing Amplifier is not perfect, and it can come apart and get lost. So if your mobility is limited to a few rooms in a small house or apartment, you might be okay with this product. But if you have an active life style, as I do, you might want to take that into account also. Perhaps someday some clever innovator will figure out how to add a tracking device to this product and create something that I can use. Until then, all I can do is share my experience with folks who are considering this product. — Mike

  133. Ronald Boostrom

    Product performed as advertised and made my hearing in left ear significantly better. Very efficient delivery everything that was promised was in the package.

  134. Kevin

    I had an issue with learning how to trouble shoot a problem and customer service resolved it in short order. Good device and great customer service.

  135. John T. Gladden

    the first one stopped working in a week or 10 days I contracted Trish and sent it back and a week later I received a new one. Trish was very nice to deal with and I do love the product. John Gladden

  136. Debra Wilson

    I bought one hearing amplifier, just to make sure I was happy with it before committing to both ears. After a couple of months, I purchased the second ear. They work very well, but you do need to read about the settings and play with them a bit. I had some issues with feedback that I was able to resolve by adjusting the settings. It is nice to be able to hear conversations, especially in meetings where previously I often missed what was being said. I don’t have to ask people to repeat as much anymore.

  137. Justuneivie

    After reading the reviews and with full skepticism, I ordered a left ear otofinix. My problem is background noise literally drowning out voices at parties, restaurants, etc. I am 65 and hearing specialists said I had minor hearing loss but to me it’s major. And voila, after wearing the otofionix for two days, I can say it works! I have it on mode 2 for background noise and low level of volume.
    The real test will come when I go to a party with a dance band, and I will uodate after that. In the meantime I’m ordering another one for my husband! I will update in a few weeks.

  138. Amazon Customer

    I have had this product for about two weeks. Overall, it performs better than my previous two amplifiers from other manufacturers, particularly in restaurants and other somewhat noisy environments. In truly noisy situations, the amplification is not selective but such is the situation with expensive prescription hearing aids also. I will probably purchase another one for my other ear just to better balance reception. My only complaint, as such, is that replacement hearing tubes (needed every 4-6 months) are rather expensive at about $13 each – not a deal breaker but unfortunate.

  139. Joanne Yohannes


  140. Woody

    This unit is very small, for those of you concerned about visibility. The only thing that is really visible is the clear tube that connects the amplifier to your ear. Even then, it’s small and clear. So it is, basically, invisible. The amplifier fits behind the ear and is tiny. I’m bald, so there is nothing to conceal it. But it is barely noticeable.
    This thing works great. I have been bothering my wife with the “whats, hmm’s, and I didn’t hear you’s” for years. This solved that problem immediately. Watching TV is great again. I can actually hear the words and sounds clearly, and not at fog-horn decibel levels. It took me zero time to get used to it. Although I am still tinkering with the 4 different settings, I pretty much leave it on the “normal” setting.
    Do yourself (and others around you) a favor. Don’t spend thousands on a so-called hearing aid. I can’t believe that anything would be dramatically better than this personal amplifier. It works great right out of the box.

  141. stephen d spivey

    Works as advertised. Simple, easy to use, effective. Excellent value.

  142. Nebak

    After a couple weeks I’m adjusting to this inexpensive amplifier. One thing I liked a lot was that now my wife asks me to turn the volume up when we watch TV. The other main thing I’m still learning is which of the 4 settings to use in differing conditions if when the a/c comes on, hearing my own footsteps, birds and the annoying conversations and linking of forks on plates in restaurants because I hear too well. The thing that surprises me most is that my wife often asks, ” what the he say?” during news casts. Forgot to remove it when diving into the pool but put in a cup with uncooked rice overnight and it worked just fine the next day. I’m sure it is not as perfect as the $3,000 ones my neighbor has but for $350 including a year’s supply of batteries it seems pretty perfect to me. First battery change needed on day 13.

  143. Gramma m

    Very happy!!

  144. pedro spearshaker

    Made a new man out of me….After years of Profound Hearing Loss…I shied away from people because I was embarrassed. I can hear the birds singing now…and when I did, it actually made me cry….just ordered my left ear Otofonix……thank you folks for making such a great product…they are truly life changers

  145. midwest s

    It took me a few weeks to lean what level of sound was best for me

  146. Linda C Eades

    I am very pleased with the otofonix hearing device. I have tried two other types in the past and had to send them back. This one fits discreetly over my ear even though I have short hair. One of the main problems before was the fact that I have to wear glasses and there wasn’t enough room for both. This one is small enough that I don’t even know it’s there. And the extra choices of volume make it work in all environments. I think this one is a keeper.

  147. Alan Tegelman

    Very pleased with this unit. Works better than my last $2500 hearing aid.

  148. Amazon Customer

    Have had premium priced aids for about 15 years that I wore occasionally. Non-adjustable, seemed to lose some strength as time went on even with adjustments and cleaning. The Otofonix that I ordered for one ear has allowed me to lower the setting on the TV by several indices, and to my wife’s delight. I’ve tried the adjustments for different conditions (noisy restaurant, etc) but did not notice much difference. However, the aid is a great improvement and I anticipate ordering one for the other ear.

  149. Walter A Mcfarlane

    Product works well.

  150. Milt Greer

    I had a problem with the first unit – but it was replaced very quickly. I really like the second unit . I have a very expensive hearing aid that I don’t like, because the audio technician insists on boosting the high frequency beyond reason. Otofonix amplifys the sound so that everything sounds “natural “. I love the volume control. I mainly use the third program, but I like all four . For helping my hearing problem, this unit is far superior to my $1795 unit !

  151. Sandra Kochis

    high quality device, easy to accomodate to the amplified sound and quite comfortable to wear…

  152. Gerry Brown

    Ihave had $4000 hear aids for last 6 years and they have worked well but they are worn out now and after two weeks wearing the $325 Otofonix I believe they actually work better!!! I hope they will last as long.

  153. Joseph A Miller

    have been wearing expensive hearing aids for 10+ years. I recently lost one and was agonizing about having to spend big bucks to have it replaced. Then I read an article in the New Yorker about hearing technology (4/3/17 by David Owen). I realized that there are now cheaper alternatives that provide excellent solutions for individuals with moderate hearing loss, like me. The article didn’t specifically mention Otofonix, but I did some independent research and decided to give it a try. I am now 1-month into using Otofonix on both ears and I am a satisfied customer. These hearing amplifiers require more active adjustment than the programmed hearing aids, but that gives me more control. And the punchline is that I am paying one-fifth of the amount I would pay for a hearing aid.

  154. Jean

    Good product for the price. If mild to moderate hearing loss should meet your needs. I have severe to profound loss so needed something different. Having said that thought I would recommend the product for mild to medium hearing loss.

  155. tlk

    These are terrific! I ordered them for hubby after he swore he would give them a real chance. I figured within 45 days he would love them or hate them! It took less than a week for them to pass the test. He is usually more vocal about products he doesn’t like but he has not had any problems with his new “ears”! He has even recommended them to several friends! Customer service is amazing! Don’t think twice about trying them.

  156. Amazon Customer

    I like the different programs offered, and the volume settings. It is more comfortable than my hearing aids. I understand more words, but still not all words, but again, better than my hearing aids. thinking of getting one for my left my left ear.

  157. S. Polson

    I am very impressed with the product. It was explained well in the user manual and at this point, I have not had any problem with setup. I am amazed at the ability to hear again and at this level!!! It has been a long time for me…longer than I even realized. For those that don’t know, if you have tinnitus, it does not help with that. Tinnitus is not something within the ear itself but within the brain, and unfortunately, there is no cure for that. I am otherwise delighted with this product and the offer of service from the company. Thank you, thank you!

  158. Albion Moonlight

    First, the bad news: it didn’t help my ability to hear conversation. It made normal sounds high-pitched and tinny. A normally gurgling toilet flush sounded like someone sliding into second base on a field made of sandpaper. So I sent it back for a full refund.

    So why give something that didn’t work 5 stars?

    1) They let you have a 45 day free trial. You might expect that for a $39,95 software application, but it’s pretty rare for a device costing over $300.
    2) When I told them it didn’t work for me, I got immediate instructions on how to return and I had my refund in just a few days, no questions asked (other than why do you want to return it?).
    3) There was initially a glitch in sending it to me and once I let them know that it hadn’t arrived within a reasonable time, I was immediately contacted and given an immediate very fast express mail shipment.

    I wish every product had this kind of support. I’m sad that it didn’t improve my hearing, but that’s on me, not them. The device obviously helps some people, but not others. Hearing loss is complicated and you can’t expect everyone to respond the same way. But to give people the opportunity to try a $350 solution before going to a $3000 solution is very admirable. So you guys deserve 5 stars.

    And for what it’s worth to anyone wanting to try it out, using it is simple and straightforward. The instructions are clear and they offer phone support, although I didn’t need it. I tried all the variations on my own and completely understood how it worked and what it was supposed to do.

  159. James Rovnak

    Worked well so far & I am pleasantly pleased!j

  160. hwalker

    Why pay thousands of dollars? This is as good a hearing aid as you can get. It works every bit as well as the one I got for the other ear from a from a professional clinic. Unless you got money to burn try this first. My hearing has not been that good for the last twenty years. I wish I would have bought this years ago. I could have been much more socially active if could have heard as well as I do now. You get isolated and you tend to turn into a hermit if you can’t hear what people are saying. Give it a chance -the hearing is amazing. All the Best to you.

  161. Robert B

    performs perfectly. please do not misplace it as it is small and light, a second one becomes expensive.

  162. Allen J Friedman


  163. RB2222

    Like many reviewing this product, I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. The most recent were $5K each. They did help.
    I ordered the Otofonix as a back up because I needed to send one of mine in for service and repair with an estimate of 3 weeks to have it returned.
    I loved the Otofonix, have received my old one back and it is now the back up. I ordered a new Otofonix for my other ear. The biggest difference is I am in control of the adjustments. I went to the movie theater Saturday to see King Arthur, adjusted my device as I sat down, heard every word and enjoyed the movie. This prompted my purchase. Otofonix customer service is outstanding. Far surpassed my expectations for a minor pricing issue. 45 day free return if unsatisfied, give it a try. i am sure it is not for everyone, for me it is.

  164. Amazon Customer

    I had just bought a $3000 hearing aid, and was not happy with it. I went back to the hearing place several times and once I paid for it, got minimal help. I went online and bought the otofonix for a whole lot less. When I first got it, it whistled and didn’t work well. I called the help line, and the person told me to change to the longer tube, and the solid earpiece. The unit works perfect, much better than the expensive one. I can turn the sound up or down, is easy to clean, works for a week on one battery. The expensive unit is an “ric” model, and is constantly ‘plugging up with wax. I know only wear the otofonix.

  165. thomas balsewicz


  166. bumper

    I put off doing anything about my failing hearing for a long time. Wife would suggest hearing aids, I’d turn up the TV volume. I didn’t consider how inconsiderate my behavior was to friends and family. When I finally came to my senses and looked into hearing aids, I was astonished at the the prices and their short expected lifespan. Cost was from $3,000 to $8,000 for a pair, while on-line reviews and friends talked about having to replace them at about 3 year intervals. That put the price of professional hearing aids into the ridiculous range!

    Otofonix is none of that! Cost is only about 10 to 20% of professional FDA approved hearing aids and they work very well so far. I can understand what people say again! In a noisy restaurant, I would often get so tired of asking friends to repeat themselves, I’d just nod and smile without having a clue as to what was said – duh! Still getting used to wearing them, but even that has gone much smoother and quicker than anticipated. I’ve learned I need to remove them when driving the tractor or riding my bicycle, and when using an electric toothbrush – no need to amplify nuisance noise.

    After a couple of days of itchy ears, comfort level has improved to the point I forget they are there. The “open” medium ear cup allows the ear canal to be vented for comfort, and is a trade off that works fine as long as you don’t need volume up in level 8+ region. I use program 1 (amplifies everything) mostly, and program 2 for restaurants.

    I was concerned about the “air zinc” batteries and the need to replace them often vs a rechargeable. Worries were unfounded, battery life is quite good, almost a week, and they are easy to replace. A little magnet on the end of an included cleaning brush conveniently makes battery a breeze.

    There are a couple of minor cons: The included case is far too big for convenient pocket carry. A small case should be included to hold two Oto’s and extra batteries. If you are active, you’ll be taking them off for certain activities and when it’s very windy – that’s when a small pocketable case is a must have. A case like this works perfectly: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X6B2NTH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    A voice prompt for volume level and which program it’s on would be better than counting beeps, though I’ll allow that for a device so tiny, the rocker switch control is easy to use. The battery door, not so much, and it should be opened at night to extend battery life. No Bluetooth! This is no doubt the biggest shortfall. If you are used to using a Bluetooth headset to make and answer phone calls, this will put you back in the stone age, holding the phone to your ear or using speakerphone, bummer! There is a rumor that a new model is under development (i hope).

    A week after I purchased my second Otofonix, AncerNet lowered the price by $30 each. An email inquiring got a courteously response giving me a refund almost immediately – great customer service to go along with a good product. Thanks, I can hear again!

  167. Wayne C. Swanson

    I am not a person who often writes reviews. I probably should, since I rely on them heavily when making purchases. Anyway, I received two of these hearing (aids) amplifiers about one month ago. They have changed my life. I have minor hearing loss in both ears that has become more pronounced with age which had been becoming a problem for me at work and at home. These hearing amplifiers work extremely well. The variety of settings makes them very flexible. They are clear sounding, comfortable and visually discreet. They are so inabtrusive that I accidently wore them while climbing into the shower after work. Thankfully, they began to squeel and I got them out before I damaged them. I can’t say enough good things about them. Even the battery life is great. One battery lasts about a week. Well worth the price.

  168. grams 1949

    I love this hearing aid… I have another one from Miracle Ear and it is always in the shop getting fixed..

  169. BJHall57

    This little Hearing Amplifier is doing everything I hoped it would. My husband usually goes to bed much earlier than I do, I prefer to watch TV and the 10 o’clock news. I’m almost 68 years old and my hearing isn’t what it once was and when I would turn the TV up so I could hear it, my husband would complain. I purchased a much less expensive unit that worked well .. for about a month .. then it started making such a racket it was louder than my Tinnitus !! I purchased one little Otofonix for my left ear and I am so glad I did !! I’ve only used it a couple of weeks, so I can’t speak to its durability, but I can say it’s well worth the price. It was easy to set up and works beautifully. The TV is loud and clear and my husband never hears it .. mission accomplished. I even forget I have it on when I answer the phone .. and I can hear the caller clearly.

  170. Kauai Girl

    I am so glad I read all the reviews on these as I am very hard of hearing and I was concerned these would not work as well at my $8,000.00 hearing aids that finally wore out after warranty. I could not be happier with paying this price and giving up the minor advantages the expensive ones had, These do not “talk” to each other and are totally separate, but because of the number of extras included, I was able to make adjustments to fit my ears and my hearing needs. I am so happy to find a reasonably priced alternative to paying another $8,000.00 for new hearing aids that insurance won’t cover.
    I have adjusted to the smallest closed ear tips to eliminate the little bit of whistling I first heard when I turned these up as high as they go and now I can also adjust for 3 different settings for normal, noisy and power and the videos on their website helped to make these adjustments. Will not need to go back to the expensive aids again.

  171. Rose A. Mceachern

    I like the Sound Amplifier. I am hoping to get more familar with this devise. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to pay the high price of a “hearing aid”. The batteries last for many days if you open the device when you are not using it. The reps were very helpful when I called with questions.

  172. Anna W. Johnson

    Easy to use!

  173. Muriel Lange

    I’ve only worn this for a couple of days, but I am amazed. I don’t have severe hearing loss, and have never worn a hearing aid, but I only have one eardrum. I find it really hard to understand what people are saying when they are speaking in subdued tones or when there is a lot of background noise. I nod my head and smile a lot without a clue what people are talking about. The directions said that it might take as long as 3 weeks for the brain to get used to this device. For me, it took all of 3 minutes. I could hear sounds clearly that I hadn’t noticed in years — paper crinkling, the chorus of house noises, the night creatures shrieking. I suppose some people might find all that distracting, but I found it invigorating, and it did not interfere with my ability to hear the TV or engage in conversation. I discovered I have to be careful not to put my hand too close to my ear when pushing my hair back as it will shriek. I haven’t had it long enough to say more, but my first impression is WOW!

  174. Fred A. Conover

    Great product. Amazing what I was missing.
    Takes some getting usd to, and finding the right settings.
    Don’t give up on it. Try them all to find the right one for you.
    Right now I only have the left, but am seriously considering one for the right.
    Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

  175. Robert

    I purchased this device because it looks just like the one my ENT is trying to sell me for 6 times the amount. Was a little skeptical, but the current reviews seemed fair. I think it is great, works very well,once you learn programs it will really do the trick for improving hearing in multiple environments

    Time will tell on the quality of longevity, but it seems well made, the first battery has lasted over a week. Not perfect but better than I expected and I can hear very well now.

  176. Jen

    I received my Otofonix Hearing Amplifier 5 days ago and it has already changed my life. This is my first experience with a PSAP, I have mild hearing loss, a spectrum of lower tones is completely lost to me. I could not engage in conversations at work because people tend to whisper and I could not hear half of what was being said. I have had my Otofonix for 2 days at work and it has helped tremendously. There is one caveat, the Otofonix tends to crackle near electronic equipment, there are areas at work I have to reduce the volume to the lowest setting while walking there. I wish there was a simple off switch that I could hit when moving about in the building, the interference can be very startling. Very easy to use, great online videos to reference. I was able to easily change the sound tube and ear dome to fit my size. If you order through Amazon, the company sends you an email within 24 to 48 hours introducing themselves to you and provides links to manuals and videos that show you how to set up first time use. By the time you receive the product you already know what to expect and how to begin using it. Moreover, the reference materials include cleaning and trouble shooting. If you are not happy, they want to know and provide contact information.

  177. Country Gentleman

    Regulations dictate that these hearing aids be labeled sound amplifiers, part of the scam to make people believe that they are somehow inferior to the $2500 editions sold thru audiology sites and hospitals. This is clearly not the case as this “sound amplifier” is superior to the Oticon Alta Pro aids purchased for $5000! Great device, great price!

  178. Michael Evans-layng

    Wow! Very impressed with this unit, especially for the price. I have just one bad ear (right) so bought only a single unit and am adjusting quickly. I’m hearing dialogue on the TV that I’ve been missing for years. “Huh?”, “What?”, and “You need to SPEAK UP!” are rapidly disappearing from my conversations–to my own and my friends’ and family’s relief!

    So far the four program settings and ten volume settings have covered every situation I’ve been in. I ended up using the “closed dome” earpiece because I was getting too much whistling feedback at the higher volume levels I needed and the closed dome focuses the sound better.

    I do not notice the unit physically when I’m wearing it, except for some initial slight soreness in my ear canal as I adjusted to the presence of the earpiece. I thought I would be more self-conscious about having a behind-the-ear device as opposed to one small enough to fit completely in the ear, but the clear tubing is practically invisible and my ear and hair otherwise are protecting my vanity.

    Battery life so far has been fine. Haven’t had to clean it yet, but the kit it comes with has everything you need. Now I just have to settle in and see how durable it turns out to be! The quality of the construction appears first-rate to me, so I’m hopeful it will last a good long while.

  179. Hamed ghassemi

    Bought the hearing for my father who has gotten a bad hearing problem. He has other hearing aids which are not working too well for him , and wanted to give this a try. And unfortunately it did not work for him either. There is probably other issues with his ears that cause the units not to be effective. Had to return it, which they Otofonix took back with no issues.

  180. B. Bailey

    Okay as a cheap back up for the more expensive, better quality aids.

  181. curt haugen

    After reading the reviews of many personal sound amplifiers, I chose this one as I lost my hearing aid. The sound quality is good and easy to change settings. I also like using a product that has replaceable batteries. I tried an amplifier that needed to be charged daily and never got more than 12 hours of use each day therefore had trouble hearing the remainder of the day! I would recommend this product.

  182. curt haugen

    After reading the reviews of many personal sound amplifiers, I chose this one as I lost my hearing aid. The sound quality is good and easy to change settings. I also like using a product that has replaceable batteries. I tried an amplifier that needed to be charged daily and never got more than 12 hours of use each day therefore had trouble hearing the remainder of the day! I would recommend this product.

  183. Pepper

    I’m a professional musician and my research indicates that there just isn’t any hearing aid that is appropriate for the frequencies in music. If they were available, I’d spend whatever is necessary to be able to hear music accurately. That being said, I do need hearing aids for speech, so I decided that rather than spend thousands of dollars, I’d try the Otofonix hearing aid. I bought just one as a trial, and I’m quite pleased with it. The instructions are clear. I was using it with success within minutes of unpacking it. After about 10 days of using it for television, conversations at the dinner table, and other social situations, I have ordered a second unit. I had no difficulty getting used to it. I found the settings to be helpful. I frequently forget that I am actually wearing it. I have tried hearing aids set up by an audiologist, but I did not purchase them because they were unusable for music. These non-prescription “hearing amplifiers” for far less money will work fine for my purpose.

  184. Epicure

    I have mild-to-moderate hearing loss in one ear and was pleasantly surprised to have just the correction I require from this product right out of the box without any adjustment whatever–just snapped in the battery, placed the product as directed, and I haven’t changed a thing since.

  185. Happy

    I’m in love with my Otofonix hearing aid ! It has opened up a whole new world for me ( I can hear ) what people are saying to me! THANK YOU for creating a hearing device that REALLY works & very comfortable. I forget I even have it on . And thank YOU for making it affordable !!!! It’s a blessing from GOD!!!!

  186. Ronald Vogeler

    Received my Otofonix one day before expected arrival date. I’m using it now the second day and must say that up to now I’m extremely happy. The user manual is easy to understand. I don’t think y need a long time to be comfortable using this hearing aid. Just now I’m not aware y have the unit colócated in my right ear, since the sound is very natural. If in the the next month no flares appear, I will order the Otofonix for my left ear .

  187. Pat K

    Bought this for my MIL to use in one ear because she just CANT HEAR me talk to her. It was getting irritating that I told my hubby that I give up talking to her and they (his brother & him) can take her to her dr’s appt instead. They refused so I decided to get this for her. Because of her arthritis in her fingers and just getting used to it, the little toggle switch can be a bit difficult for her to adjust the volume. I have to adjust it as she complains that it’s a bit hard to hear in a room. Overall, I’m no longer yelling really loud or writing things down on paper. The reasons for the minus one star is because it’s difficult to adjust the volume (at least for the person not wearing the device) AND that it has no on/off switch. Since it took her a while to open/close the compartment, her battery was on all the time. Then she opened the case too much and the battery would pop-out. We’re ok with it and she’s getting used to it.

  188. Nanaedie

    This might be a very nice Amplifier but it did not work for me. I watched the demo video but could not get it to work. Customer service is extremely nice and helpful. I was told you need to wear it while programing it. Video and instructions did not say so. You need very small and nimble fingers to do that. I have arthritis in my index finger so it was too difficult / impossible to do. It is the most expensive Amplifier out there. I never got to try if it works or not. I returned it.

  189. David Craig

    I have hearing loss which is moderate in my left ear. I spent quite a bit of time researching different hearing aids but didn’t want to spend 2-3 thousand dollars on one. I finally bought the Otofonix on May 5th and it was delivered on May 8th. The instructions suggested only using it for couple hours a day but I wore it all the time ever since I received it without any problems. What was amazing was I know longer ask my wife ” What did you say?”. I was walking one day soon after purchasing the aid and heard this noise and thought ” What is that noise I’m hearing?”. It was the rustling of the American Flag in the breeze. Another time I was near a creek and thought again, “What is that noise I am hearing?” It was the ripple of the water. Amazing of all the sounds I’ve been missing for years. About 3-4 times now I’ve forgotten that the aid was in my hear and jumped into the shower. It was only about 10 seconds and I jump out and wiped off the aid and take a hair dryer to dry it off. It still works fine. The batteries last about 5 days and I shut it off at bedtime. So, 3 months later I am very happy with this product and would recommend it highly.

  190. Marc Sholder

    Not sure yet

  191. gmolony

    My wife has been hounding me for several years to buy hearing aids but I refuse to spend $6K when I can still hear. A friend sent me an article about these and I’m glad I tried them. Now she is asking me to turn up the TV. I love the one I bought and think I will probably buy one for the other ear.

  192. G. Miller

    Wonderful it really works. If i lay it beside my wife’s $ 1700 right ear they look alike the same color and size. If anything should go wrong with hers she plans on buying a Otofonix.

  193. Jan Van Steenwijk

    I tried many hearing aids – from the $5000 to the even more expensive ones with the same disappointing results. I had the Otofonix for a couple of weeks and it works perfect for my needs. Better in public places or on the phone. On top of that I saved a lot of money!

  194. John

    have used everyday for 2 weeks now, don’t know how long device will last at this time, however, the device works as advertised. I now hear much better, can watch tv on normal volume and understand conversations even in a noisy environment such as a restaurant. I wear from the time I get out of shower in the morning until I go to bed, approximately 15 hours a day, I open the battery compartment when I go to bed to conserve battery. I changed battery for first time after 7 days. Some say opening battery compartment can be difficult, not true for me, opens easily and closes well. only time I had any whistling was if I have volume at highest level (10) I keep on 9 and have no whistling or feedback. I have severe hearing loss in my left ear and moderate in my right ear, I purchased only 1 device and wear in my left ear, worse ear, even though it says to wear in better hearing ear I find it works well in my less efficient ear. I was apprehensive about purchasing an amplifier instead of a hearing aid but I can tell you that utilizing the 4 programs my hearing is much improved. It is very easy to select any of the 4 different programs and to adjust the volume, did not take me long to figure out which work better in different environments. One of the best purchases I ever made, glad I decided to go with this unit even though it is one of the more expensive amplifiers ($349). I now consider it a bargain, works great for me!

  195. Eleanor W.

    I like it however, it would be more comfortable if the rocker portion rest behind the earlobe rather than on top of the ear.

  196. George M. Straznitskas

    This unit gets great reviews and now I understand why. It works as described. Delivery was quicker than promised. Customer service is as good as other reviewers said it was.
    The only issue I had with the unit is that it made my ear very itchy. After 3 days of trying to get used to it, I emailed CS about 9pm one night. Luke answered my email within 20 minutes and invited me to phone in if I had any other probs/questions. I was very impressed with the timely response and the quality of Luke’s suggestion. It worked.
    This unit is worth the money and the organization is very committed to customer satisfaction.

  197. EH

    I was diagnosed with mild, right on the edge of moderate, hearing loss in the upper frequencies a few years ago. I never considered hearing aids due to the price and friends/family experiences with them. I finally got tired of asking “What?” and not being a part of the conversation while dining out . So, I looked for a cheaper alternative to traditional hearing aids, and I came across the Otofonix. I have been using it for over a month and must say that I’m pleased. It gives a much needed clarity to speech. Without it, I struggle to understand children and women especially, but now I have no problem hearing what is said. While I have not been in a restaurant yet, I have been in the park with lots of children. I can report a better listening experience while watching TV and listening to my record collection. Some sounds are louder than I like, such as door latches, pans clanging, etc. Overall, the Otofonix is a great alternative to traditional hearing aids. I prefer program 1 level 2.

    Update: I contacted CS and they were fantastic. After explaining my issue with some sounds being louder than I like, they helped me find a program and level that was more appropriate for my hearing difficulties. I switched to program 2 level 4 and those annoying sounds are no longer too loud, but the clarity of speech remains. I also wanted to try it in my right ear. Otofonix sent a right ear tube at no cost for me to try. You will not find better customer service anywhere.

  198. Mn


  199. Elizabeth K Thompson

    Excellent quality, It’s so cool and so great! Nice for the price. You can buy one for yourself or somebody else maybe.

  200. Patricia Marshall

    Why pay thousands

  201. Amazon Customer

    Seems to work okay but not what I expected. I thought conversations would be more easily to hear; however some voices are very hard to understand unless I’m looking right at the person. I also found it hard to adjust for TV listening. At one time I had one of the expensive hearing aids that was very clear without background noise but guess I’ll get use to the Otofonix. The price is so much better than the expensive ones but the quality isn’t there yet. Hopefully hearing aids that are purchased from sources other than audiologists will improve.

  202. roger ericson

    have had $4000 hearing aids for 2 years and the otofonix amplifiers are now my preferred aid. did take a bit of time to come up with the right settings, domes, etc. but it wasn’t difficult and i’m very satisfied. I play in a few bands and these are definitely preferable to the very expensive alternative. very happy that I found this alternative.

  203. Sloan Manning

    Didn’t work for my wife. However, she doesn’t do well with even professionally fitted (expensive) hearing aids.

  204. StudioPeg

    I had my elderly dad move in with me, and he has hearing loss from working with machinery all his life. He is proud and refused to go for hearing tests or to be fitted for hearing aids. I was tired of shouting and hearing the TV on volume 100….

    Read the reviews here and decided to just order one and put it in dad’s ear before telling him anything. Lo and behold he was like “wow! This is fantastic, I can hear everything!” By the end of the day he asked me to order one for his other ear.

    You can barely see he has them in unlike some of the beige colored ones that take up the entire ear hole. Simple to put in and take out.

    He is very happy, even though I had to force it on him. And I have a quieter house.

    Great product!

  205. NoTech

    I use these amplifiers to replace expensive 10 year old custom hearing aids. These amplifiers work for me better than my old aids at 10 percent of cost. I’ve had them for 2 months, if they continue to work, it will be a bargain.

  206. MamatoQuinn&Lindy

    am yet to be diagnosed but I think I suffer from hearing loss associated with bilateral Meniere’s disease. I can’t imagine what a truly “expensive” pair of hearing aids sound like b/c these are perfect. People can whisper and I hear then now! Wow. The only drawback is they whistle when I lay down so must either remove them to watch tv in bed or sit straight up. The battery doesn’t last….maybe 4 days tops.


    My husband loved them. Better than spending $3000.00

  208. Amazon Customer

    The only reason that I have given the Otofonic Personal Sound Amplifiers a 4-star rating rather than a 5-star rating is because they simply did not fit my hearing loss. When the quality of the product, the price of the product, the fast shipping of the product, and the ease of returning the product, all our five star quality, it is a shame that they did not fit my hearing loss. I tried them for 3 weeks. I am 75 years old and have been in the sales and service professions all of my life, part of which was a licensed hearing aid distributor. This has been the most trouble-free transaction that I have ever seen especially, when you are working with a company on the internet and through the mail. I did not realize that my return authorization was already received when I received the product. The return could not have been more simplified. I mailed back the amplifiers on Monday and today, 2 Days Later, I have received notice that my credit has already been issued. I would urge anyone who realizes that they have a hearing loss and feel that this product might help them, to try it. I have never seen any more of a hassle free transaction than what this was. I commend the people at Otofhonix for this and thank them for the chance to try their product, even though it did not work for me. Norm

  209. Bobby

    Ok product, just not for me.

  210. Russell Luebbers

    bought for one ear to try it. Reduced volume on tv from 10 to 8 and more important can now understand every word. Have a happy wife

  211. D. Berger

    they work very well. I can now hear many things that I had been missing.

  212. Jonathan Rose

    I like the size of this unit. It works as well as the $1,500 “hearing aids” I have bought and far better than the $35 PSAP I tried and threw away.
    Let’s see how long it lasts though. My wife is pleased that I have stopped complaning.

  213. T J Hasbach

    Prompt delivery, easy set up, good instructional videos available. In the short term the product seems to be functioning well and I am learning how to make necessary adjustments. Certainly believe this was the right step to take at this time with my moderate unilateral hearing loss as opposed to spending several thousand dollars more for formal hearing aid.

  214. Irene Chianese

    I had my hearing tested a few weeks ago and I have a flat line hearing loss. An amplifier works fine for this type of loss so I got it. So far I have worn it about three times and I am happy with it. It becomes a little sore in the ear after about 4 or 5 hours but that will improve over time. I have had very expensive hearing aides in the past ($3,000) each. I like this device better and you can’t beat the price. I will be glad to have it when I go to the movies. This is a really good deal.

  215. Sam Differ

    Perfect! I have been using my Otofonix amplifier for the past 90 days. I am astounded at how terrific this product is in meeting my need for understanding conversations in business and social settings. It is so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing my Otofonix. There is no background humming or electronic noise. I highly recommend he Otofonix.

  216. JRG

    Works as advertised, It is a very good product and significantly improved my ability to hear.

  217. RWB

    Work well, very happy with results! A bargain compared to offers from Audiologists.

  218. C. Earnshaw

    My review is mostly based on my previous experience with the “Simplicity Smart Touch Digital Over-the-Ear Hearing Aid” sold through Wal Mart’s web site. That unit sells for approximately the same price as the Otofonix unit here. Based on the great reviews I decided to try the Otofonix after I lost my SImplicity. The two devices are quite similar in many ways, but with some key differences. The toggle-type volume/program control on the Otofonix is easier to adjust than the single button on the Simplicity, and the number of volume settings and four separate programs are a real plus, and the main reason I decided to try this unit rather than purchase the Simplicity again. The Simplicity only has four amplification settings and no additional program settings. The Otofonix is slightly larger, which is noticeable when putting on glasses, but not really problematic. It is quite comfortable otherwise.

    For me, the Simplicity has one real advantage though. I have the normal high-end hearing loss that most people experience as they age. The Simplicity unit seems to emphasize these highs better than the Otofonix unit does. While the published specifications provided by both manufacturers are limited, they do seem to bear out what I’m hearing. The Simplicity has a higher published frequency range, 8,000 Hz vs. 5,500 for the Otofonix. That meant when I put on the Simplicity I would notice big increases in things like birds & crickets chirping that I normally don’t hear very well. With the Otofonix, the difference is not as great. I’m am able to compensate somewhat for this with volume and program settings, but the Otofonix always seems to amplify the whole frequency range instead of just the highs that I really need. While the Otofonix might seem more “natural” sounding, the Simplicity unit is better for normal conversation, where it makes it easier to distinguish between consonants like “f” and :”s”. I give the natural sound of the Otofonix the edge in noisy environments, but it’s less useful to me overall. One of the reasons I decided to buy hearing aids in the first place was because I was walking the dog one day and couldn’t hear a rattlesnake that both my girlfriend and my dog alerted me to. I haven’t had such an encounter since I got hearing aids, but I suspect that the Simplicity would allow me to hear this much better than the Otofonix would.

    That said, the Otofonix four programs and ten volume settings are very useful. If they had an additional program that accentuated the high frequencies more, the Otofonox would be close to perfect.

  219. RV Nomad

    Have had these for a bit over a year now. When I first got them had some questions and received a return phone call from a person that told me he was a retired ENT or audiologist, cannot remember which. He helped me out tremendously. I then made a mistake and got them wet so they failed. I had not purchased the protection plan, something that should be done, so thought I was finished. About that time I saw the devices from iHear so bought them, they were supposedly waterproof. Had problems with the software that is needed to be used with the iHear device and found out the real difference between the Otofonix and iHear companies. The iHear people are really nice to talk to but totally useless at helping you, had them for about 5 months so are out what I paid. Talked to a person at Otofonix again to ask about if they were waterproof and explained my problem. Long story short, they replaced my devices. They also handled my needs in a very timely manner, usually in a few minutes after contacting them by their contact form. The devices work great but more importantly their customer service is even better.

  220. Curt

    It is with mixed emotions that I write this review. I bought the Otofonix aids for both ears and was very satisfied with the sound amplification and the controls. I would love it if they worked for a good period of time. I returned both my right and left ear aid when they stopped working. The process was effective and the the aids were returned or replaced. They did not stop at the same time. Now my left ear aid has stopped working again.
    The quality and service were great if it were not for them not working periodically.

  221. GEG

    So far so good, seems to be almost as good as my original $4,000 pair

  222. J. Knox

    Easy to use controls for volume and programming. Program one seems to be the best for me. The remaining programs degrade the aid for me and are not of any use. For the price it is a very good deal.

    One complaint with the company. When ordering accessories, they tack on a $6.75 shipping charge. This is crazy. Plus the cost of batteries there is more than 2 times what Amazon charges. Wish Amazon would offer the accessories where shipping would be cost free.

    Update 10/12/2017 Company customer service was very responsive to my concern about shipping. They will be adding a new shipping option that users should be pleased with. My rating has been updated to 4 stars.

    I have found that moving the battery to off position causes the program to go to program 4 when moving to the on position. Since I prefer program 1, this means a reprogramming is required with each restart. Not a big thing, but one that should not be necessary.

  223. Amazon Customer

    the product was great! and they have fabulous service!

  224. Old Timer

    received this yesterday it appears to work well. I am just going to have to adjust to it. The only thing that is driving me nuts its the Itching. I assume I will adjust to it. I am going to be patient with it. I will post updates as time goes on. So far I am pleased with it with a few minor issues
    1st 24 hours went well just had to learn to adjust it for the environments I am in at the time. If you have it turned up loud it you will think people are yelling at you. I exercise in the evenings so I remove it during exercise. I know I have some hearing loss.

    Update 9/24/2017 The itching has stopped. Got my hearing tested yesterday. Hearing loss in both ears. Ordered one for my left ear. I also ordered from Otofonix the large closed domes for reduced feed back and better amplification of sound. (I do feel they should have enclosed a large closed dome instead of me having to order the Domes from the directly from Otofonix to get full use of the device and this is the reason for 4 stars)
    Update 9/25/2017
    I really do like this. When talking to someone I can adjust the volume until it is comfortable and not to loud and they just think I am playing with my ear. The weak link is the sound tubes. I would suggest ordering extras and keep them handy. But I suspect if handled correctly the sound tubes will last a decent amount of time. I am going to order 2 of each for the Left and Right ear.
    Update 9/27/2017
    I am pleased with the one for the Right ear at this point. The one for the Left ear arrives today. So we will see how it works. I did order a hearing aid dryer I will use daily to attempt to increase their life. humidity body sweat and rain water can decrease the life of hearing aids.
    Update 9/28/2017
    I received the one for the left ear yesterday. My ear canals are two sizes. I have known this for years. I am hearing better I am using the medium closed dome. I hear better with the closed dome if you have a good fit there is zero feed back. I am waiting on my order from Otofonix for my large closed domes I ordered 6 of them to reduce the shipping cost. What I am finding amazing is there has been no itching in my left ear. One thing with the closed dome I am sure I hear better. I am hearing sounds I have not usually heard walking around my office.
    I have both set to program 2 Sound Level 4. I am amazed at what I have been missing. Cannot wait to try the large closed dome in my right ear. I am sure it will be a improvement.

    According to USPS Tracking the large domes are scheduled to arrive today. So I can give a improved update tomorrow on how they are performing. So stay tuned.
    Update 9/29/2017
    Well USPS did not deliver the large closed domes. I am disappointed. I understand they will arrive today. One thing I noticed every sound . Including the turn signals on my car is easier to hear.
    Update 10/1/2017
    Hearing with the large dome are much improved. I am using one in each ear from what I can tell the large domes work better. I do not need a high volume when at home.
    Update 10/4/2017
    Using Medium closed dome in Left ear Large Closed Dome in right ear. Both set to Program 1 Vol. Level 1. I do not wear at home since I feel my son is yelling when he is not. I just wear now when out of the house. I am getting 8 days off the battery.
    Update 10/5/2017
    The left battery died after 8 days. Just changed the battery today for the first time.
    I switched to the open Domes over the weekend I believe they are more comfortable. My wife says I am not as loud when I talk now. she says I always sounded mad to people that did not know me. I have been told for 20+ years that I was loud. No telling how long my hearing has been bad.
    Update 10/11/2017 The on off switch for these you open the battery door and let the battery hang on the door. Now my battery on one is sticking and has fallen out a time or two. I emailed Otofonix I am waiting for a response to my E-mail.
    Response to my E-mail they are going to replace the one with the defective battery door. I just need to ship it to them.
    Update 10/10/2017
    The replacement arrived with the same issue. I did a simple fix I took a kitchen knife and pressed the battery tab down a little. Works perfect with no problem. I wish they had told me to do that.
    Update 10/18/2017
    Something I had been noticing and thought it was the PSAH but was not. I was hearing a low pitch beep every morning and could not figure it out. One of my co-workers was in my office and I asked if he heard it. He stated it was from my coffee maker. I did not even know it beeped until I got the PSAH so I really am impressed. Setting are presently at left ear program 1 sound Level 3 Right program 1 Sound level 4 I think this is the ideal setting. Going to change my review to five stars.
    I put these on in the morning as I head out the door and wear them until I get home. Do they help yes.
    Update. 11/20/2017
    I am still very pleased with them .I use them more during the week. Not sure how I am doing on Battery life have not really kept track .I know I do not change them that often. But I am very pleased with them.
    Update 12/12/2017
    I have been using Otofonix since September and they work very well. I can detect a major drop in my hearing when removed. I am Changing batteries about I believe every 7 to 8 days depending on how much I wear them. I forget I have them in most of the time. My wife and son are Loud so I usually remove them when I am home or turn the Volume down a little. But I hear so much better. I have not been out to eat since I got them. But we are having Christmas dinner at a Restaurant this year so I will report how they work in a noisy environment for me. But as of this time I am 100 percent pleased.
    Update 12/25/2017
    They helped during Christmas Diner with no problem at all. I have reduced the Volume both setting Level 2 and Sound Level 1 in Left Ear and Sound Level 2 in Right ear. My wife and son are both loud but there are time I have trouble hearing them. But if I turn the Volume up I am telling my son to lower his voice. If I need to in public I can always turn them up. Right now I am wearing them 14 to 15 hours a day.
    Update 1/2/2019
    The left aid died not sure if I am going to purchase them again 300 dollars a year is not a good bargain for me. Going to attempt some less expensive one.

  225. movingwordsandimages

    Just got this for my father-in-law, and he likes it. He was very resistant for a long while about getting any hearing assistance device because of the way they typically look. However, this design is very modern (especially with the option to get it in grey opposed to the typical beige) and it’s TINY. Very barely visible once it’s on.

    There weren’t any complicated instructions. We were able to insert a battery, fit it to his ear, set an appropriate volume, and start using it immediately. It works well!

    The only critical observation he made worth noting is that the sound (indoors anyway) had a subtle reverb to it, like people were talking through a microphone. But it wasn’t any deal breaker. Not sure if that is or isn’t the case with other amplifiers/hearing aids.

    In any case, this product is a winner — especially since it’s over the counter and didn’t require an expensive doctor appointment or prescription. We’re all quite happy with it.

  226. Tom O

    I bought a single unit, just to try it out. It is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between all the competing hearing amplifiers available. I wanted a small unit that would hide well behind my ear, provide a few different response programs, and have a volume control. Comfort is very important with hearing devices, since uncomfortable units will ultimately be left unused. Before purchasing the Otofonix hearing amplifiers, I test drove a pair of hearing aids recommended by my audiologist. They were great, but cost almost $6,000 for a pair. One or two days after trying out the Otofonix unit I bought at Amazon in one ear, I ordered a second for my other ear. You need to order a lefty and a righty and they are not interchangeable because of the way the sound tubes are curved. The comfort, size, and performance were almost indistinguishable from the prescription hearing aids costing almost ten times more. I prefer the replaceable battery style, instead of rechargeable. With turning the amplifiers off at night, I am getting close to one week of usage between battery change. The batteries are cheap, too. Highly recommended.

  227. Straight@fair

    Bought this device in late August 2017 and really liked it. It’s very affordable, sleek looking, very comfortable to wear, easy to set up and worked flawlessly as stated. I tried it for 10 days but had to return because the sound amplification was not loud enough for people with severe hearing lost like me, unfortunately. I highly recommend this product for those with mild hearing lost. I am sure it would work beautifully and you would save a bundle too, but keep in mind that this device is not designed for those with heavy hearing lost!
    Otofonix company was awesome. Its customer service was second to none: the shipping took only two days, customer calls were answered within minutes (spoken by a real English speaker which is very helpful for a hard hearing person like me), return was a breeze and refund was prompt. Otofonix deserves my 5 star rating, so does Amazon.

  228. lady_koenig

    Ok at best. I bought this for my husband and it has already been replaced once. When it it is working my husband likes it but sadly it has it’s moments when it has it’s stubborn moments and does not work. You can clean it, change batteries, whatever and it will not work then suddenly, almost like a switch was hit, it will start to work again. The size is nice, the design is nice, it would be a wonderful item if it just worked better and more consistently.

  229. TKL

    Purchased for my 62 yr old husband. I had bought a comparable product on Amazon a year ago that worked okay. He says these are much more comfortable and seems better at blocking out background noise.

  230. Douglas M.

    Definitely amplify s the sound….. and actually works as well as the expensive hearing aids I tried for three weeks. It’s not going to help much in a “crowd” so don’t expect it to. So, use this product before you spend a fortune and see what you think.
    I guess once you lose your hearing as I did you’re just screwed!! It’s gone, so learn to live with it!!

  231. Justus

    So far… after 3 days I’m very pleased. First, when the package arrives, you feel like you are opening an Apple product – very high-end packaging and presentation. Second, I paid approximately 7x this price at Costco about 2-3 years ago and ended up returning that pair and giving up on my moderate hearing loss. Frankly, I don’t believe the Costco hearing aid had much, if anything, over this Otofonix product; not for me anyhow. Third, this is, in fact, very discreet and at least as discreet as the Costco product I tried. Finally, this has been easy to learn and use. To be fair, the $2,500 I paid at Costco was for a pair and the Otofonix is for just one, but in trying both products I would say the Otofonix is a superior value. Update… now 45 days out and this is still a winner.

  232. Amazon Customer

    These are capable and effective replacements for a very expensive pair of hearing aids that I lost recently. Although the size is slightly larger than my lost pair, they are still fairly small and fit comfortably behind my ears. They came with two tube sizes and three dome sizes, which permitted me to fit them well with my relatively small ears and canal openings. The quality is good, although not as good as the $6000 pair i lost, but as spares or affordable replacements go, this is a very fine product that does give me enough hearing that I can function as a classroom instructor without asking too many students to repeat what they had said. They will serve me well while I save up the money to buy another expensive pair.

  233. David Selzer

    It seems to amplify the sound as it is supposed to. Bought only left ear and helps me with understanding the talking on the TV. Will have to probably buy right ear so I can have stereo sound. Not bad at all for the price. Was very surprised.

  234. Angela

    It is not a two thousand dollar hearing aide if you have the money buy a more expensive one

  235. Joel A.

    Awesome – can’t believe how it has helped my hearing ! Great Buy / Value !!!

  236. scrubberman

    For people with severe hearing loss, this is the way to go. The batteries last a long time as well. the different settings work great once you learn how to set them. I even slept with in the third night, it was so comfortable.

  237. JB

    They are great for normal hearing loss caused by age. They boost the higher frequencies like my Bernifons, but the lower frequencies like a male voice are not supported well. I gave them to my 92 year old mother in law and she loves them.

  238. Jesse House

    I have only worn it for two days but so far it is great. The sound is very natural with very little background noise.

  239. Polly Vaughn

    My Mom is 97 and has lost much of her hearing. She tried out a pair of $4000 hearing aids for a week and they helped, but were a bit out of our price range. I figured we’d try the Otofonix amplifiers and if they didn’t work, I’d just bite the bullet and max out my credit card. To my surprise, they were almost as good as the $4000 pair (I tried both on pairs to get a feel for how they sound). The hearing aids did have a bit more of a “natural” sound, but for my Mom’s needs the Otofonix has been just fine (as of this review, she’s had them for 6 months). She lives in an assisted living facility and they help her when watching TV, playing bingo, visiting with other residents, and hearing knocks on her apartment door. She still doesn’t catch everything – the audiologist explained that even the most expensive hearing aid wouldn’t give her the comprehension she had 20 years ago – but I can absolutely tell a difference when she has them in….I don’t have to shout! She still complains every morning when I put them in (“I can hear fine! I don’t know why I need these earrings!”) but it doesn’t take long for her to forget she even has them on and she’s happily chatting with someone where previously she would be constantly saying “What? Huh? Talk louder!”.
    And I must give a shout-out to the Otofonix customer service. I had a problem with one of the aids and they were friendly, prompt, and helpful. And a customer service line where you get a real person to help you – what a delight! I highly recommend you give Otofonix a try.

  240. Robert & Angela Levine

    Love it



  242. G Hardin

    Overall happy with these. Granted, sound does not sound the same as my own hearing, but the literature is up front that hearing aids cannot replicate your own hearing. Still experimenting with different settings. Only problem is I have lost and found this aid about 5 times. Maybe I need a memory aid too.

  243. rancopartsllc


  244. Alberto Soltero

    Today is the third day that I use my amplifiers and I am still trying to find the the right sound. Thank you

  245. KATHRYN M.

    I had to replace a pair of $3000.00 hearing aids as they were falling apart and because I did not sign up for monthly maintenance, they were going to charge me $200.00 to plug my hearing aids into their computer for an adjustment. Anyway, bottom line was that I needed to make a change. After reading the reviews and I decided to give these a try. Money back guaranty, so I did. These hearing aids not only had the 4 settings of my previous pair but had 10 volume settings that could be adjusted on each level. I am now turning DOWN the television. They also use the same batteries as my old ones. I could not be happier. Just to be clear, I tested at a 60% loss in one ear and 40% in the other, so it is not just a minor problem. Obviously I did not do the proper research the first time or I would not have chosen the ones I did. For those looking for the first time, ask about service: how, where, how much. My old hearing aids could only be serviced by the company that sold them, they owned the computer program. Rechargeable ones might sound nice, but what happens after the fixed battery is dead? I am very happy with these and not just because of the price, that is a bonus, they actually perform so much better, I am just amazed!!!!

  246. George W. Cox

    Still working Fine

  247. Janice Briggs

    Works great, although a little “sharp” in sound. But I definitely would recommend these. Especially if you can’t afford the fancy ones.

  248. Dallas Ann Johnson

    They worked about two weeks, then within three days if each other they quit working. Not the batteries.

  249. Cecil Anderson

    I can hear now. Better than Costco, where my other aids came from.

  250. Scjassoc

    I was overusing the word “what?” too often and needed to do something. I was skeptical because of the price difference between this product and the hearing aids friends were buying. The high end sounds are a little sharp, but when I went for walk one evening I heard crickets chirping for the first time in a long time. Overall I am happy with the product and would buy it again. Been using it for about 3 months.

    Well, it’s been over a year since I purchased this amplifier and I’m still satisfied.

  251. Duffer

    This gadget squealed, screeched, spluttered, clicked and many other annoying sounds. All I got out of it is a series of headaches. Have to send it back.

  252. D Milne

    Great product!
    Works very well for my husband. He has purchased 3. Unfortunately, he lost one, so ordered another one and it works great too! Will definitely purchase again, if need be.

  253. Arturo Carvajal

    I will purchase my left hearing amplifier soon

  254. Francis X.

    This is the third hearing amplifier I’ve tried and it is the best one – there was a note somewhere that said it might not be effective for anyone with tinnitus – I have tinnitus in one ear and am pretty much deaf in it as well and I have no problem with the unit in the “good” ear – it was more expensive than the others, including those I was tempted to purchase but I felt that, if the unit was as good as the reviews, it would be well worth the cost – I was not wrong – I know there is phone support for whatever questions I might have but, so far, I’ve done OK on my own – fortunately, the unit uses the same batteries as my previous one and I had an ample supply – that said, I would highly recommend the Otofonix

  255. Wael Emad Konsowa

    Not powerful at all

  256. SK

    I would give 10 stars for customer service. What a great service! For product: I bought it for my aging mother. The machine works ok for amplification may be because her hearing loss is too severe and the machine’s fault. However, I thing the length from ear peace to the machine is too short and is not adjustable so the machine would not fit properly on ear. Also, like any other machine it goes through batteries fast and it would be rather difficult for old person to change batteries.

  257. Jim Spendal

    I’ve been shopping for hearing aids for a year and a half and found these to be as effective as the $2000 each devices that I tried. I’ve only had them a little over a week and still getting acclimated to the new sounds I’m hearing again. If they hold up I’ll give them AAA+.

  258. Ann Roy

    I do not like it at all. It only works part time and when it does it does not do any better then my RCA smyphonix that I used to buy on Amazon that was not available so I bought this and am so sorry but until I can afford a real hearing aid I just keep saying HUH, WHAT, SAY IT AGAIN. Not worth all that money

  259. Toyz etc

    Works great. Helped me a lot with my one bad ear. I have about a 40% loss in my right ear and this has almost completely corrected it. Sound is just a little tinny at first but you get used to it.

  260. Daniel Joslyn

    Network as well as I expected too much background noise but quality is good May work fine for some people depending on the type of hearing loss you have

  261. Pavel A.

    Perfect product

  262. amateur historian

    I have been using the Otofonix for a little over a year. For me, it works best on the second program (background noise reduction). On that setting, it cancels out the reverberations of laboratories and badly designed meeting rooms. Despite the manufacturer’s disclaimer, I find that it makes my mild case of tinnitus less annoying. It helps enormously in the classroom and in faculty meetings where students and colleagues often whisper or mumble. I don’t use it at home because my family knows that they have to speak up.

  263. Ronald Hodges

    Had for almost a year. They work fine for me. The service is the tops Save yourself a lot of money and give then a try.

  264. pdk

    My husband has a pair of these. He was borderline needing a hearing aid and opted to go this way..Has been very happy with them.

  265. B J Diamond

    I didn’t care for it. The feedback was too great.

  266. Tenntex1

    Well, after just one day, this little amplifier is a great addition to my well being. No more “UH’s” at work, was able to turn TV down 3 levels, no more complaints from the neighbors of the noise. Fits just great, cannot even be seen, sound is what it was years and years ago. Otofonix you did GREAT on this device. Thanks

    Up Date: After two weeks of using this aid, it is performing very well. No complaints. Takes a little getting use to, but after a bit of adjusting and finding the right program for different settings this little device is great. Watching TV is so much better now, I can hear everything, without bothering the neighbors.

  267. Mike R

    I have worn hearing aids as a result of moderate hearing loss at higher frequencies for over 7 years in common with many people of my advancing years. My first pair from an independent provider cost $4500. The second pair from Costco were about $2500. So this pair (which are legally allowed to call themselves amplifiers but not aids) are a big improvement in affordability, and are essentially virtually identical in appearance, performance and operation to the previous two pairs. I have no problems with their ability to significantly improve my hearing in terms of amplification and comprehension. I would give them somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, at least in how well they work for me. I had a problem with one unit, which had the tendency for the sound tube to detach itself from the amplifier unit. Otofonics agreed to replace the complete sound tube/amplifier, which they did promptly.

    Of course, if your hearing loss is sudden or severe you should consult a specialist physician first and take his/her advice

  268. Roger Hirschbein

    Well, here I am, another satisfied customer. I had to laugh when I was reading other reviews because I now realize that I am a stereotype user. I’ve known for years my hearing was bad because I had it tested. About ten years ago, I was informed that I had a 40% loss in both ears. Well, I figured everybody could just speak louder and I would be OK. I couldn’t justify over a $1000 per hearing aid that the clinic was trying to sell me. My wife has a “little girl” type of speaking voice and even people with decent hearing sometimes have trouble understanding her. For years I have been telling her to write down what she says as opposed to what I hear and write a book about it. The last one was:(Me) How much do you want me to get? ( wife) “I asked if you had taken out the trash.
    Well, I ordered one unit figuring that I had nothing to lose because of the money bak promise. After using the Elite for a week I can’t begin to express how much I am enjoying it. Especially in the car listening to my music and at the movies. The number 4 setting is fantastic for those applications. I ordered the “magic” ear domes and they made a great product even better. Kudos to Otofonix.
    Roger Hirschbein

  269. Sunlightening

    I just returned from the ear doctor and there is no infection or wax. The problems were caused by the irritating hearing aids. He said it can take me up to two months to heal and to not to put anything in my ears. It sounds like water is in my ears and both ears hurt. Now my hearing is reduced even more than before I tried them. I could just barely hear the doctor today. It will not be a Merry Christmas for me.

  270. kathyred

    Great for the money. I can actually lower the volume on my tv set now.

  271. Rose Anne

    I have been wearing hearing aids for twelve years. I have moderate hearing loss in the higher frequencies. I lost one of my hearing aids a few months ago and did not have enough money to replace it. I started looking at hearing amplifiers just to be able to turn the volume down on the tv so that my husband wouldn’t have to suffer through the increased volume. My first purchase was a Britzgo. It suited my purpose but even on the lowest setting it was too loud. It also distorted sound. I returned it and after reading reviews decided to risk the money and try the Otofonix. It’s been four weeks since I started wearing it. I love it. It’s comfortable to wear and sound quality is excellent. It works as well, if not better than my original hearing aid. Controls are easy to use. I wear it all the time, not just for tv and plan on replacing my other hearing aid with another Otofonix soon. The cost of my original hearing aids was $4500. As far as I am concerned the Otofonix is a hearing aid and the savings is incredible.
    The only cons are that it doesn’t have an on/off switch or a telephone setting but for the price, I’m not complaining.
    Update: I have been wearing my original Otofonix for approximately six months. I was so pleased with it that I purchased one for the other ear about three months ago. All is working well and I am pleased with purchase. I mentioned lack of a telephone setting in my original review. Much to my surprise, I discovered that it was not needed. There is no feedback when I hold the phone to my ear.

  272. david timmons

    Excellent service. Hearing works as advertised.

  273. Carol Hubbard & Ken Kyzer

    I bought these for my husband after hearing tests revealed significant hearing loss in one ear and moderate loss in the other. Even though he has a shaved head, they’re so small that his coworkers didn’t even notice them (something he was a bit self-conscious about this in the beginning). But most important, they work INCREDIBLY well — probably as well as “official” hearing aids costing thousands of dollars each. There are four programs available with a quick click-click to adjust to different sound environments along with volume levels ranging from “1” to “8.” My husband is now hearing normally (even with the lowest volumes) and not missing big chunks of conversation at work. He loves his Otofonix amplifiers and has thanked me several times for buying them!

  274. elizabeth Ann Mackewich

    Just had problems with the battery door staying closed. These folks not only took care of my concerns immediately….but from ship to return took a total of four days so I was up and running in record time…..I love these units …I hear clearly and don’t have ussues with whistles and feedback!!!!

  275. Kindle Customer

    When my audiologist prescribed hearing aid that cost $1500 stopped working, I replaced it with one of these. Love it. Works as well as my old one.

  276. csburton

    They replaced expensive hearing aids, and are doing a good job. Wish they had an on off switch.

  277. John G. Mueller

    The aid is excellent; the service first rate, and I recommend it to anyone with marginal hearing loss. I am near 80 with extreme hearing loss and need maximum volume plus captions to enjoy TV.

  278. Amazon Customer

    I have slight hearing loss in one ear, so only needed one hearing aid. My doctor wanted $1200. For one. Since I could hear most stuff without it, it wasn’t worth it for me. But then I found this, ordered it and love it. My favorite part is the volume switch. When noises get too much or overwhelming, I can just turn it down a little. Then when I’m having a quiet drink with my husband, I turn it back up. The battery lasts about a week taking it out every night. The part that goes in my ear was too big even with the smallest rubber thing on it, so my husband trimmed it down for me and it works great. Also appreciate the cleaning brush that came with it!

  279. Handy Forms

    With only 3 days experience so far, this review can only give first impressions, but I thought that might be helpful to others. I anticipated difficulties adapting, and didn’t have high expectations — planning to give it a try before investing in a medical grade hearing aid. My experience is only superficial so far, but I must say it has been very positive. The improvement in hearing was immediate. The sound is clear and crisp. It was easier to wear than I expected, and the ear tube provided fit perfectly. I have experienced no discomfort, only a faint itch, and wore it for 6 hours the first day. No troubles using the telephone. A few weeks earlier, before I got the hearing amplifier, I had dinner with friends at a noisy restaurant and only got about half the conversation. Last night I dined at the same restaurant with the same friends (and even more crowded), and everything was much clearer and more intelligible. I would call this a complete success.

  280. EG

    My husband has had this for a year and it works great; easy to operate and adjust, he hears much better with it.

  281. Ray from Wisconsin

    I tried this versus the $5000 set of hearing aids supplied by my audiologist. I had have until January 15th to decide on the expensive hearing aids and am having a hard time justifying that cost. I tried the Otofonix Elite aid. It had decent sound for watching TV, but still sounded like an echo chamber. In other areas, the sounds were just loiud and annoying and not clear to any degree. I am contacting the company to return it. May be my hearing loss is too great to use a device like this

  282. Amazon Customer

    No stactic sounds good

  283. Drew

    This was ineffective for my purpose. The volume increase was insignificant or there was loud feedback, and then the earpiece broke.
    I first tried the $75 version and found it equally ineffective.

    I was hoping to not spend $3K to $6K on real hearing aids, but I guess there is no replacement for high quality, expensive electronics purchased through an Audiologist.

  284. Jon Robertson

    Well, after however many years of buying things on Amazon and being a Prime member, this is my first review, and I was driven to write it because of the Otofonix customer service. I got the $350 amp for my right ear, which is pretty far gone, but after playing with the device for a couple of days I thought perhaps I’d made a strategic error, and that I should have gotten it for my left (good) ear. So I went to the Otofonix website to see if I could buy a “left” tube and just switch the tubes. I found where they had them for sale, but didn’t know whether the unit was really left/right agnostic or not, so I sent them an email – and got an answer the same day from someone named Dorita, saying she was sending me a “left” tube by US Mail. She didn’t mention price or credit cards or anything, and when I got the new tube (in a small box) in two days, there was an invoice from Customer Service for $0.00 (no charge). Actually, she sent me TWO tubes, different sizes. These show up at about $12.50 each on their website, plus she put $3.90 in postage on the box they came it. I was really impressed.

    So I started wearing it on my left (good) ear after switching out the right tube for a left tube, and I can tell that it’s working. (Yea!) My wife and I went on the Niles Canyon Christmas Train last night, and it was packed… (including not a few screaming children), and under those conditions the Otofonix did not help (everything was way too loud – almost painfully so – but I think everyone was having problems with conversation until the kids got a little quieter). After the train ride our group went on to have pizza, and the Otofonix worked just fine. The difficulty with bad hearing is not just that you’re not part of the conversation, but that you’re self-excluded from the social interaction that conversations create – and that can lead to depression and a quiet, slow withdrawal from social situations and life outside the home until finally you become some grumpy old guy who thinks everything would be just great if he could magically turn the calendar back 60 years or so…

    I got an expensive hearing aid about ten years ago for my bad (right) ear, but had to keep going back to have it adjusted until I just got tired of the whole issue and stopped using it. What I didn’t know (and makes sense to me now), is that my right ear was getting progressively worse over time, and that it had gotten to the point where the audiologist couldn’t adjust the hearing aid enough to make a significant difference… which is when I gave up. And then my hearing got a lot worse, and I went to Kaiser, which tested my hearing. I got the Otofonix after going to the Kaiser audiologist, who recommended a hearing aid for each ear, both expensive. (Too expensive at over $2K each.)

    I comparison shopped hearing aids on Amazon and across the web, and ended up focusing on two brands. Otofonix and the iHearMAX, which can be programmed at home (with a special, extra cost device). I liked the idea of the iHearMAX, because I liked the idea of programming the device myself, but the programmer was another $150 or so, and a couple of the reviews said that without it the hearing aids were not that adjustable. But the Otofonix had multiple programs and multiple levels of amplification built-in (all on the rocker switch you can see in the photo), so that’s the one I got. I figured that $350 was an okay gamble.

    I do not know that I got the best amplifier, but I got one that works. Possibly the iHearMAX might have been better, but…. I can adjust the Otofonix just by reaching up and pushing the rocker switch in the moment that I need to – less fiddling around, and instant gratification, right? And the ones from Kaiser might have been even better yet, but $4,000 is a lot of money, and I just didn’t want to go there.

    So I have the Otofonix and I will keep playing with it on the different settings. And perhaps just as important, there is Dorita – or someone like her at Otofonix, who can make things happen. And that is somewhat rare these days. Anyway, 5 stars and my first review ever.

  285. Jemez Fred

    My mother is too demented to undergo a hearing test, so I bought one of these to replace a lost hearing aid. I tried it before taking it to her and thought the reproduction was poor, but was hard up and gave it to her anyway. Even with full volume, and adjusting as best I could for her type of loss, she got no better understanding of people. After a while, she refused to wear it any more.

  286. Shaka Zulu

    I purchased a pair of high end in ear hearing aides from Costco for my 90 year old mother who has very poor hearing. They were custom fitted by audiologist at Costco. Cost me $1700. Mom lost both pairs. Bought a replacement pair of Otofonix at less than 1/2 the Costco price, and they work just as well for my mother. Easy to set up and use. Mom likes the Otofonix over-the-ear version versus in-ear Costco version, because the in ear were too tiny for her to see, hold, manipulate, insert, and remove from ears. Mom and I are very satisfied with purchase. The 4 modes do not seem to make much difference so I leave it on mode 1 for mom. Otofonix, unfortunately, uses US Postal Service to ship product to customers, but USPS is not too efficient or customer oriented, like your local DMV. It wasted a lot of my time and effort to get the shipment from USPS. Really annoying and unpleasant experience, as usual. Would’ve been better customer experience for Otofonix to ship with FedEx or UPS, etc.

  287. George H. Ball

    Very nice device for the price. Helps quite a bit.

  288. Reviewer2015

    Bought this as a gift. Recipient is very pleased.

  289. BikeMike

    While reading a Consumer Reports article about hearing aids I realized that there is an option to the expensive hearing aids which lead me to these reviews of Otofonix. I was at the point where I was sick of all the “what did you says” and turning the volume up to 100. So I bought one which worked perfectly out of the box and has very simple instructions as well as all the accessories you need. Right away I was pleased! I can hear people clearer, children, television, and my wife is pleased too (very important guys!) I decided to buy the second one next. I might have been able to stick with one but decided to go with both and am glad I did mainly because you can’t always have the amplifier aimed towards the source of sound. The unit is easy to use. I do fiddle with the volume and programs based on the situation but that’s a good thing right? I pretty much know how to leave them now. I have had two or three EXCELLENT experiences with the company reps. They are outstanding- friendly, knowledgeable, and very good listeners. So yes this is a five star product and company. Don’t forget if it isn’t for it can be sent back- a prepaid mailer is included with the shipment. A little update: while vacationing in Florida I had a problem with one tube and they are sending me a new one in the mail which will arrive in two days. Hard to beat I’d say.

  290. Amazon Customer

    very most for the money!

  291. glp

    I have had two previous sets of $5000 devices. The first set had a problem of breaking and I in short order lost one of the second set. Otofonix is doing just as well as the much more expensive devices and make alot more economic sense. Definitely recommend unless you have a profound hearing loss.

  292. jerry

    I have waited awhile to give these hearing aids a good test. I have been really surprised how well they have done. The first test was a concert. I haven’t heard most of the instruments the girl told me at Otofonix that it would be loud and I just thought it would be like the other aids that I have had. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I hear the flutes and piccolo IT WAS LOUD. I turned them down right away. You have a lot of control over them more than the ones I had before and I can do the adjusting.
    I had looked at getting a new pair but the cost was $7000.00. These do a great job at a tenth of the price. I have been very please with the fit. I have even got in the shower and they let me know that they were on
    I have recommended them to several people. If you lose one it doesn’t break the bank to get a replacement.V

  293. Amazon Customer

    Most of my on line purchases are not for myself as is the case for this item. However, the recipient is delighted not to have an uncomfortable, extremely expensive, hearing aid that requires appointment after appointment and that doesn’t last long. This one is used daily because it is lightweight and does not cause ear irritation. All the people around the recipient are delighted as well as they no longer have to yell all the time to be heard. This item is as advertised. The company reaches out to you to make sure that you know if you are not pleased with their product, that you can return it.. so you really have nothing to lose to try it.

  294. bob

    I hear better with this than my $3000+ hearing aid which died 3 months after the 3 year warranty ran out.

  295. Garden Lady

    This is much cheaper and just as good as the $6000 pair a Hearing Aid center tried to sell me. My husband also got a pair and he has worse hearing than me. We saved so much money and are delighted with these.

  296. MarkjinNY

    Got these for my dad who has Alzheimer’s related hearing loss. Tired them on myself and then him. We dialed them in until he found his comfort level. He forgot he was wearing them but later said his hearing is so much better. Then I reminded him that he was wearing these. He is enjoying being able to hear conversations again and I think it’s really helping him. I noticed when I tried them that they didn’t feel like you are putting something loud in your ear but more like sound enhancement if that makes sense. So these, while expensive, are a heck of a lot cheaper than standard hearing aids and seem to be very high quality.

  297. Karl P.

    There are many reviews to look through and I found it helpful when I considered buying one. I am 55 with slight/moderate high frequency hearing loss as documented by testing. It has been clear to me and people around me as well. I miss words in certain environments, ask people to repeat themselves, the ususal basic hearing loss issues. So I bought just one to give it a try and I have been very happy with it. The product only needed just a few minutes to put together and insert. The settings and volume are easy to control. I have really only used the “normal” setting at a volume 3 or 4 (it goes from 1-10) and have noticed a big improvement in what I hear. I think people in a similar situation would be happy with the improvement. It is not perfect, but I find it really helps. It is funny at times as some sounds, mostly the high freq sounds, are really boosted: paper being crumpled and putting on my ski jacket. It has only been about 2 weeks but this deserves its 5 stars. I’ll figure out if I want to get one for the other ear. I hope this helps you decide.

  298. Zenmoments

    I’d give five stars but have never used a hearing aid. My hearing has deteriorated very slowly, but lately, I’ve had people having to speak Louder. It’s annoying for them and troublesome for myself. I’m seventy five, so it’s about time to upgrade my body.

    Day one:
    I ought to have watched the video offered on line. Eventually, I figured out that I needed the smallest dome.

    Day two:
    I drove and shopped where I finally had the opportunity to speak with someone. Amusingly, I forgot I had it on, but I enjoyed the clear conversation. Then I took off my eyeglasses, and the aid popped off and onto the floor. The clerk was astonished by its tiny size. Now I’ll Lift the glasses rather than pulling them.

    Customer service :
    Outstanding. I had to call in advance because I’m under five three and needed a shorter hearing tube. The woman simply asked for my name and said they’d handle it. Wow.

    Today I called and she recognized my name. I thought I was missing the closed dome, but she directed me to the correct bag. I asked for the tiny size, and it’s on the way.

    Function :
    I’m using it on setting one, and I’ve had to turn down the volume on the phone and iPad. I can easily hear my cat purr, not just feel it. I can hear the furnace turning on, whereas before the sound was faint.

    This gadget is bleeding edge technology, as the saying goes. The rocker adjustment takes practice but is super simple. The entire thing is perfectly engineered for comfort. Other reviews said that you forget it’s on your ear. So true.

    Plus, the trial period and return policy is consumer friendly. Try it.

    OK. It’s May and I’ve had annoying problems, which I accepted. Then I changed batteries and had an endless squealing sound. Various attempts dud not help. The woman at customer service once Again assisted me. The trouble was that the audio tube was twisted into the wrong position. Simple fix.

    Ask about the Magic Dome, and they’ll send it for free.

    Now I give this gadget and company A FIVE.

  299. alljkl

    For the price and performance, its a winner. I had used several hearing appliances from a $5000 model to Eargo. This beats both.

  300. hamster

    I have had a few hearing amplifiers in the past and the otofonix elite is the best one for the money that I have found. There are a couple of problems that I have to deal with. With just a little movement of the tube or the hearing amplifier the two will become disconnected from each other. It then does not work as a hearing amplifier and you could potensially lose the hearing aid itself without knowing it. A very small strip of Gorilla tape on the backside of the hearing device tube helped prevent this from happening again and again. The other problem is that wax plugs the tube 50% of the time when I install the hearing device, even after I have cleaned my ear canal with a wax spoon cleaner. Thanks for reading all of that and happy hearing to you.

  301. Amazon Customer

    it works good and has helped, shipped fast

  302. Dobe

    Ordered these a little prematurely but they appear to be a good product for the price. I had some ear blockage once cleaned properly I can now hear fine, so haven’t used them. Now sort of a backup for when the time comes that I do need them.

  303. H. Smith

    For my hearing loss it worked perfectly. My workplace has many embedded computer systems that generate noise that will interfere with this device but that is probably rare. My only concern is the longevity of the plastic tube and the replacement costs for the tube although I have not yet investigated this. I would recommend to anyone with moderate high frequency hearing loss like I have. With a money back gaurentee and Amazon you have nothing to lose by trying it. Good luck!

  304. Amazon Customer

    I have used this device for a few months now and I became comfortable with it very quickly. It fits well, you tend to forget about it so don’t jump in the shower with it in. I did it a couple of times and got lucky using a hair dryer on cool to dry it. Controls are easy to master and use. Read up on these on the web site. They recommend getting a device for your better hearing ear first if you start with one like I did. I use it in my weaker ear and it still helps a lot.

  305. robert hanrahan

    wow! as good as the $5000 hearing aids I had!

  306. MeMe

    Am still adjusting to it. Am satisfied, though

  307. Laura Bendixsen

    Does the job & dad says they’re comfortable.

  308. ghostrunner23

    first hearing aids i’ve ever bought and i’m mixed about these. everyone one else raves about them but to me i have a hard time finding one of the 4 programs that works well for average situations. i also think my hearing is more on the moderate to severe level so maybe i should have bought the top of the line model of the 3 offered from Otofonix – i’d prefer being able to afford ones that can be custom adjusted for my specific issue but they certainly do help me.

  309. M Jill Weinger

    Am so glad I purchased this-the difference is amazing! My first time trying any type of amplifier and I love it. Really was not hard to adjust to- the customer service was excellent- and I have adjusted my tv and radio dials down considerably. Can actually hear the people in the back during meetings.

  310. dennis fahrenkamp

    good deal

  311. Cynthia

    Amazing product! even more amazing customer service. Otofonix will go above and beyond to guarantee you are happy with the product. The sound is clear, the product is light. Totally recommend it!

  312. BJ

    It’s a hearing magnifier. Not much more than that, but it’s my first experience with a hearing device. Voices were not made clearer. Volume is easily adjusted. Batteries last 6 to 7 days depending on use. Easy to put on & not noticeable. Thought it was a little pricey for what it is.

  313. Janna C.

    Works virtually as well as the $3000 competition. The switching is logical as well as versatile. Only knock is the somewhat sloppy connection method on the sound tube fitting into the main unit. This is important because feedback whistle can occur when this connection is not proper. .Customer Service is pleasant to deal with.

  314. David Howery

    Its alright, but haven’t bought anything else to compare it to. The wife is the one who uses it and does help her to hear better

  315. mebanedeac

    This is just my 2nd day of using the Otofonix Elite, but as far as I can tell it is doing all that I had hoped it would do. I have used it in various situations and it has helped in each situation thus far. Now, if that continues and if it proves durable, I will be extremely happy.

  316. Mark T.

    I will be updating this review as we just received the beige set (left and right) of these hearing aids.
    Just a little story on why we went with these.. I recently went to visit my 74 year old mother and she told me she went to the hearing specialist and received a pair of demo hearing aids for trial. She showed me the bill which came to around 4,000.00 if she decided to keep them. I was totally blown away. Since I do the majority of my shopping on Amazon due to their awesome return policy I gave it a search. I found these little gems which had the best reviews and she decided to try them out. We figured with the 30 day “trial” period (per description) what do we have to loose.
    They came within the two days even though my mom didn’t have prime.
    The battery compartment and volume was exactly the same as the 4,000.00 set.
    The second she put these in she said “oh wow that’s much better”.
    With the 4,000.00 set she was complaining of a bacon frying sound. I had to check it out for myself and sure enough it did have a bacon frying sound even though the room was silent.
    The Otofonix set came with two of everything. Two storage boxes, extra parts, 14 batteries, different style ear cups, small brush, and full instructions and a website (otofonix dot com forward slash downloads) that shows and explained exactly how to use them. (AMAZON won’t allow links)
    They are digital and work independently of each other. They both have their own volume controls and functions.
    I was so happy to see my mom save thousands of dollars and be happier with what she ended up with is priceless.
    She ended up deciding to get the 3 year warranty. Keep in mind that these have a 1 year manufacture warranty and from the reviews this company is awesome. So if you decide to get the warranty know it kicks in after the manufactures warranty is exhausted so you only get 2 years and will have to mail them in. Also you can’t buy the warranty after the manufactures warranty expires. Kinda crappy and was a hard choice for us but totally worth it if we do have a problem.
    Per the reviews on amazon the batteries only last about 7 days so order a 60 pack right away and open the battery housing at night. She was instructed to also do that with the 4,000.00 set and they lasted the same.

    I posted some pictures to compare this set with the expensive set.

    I will be updating this post in the very near future I just wanted to get this online to help as many people as possible looking for an alternative. If you have any questions post a comment. If this helped you please hit the helpful button.

  317. Carefree in SC

    My husband didn’t care for this aid, however to be honest, he never did call the tech dept for any help either.

  318. HHC

    The hearing aid is great, but the earpiece doesn’t stay in.

  319. Nay717

    These are working great! No more feed back squealing like I was getting with my old ones. They are very comfortable and easy to adjust. My only negative is no off button – have to open battery case to turn them off and that dang little battery likes to hop out and disappear now and then. But everything else is so much better than my old ones that I will just put up with it.

  320. Sally L Seifert

    This is an amazing device…works much better than I thought it would. It very light and I don’t even know it’s there. Was worried as I wear glasses and take them on and off (no bifocals) 50 times a day…..but this little device didn’t move or cause any issues. Very glad I purchased this.

  321. Marlene DeBause

    Work really good . just have tochange the battery too often.

  322. Carlos Luria

    Otofonix makes several models of its Hearing ENHANCERS; this is a review of their Elite model ($350/ear), and compares it to the Oticon Hearing AID ($2,000/ear). If you are new to the field, the Elite is a good place to start; it may do the trick, and you have 30 days (45 days, if you buy direct from Otofonix.com) to evaluate it. The Elite is a well-made device; Customer Service is very helpful and the company seems to stand solidly behind its products. In my moderately handicapped right ear, the Elite worked almost as well as the far more costly Oticon Aid.

    Before getting into specifics, a brief primer: Hearing AIDS are matched specifically to a patient’s hearing profile, as determined by a hearing test, ideally administered in an audiologist’s sound studio. The Enhancers are simply programmed generically to compensate for the most common hearing problems. Both may have bells & whistles to suppress restaurant noise, or enhance phone conversations, but bear in mind that those are secondary features; in my Otofonix Elite I found the noise suppression to be marginal; it was superior in the Oticon AID – which uses two microphones, one pointed forward and the other backward, at the room itself.

    The squeal of ‘feedback’ is cited in many of these reviews. In the Otofonix Elite the speaker and microphone are both in the body of the device, and while they are separated from one another, if sound from the speaker spills over and is picked up by the microphone, squealing results. I found this to be a problem only at the higher volume settings, but especially when wearing heavy framed glasses, for the frame seems to reflect the sound back into the microphone. Feedback is not a problem in the Oticon hearing AID; there the speaker is not in the body of the device but actually in the ear canal itself, almost up against the ear drum, and well away from the two microphones.

    In summary, while it’s true that you get what you pay for, in the case of the Otofonix Elite you get quite a lot!

  323. TKDLeader

    This hearing amplifier performs as well as the hearing aids I purchased from an audiologist and for a much more reasonable price. This will allow many people who have not previously been able to afford them to have quality hearing devices. I really like that you can do most of the day to day maintenance yourself. Instructions included are easy to understand and follow. If you still need help, call the helpline.

  324. R OMeara

    Given as a gift and the recipient could not adjust to the amplification. But I think they were expecting a hearing aid. This is NOT a hearing aid. However, Customer Service was first class when I returned the item (with original packaging) within the trial period. No complaints.

  325. happycamper

    These are great hearing aids. Don’t let the low price fool you. I have several friends who paid 4X the price to buy their hearing amplifiers/hearing aids from the guy in the white coat and they are no better. I have had mine 7 months at this point and couldn’t be more pleased.

  326. Michael Knaub

    seems to amplify everything except for speech. When I take them off my hearing is a lot worse that it originally was.
    I did not have these issues with a expensive pair. You hear sounds you should not hear that loud. Not really doing it for me

  327. Karen Bristow

    Nice & easy. Batteries do last a week.

  328. Vince

    Work great, only draw back is the life of the batteries, don’t last long.

  329. LONESTAR60

    I’ve had the device for about a month now and so far am happy with it. It doesn’t give me super hearing but supplement the sounds enough to give me close to normal hearing. I say close to normal because those frequencies of sound I’m deaf to are still gone but I’m pleased with the help this device gives and all for an affordable price. It conceals well

  330. BlueartCat

    I have worn hearing aids for 5 years, due to 30 years of orchestral playing, and a condition called Otosclerosis, where the bones in the inner ear fuse together. My former hearing aids were purchased through and fitted by an audiologist. However, I always struggled with the clarity of peoples’ words. My old hearing aids finally started falling apart, and I just couldn’t stomach spending 3-5k on another pair that did not help to the extent I needed. So, I turned to Amazon to see what I could find, and I appreciated the reviews on the Otofonix.

    The Otofonix amplifiers arrived quickly, and were easy to set up, mostly based on my prior experience with hearing aids. They were immediately louder and more clear than my previous aids. Initially, EVERYTHING was louder, as is the case when you start with hearing aids, or have them adjusted. The brain adjusts, and within a day or two, things balanced out.

    I have very small ear canals, and could only use the small domes. The closed domes do amplify better, but because they were too big for my ear, I experienced too much occlusion; my voice got really loud inside my head as the dome plugged my ear. Otofonix customer service really worked with me on this, and sent some smaller domes in different styles.

    -My friends say I’m not asking, “What was that?” all the time, and I am hearing the clarity of voices in my office and in small group settings much better than I was. I am much less frustrated!
    -These are clearer and louder than my expensive hearing aids. For this, I give it the 4 stars!
    -Otofonix Customer Service was great, and helped me through some initial issues on the phone, and even sent me some extra domes to try.

    -There are no signal tones to let you know the amplifiers are on, when you first close the battery compartment.
    -There are no tones to let you know which volume level you are on.
    -I experience more feedback with these than my old hearing aids. For example, sitting in front of my laptop at work, and playing music through it or a client, certain tones or notes will make a short and sharp squeal in the ear. Sometimes coming in close proximity to certain objects will also create this noise.

    -Alert tones for volume and when the units are first turned on
    -A remote that would allow quick on/off or volume changes (I’m a musician, and can’t tolerate wearing amplifiers when I play, but would appreciate being able to flip them on/off quickly to hear colleagues or the conductor)

    Thank you, Otofonix for your research and development in this area, and for providing an affordable option for hearing amplification!

  331. Sam

    Should have bought it years ago. I can now understand what my wife is saying.

  332. Nancy Stout

    better than the hearing aids that cost $1,000 or more each!

  333. Martha Rubio

    so far so good am pleased!! Shipped well and on time.

  334. Kim

    Mom doesn’t like things inside her ear

  335. Karen Jescavage-Bernard

    The improvement in clarity of hearing is amazing. Even at the lowest setting, I no longer miss parts of words spoken in normal conversation. As an insomniac, I’m happy that I can lower the volume on the TV. I’m not noticing any chance in my ability to hear distant sounds.

    I haven’t noticed much improvement in hearing music: I hear a wider range of low notes, not so much improvement in the high range.

    On the down side, I can’t wear the devices at work: Anything that brushes against or near my ears dislodges the device. (I’m trying to wear headbands to keep them in place.) Also, getting acclimated proceeds slowly: More than a few hours use gives me a headache. So does increasing the volume.)

    All in all, overjoyed I got them!

  336. Elaine w.

    Please don’t waste your money on these. I purchased these for my father, who had lost his more expensive hearing aids he got from a hearing aid center at the local hospital. These worked for about 3 months, but not very well. Then they stopped working altogether. He is on a fixed income, social security, and really cannot afford to waste this much money.

  337. Don B.

    I’ve been using these for 5 months and love them. I have moderate hearing loss from working in loud manufacturing environments.
    Some voices, especially high pitched, still sound muffled, however I’m experiencing great improvement. Most people I know remark that I’m not asking “what?” anymore.
    For me, well worth the cost.

  338. William W. Bohnhoff

    Within two months the Right unit stopped working and I cannot determine the reason. It is also difficult to clean or keep wax out of the insert – even with q-tips each day. 4 modes have wide variations yet do not provide best comfort in many circumstances.

  339. Kindle Customer

    The part that holds the batteries keeps falling off and gets lost easily

  340. Turbobuick86

    Nothing to compare it to, so I am a first time aid user. This does help, and for the price, it does the job.

  341. Richard Dressner

    Excellent frequency response (sound quality.) Enough customization available with the four programs for most people. I see a shrink once a month. His voice drops down to 1dbl. Impossible to hear him. This device amplified him as loud as I wanted. I can turn the TV way down at night and use this to hear perfectly while my wife sleeps. One problem. One of our dogs has an annoying sense of humor. He sneaks up behind me and barks once as loud as he can. When this amplifier is cranked, I have to pull my left ear back out of my brain.

  342. Mehmet Noyan

    I bought for my friend’s father. Seems like her father is really happy with that purchase and we are very satisfied with the price of that device. Thank you.

  343. Grandsand

    Volume is very good and there is no feedback, as was a problem in my previous amplifiers of a different brand. Still have trouble with speech clarity, however. Probably is no solution for that one.

  344. Janetta V

    Wasnt good for me but seemed to work well.

  345. Charl8

    I can talk in a normal tone of voice to my Dad! Yea! This worked great, just like the more expensive hearing aids! No complaints from Dad at all.

  346. Nancy West

    They are great! My hearing is so bad, though, due to allergies. I’ve been dealing with blocked ears, which makes it hard to hear, even with the Otofonix. Hopefully, the allergies will clear up soon, so I can really enjoy them. There is hardly any difference between them and my Widex hearing aids, but the price sure is better than what I paid for hearing aids!

  347. Valerie

    After extensive research purchased a pair of these for my 93 year old Grandmother and they’re wonderful! They’ve made such a difference in our lives. I highly recommend. She has significant hearing loss but these are working great for her and she’s so much happier. She jokes and says no one can talk about her anymore because she hears everything now :).

  348. Helen

    It didn’t work for me. I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear. To cut it up to the volume I would need for conversation I would get interference. It amplifies noises so if there is a lot of background noise it is still hard to understand the person that is talking to you. If you want this for watching TV or listening to music it works well but not with conversation. The tube stuck out too far to make it useable with the phone. I even bought a smaller tube for it online. When I stuck it inside my ear it would hurt my ear drum if I pushed it in to the point where I could the phone. I thought the product was well made and felt like it would have held up for a long time. It just didn’t work for my situation. I am getting hearing aids from my hearing doctor. Hopefully they will work better so I can stop asking people to repeat themselves. 🙂

  349. vee

    Written in the description, don’t use if you have severe hearing loss?, EXCUSE ME?, this is only set up for minor loss of hearing. I’m confused by all the happy reviews. This product stinks!

  350. Mike Curry

    The price is certainly better than models costing 10 times as much. After getting used to it I have come to like it somewhat. I will buy another one like this when the time is right. The only drawback is that the sound tube connection works its way loose and tends to move when putting the hearing aid in/out. You just have to check it to make sure the red line up marks are in line. I recommend giving it a try. It’s better than a year of monthly payments on an aid that costs thousands more. Hopefully they will have models soon that you can program via bluetooth that are more affordable. I really need a model with EQ control.

  351. C. Vorchheimer

    What I like most was the price! What I like most in terms of use, was how much more comfortable
    these hearing aids (sound amplifiers) were when holding a telephone to my ear. With the ‘expensive’
    doctors’ office hearing aids, my ears hurt. Also, Otofonoix were easier for me to put on, even without
    a mirror.I can barely feel them, and they certainly are not visible either.

    I’m 84, and not very good mechanically, so I asked my 16 year old Granddaughter to assemble them for me,
    and explain the features. It took her 10 minutes to read the manual and assemble, and she did a terrific job
    of explaining the features to me. Delivered on time, with excellent instructions, even though I needed
    help to put them together.

  352. Mike

    Works good.

  353. Y.D

    I previously lost the very high hearing aid I bought at otolaryngology and bought this hearing aid through the Amazon this time. I think that this product is better than the previously purchased hearing aid although it is a low price. It was very helpful. Thank you.

  354. Brittany Beck

    It is small and works well. We got it because my husband job required him to wear an hearing aid and it passed their inspection plus helps him hear better. It is smaller than an actually hearing aid (my mom has the a cochlear implant).

  355. Blessed are the poor

    Works as described.
    I don’t have enough hearing loss to use regular, expensive hearing aids.
    These really help in areas with lots of people talking so that I can understand nearby conversations.
    The sound amplifiers don’t really help in areas that are using public address systems or amplified systems like electric organs.

  356. joseph b.

    didnt work for me

  357. W.H.Burnette Jr.

    I love them . I can hear and understand with them . Good value

  358. carolyn hormell

    Bought this to replace hearing aid that needed to be repaired or replaced. Do try all the domes if the first one does not seem to direct sound well for you. I used the sealed dome as it worked better for me. I have an aide in the other ear. I would recommend getting one for each ear as there is no bidirectional microphone and sounds will seem lopsided with only one. It was a little hard at first to learn to get the dome seated properly, but got easier with use.

    I wear this and my other aid all the time I am up. The battery lasts about a week.

  359. Stanley Gruber

    This hearing amplifier works well, and is much less expensive than a hearing aid.

    I had an issue come up with mine, and unfortunately it was just out of warranty. I was disappointed, and knew I could be SOL, but I thought I’d call them up and see if they would help — maybe give me a discount for a new one. I’m glad I called! The customer service representative was friendly and sympathetic. She offered to take care of the problem free of charge even though the company was under no obligation to do so.

    Ladies and gentlemen, these folks are doing it right. THIS IS HOW COMPANIES SHOULD TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

    Thank you, Otofonix, for caring about more than the bottom line.

  360. volman

    Ready to use right out of the box. No problem adjusting to the device. Instructions are simple and easy to follow when programming it. It is exactly what I needed without spending a great deal of money. I am so glad I chose this brand.

  361. Ella

    On 3/l1/l8 I ordered 2 Otofonix hearing aids. When we received the hearing aides we had just found out my spouse had bladder cancer. So—I did not even open the package for a week or so. I wore them a couple of times for a few hours in the next 3 weeks and loved them. The sound was wonderful–even in the wind. Anyway, a week or so ago I went to a couple of stores and the next day realized I had lost one of them. Still being so upset about my spouses illness I did not do anything. Yesterday I called Amazon and they offered me a 20% discount on a new pair, which was great, but I told them to give me a few days and I would call Otiofonix and talk to them. Otiofonix immediately told me they would send me a repaired hearing aide at no cost to me. I am just about jumping up and down. I would never, never have expected such a wonderful gift, expecially when I was totally at fault..

  362. Basshawg

    Purchased two hearing aids and cannot believe I have been putting off wearing them. Great for eliminating background noise and I liked that they are directional, which a lot of aids at this price are not. I have been out in crowds and can now be a part of conversations. Very comfortable, after two weeks I have found that I even forget they were in.

  363. Joe A. Lankford

    There is nothing to dislike with these hearing amplifiers. I have owned 2 pair of expensive hearing aids, one set for $4200 and one set for $4800, but these Otofonix are better than either pair of the hearing aids.

  364. Robin Palculict

    I accidentally put both my hearing aids through the cloths washer.
    I thought they were dead, but after drying them out in a hot truck all day, they came back to life and are working as well as ever.

  365. Phillip W Funk

    I purchased an Otofonix elite hearing amplifier for my father who has a severe hearing loss. There was nothing wrong with the amplifier. It was not powerful enough. Called Otofonix customer care for return and they were prompt and polite. They recommended the encore model which i am going to try out risk free.

  366. MikeyrInJeff

    I’ve endured moderate hearing loss for decades. Didn’t want to spend $2 – 4k on a hearing aid. Otofonix to the rescue! My left ear is fully functional again…

  367. Walter Jonas

    A bargain at half the price.But not as good as prescription hearing aids

  368. donandmax

    Still working, But squeals a lot. Is it better than a $1200.00 one ? Probably not but gets the job done.

  369. Carol Mckay

    Better in every way, from packing, ease of use, sound quality and flexibility. Wishing that I had found Otofonix years ago

  370. Shopper

    Not good for extreme hearing loss. but works well as auxiliary amplifier for second ear with a hearing aid in good ear.
    Good for moderate hearing loss as it is only an amplifier and not a hearing aid, My wife who has some hearing loss did not find any difference between wearing it and no amplifier in her ear, She also had difficulty setting it up. I tried it in my bad ear with a hearing aid in my good air and it helped a great deal especially in rooms with bad acoustics

  371. Juan Pedroni

    Excelente producto

  372. Delta writer

    I’ve been wearing these otofonix for 7 months. They are almost as good as the $3,000 pair I wore previously. When I loose or break these, I will buy more. The volume controls are easy to adjust. They are easy on batteries. When the sound tube slips off, it is easy to reattach, just reinsert and give a slight twist to realign.

  373. TOM

    I put a battery in, plugged it into my ear and it works perfectly.no adjustments at all.. So far I’m happy with it.

  374. adriana garcia


  375. Drena Zinn

    These are great they live up to all that you said they would the only thing that could make them better is to have a rechargeable battery. do not like all these little batteries.

  376. Robert Schmitt

    Amplifiers seem to be working quite well. Still need time for adjustment of wearing them but happy so far. I had taken advantage of two different trial periods for “real” hearing aids that included professional hearing tests. This product out-performed both saving thousands of dollars which the “professionals” told me I needed to spend.

  377. Jonathan Hettinger

    These hearing amplifiers work very well for my mother who has severe hearing loss. Also the customer service from this company is top notch!!! They email you multiple times to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product!! Very happy!!!

  378. Jon D.

    Works great for me. I only use one and it has improved my ability to hear conversations clearly.

  379. J. Mathis

    My husband is very satisfied with his new hearing aids. After about a month he had an issue with one of them. The company replaced it. Great customer service. Very happy, so far.

  380. george r. nason

    I have had hearing loss for YEARS-however my vanity allowed me to not be a part of my 6 childrens conversations,inability to hear doctors, store clerks, clients, etc.
    I shut myself off from others, until yesterday!!! I wish I could personally give this aid to everyone . The directions are easy to understand -however the absolutely unbelievable part is that I can HEAR perfectly. I adjusted the piece for my setting and lo and behold I hear everything clearly.
    I have no need of closed captioning on my tv for the first time in 15 years.
    Chang your life and get this-you will be so pleased,

  381. Franklin C.

    I lost one of my hearing aids, which cost >$2000 seven years ago, and would probably cost $3000 to replace. So I decided to try one of these instead. So far, I don’t notice much difference between this relatively cheap device and a full-fledged hearing aid. So I am happy with the purchase.

  382. william colvin

    I have been wearing them for about a week, and they perform very good. I would recommend them.

  383. Lamar Troutman

    I’ve bought the $1700 set from Costco and never like them. I’ve bought the $2000 set from Zounds and they never felt comfortable. I got where I resisted wearing them. When I lost one of them, I started looking online for something that would work but cheaper. I realized through some experimentation with some really cheap amplifiers, that my hearing isn’t as bad as the technicians claimed at the expensive places. They said my hearing loss was really bad and I needed to buy their brand to solve it. But my hearing is really somewhere below moderate. So, I bought one of these for just my left ear because it’s for light to moderate hearing loss and it’s better than anything I got from the other places. One, the sound is natural and clear. Two, the rocker switch makes it easy to adjust the volume. Three, it is comfortable behind my ear — way more comfortable than the others I’ve had. I have to be careful to remember to take it out before showering because I forget it’s there.

  384. Christina Salerno

    The product was easy to use as soon as it was received. It was well packaged and the videos and instruction booklets were also very helpful. I did have to call customer service and they were very helpful in resolving my question. Adjusting the program and volume is very easy. My father does have some difficulty in putting them on by himself, and sometimes he accidentally pushes the volume button and then it needs to be re-adjusted. The batteries are easy to replace. The company provides 2 or 3 open domes but only one closed one. It would be great if there was at least 2 of each.

  385. R. Brockman

    I bought this for my mom because she couldn’t afford the $5000 hearing aid from the audiologist. Works great.

  386. Doris Vukovich

    cant beat the price

  387. Marc

    If you’re 60+ and have normal age-related hearing loss at the higher frequencies, with mostly trouble hearing consonant sounds, these hearing amplifiers might just do the trick. I would say that it is 75-80% as effective as the expensive hearing aid it replaced. The audiologist I went to, for my hearing evaluation, was suggesting hearing aids in the $4000 to $5000 range for the pair. These will only set you back $650 or so for a pair. I say they are worth a shot. I ordered mine directly, because when I called the person at Otofonix, she stated that when ordered from Amazon, the return period was 30 days vs. 45 days if I dealt with them directly. I know it says 45 days on the Amazon website, but that’s not what I got from the “horse’s mouth”. Anyway, so far it works well. I use program 2 that seems to work best for hearing treble sounds and reducing road noise with the top down in my Miata. I also set the volume at 5 clicks, or what I assume to be half way. So, program 2 at volume 5 seems to be the best for me and closely approximates the performance of the hearing aid I had.

    I must say that the high point is the customer service. They took care of all issues I had with fitting and accessories I needed. They were always polite and seemed to genuinely want to help. They answered the phone promptly and only once I had to make a follow up call for the same matter. The only issue I have is that the hearing amp throws out a “whine” occasionally, when watching TV. I spoke to them at customer service and they said that is a common complaint, but seemed to imply that it is the nature of the beast and no solution for it.

    They also supply 3 open domes with the initial purchase, which I don’t care for, but only one medium size closed dome, which I find the best. I asked for and got one large dome from them in addition, after I called them. The battery is a 312 and lasts about 6-7days if you turn off the hearing amp at night. I put the unit in a dehumidifier made for hearing aids.

    Another shortcoming is the battery replacement, especially if you’re not at home. Unless you have long finger nails or a pair of tweezers, it is very hard to remove the old battery with fingers that are not as dexterous as they once were. The battery holder (door) is poorly engineered and the magnet tipped rod that comes with the unit is just strong enough. I could imagine a couple of ways this could be simply fixed, but I don’t work for Otofonix.

    I’d buy from them again. I would also be glad answer any questions from the readers, as to my experience with the amplifier. Use the printout on their website to measure the length for the ear sound tubes you would need. In my case it was accurate.

    So far, I have one Elite and I’m waiting and hoping for Otofonix to come out with a hearing amp/aid that they would be able to adjust to a supplied audio-gram. I recommend giving them a shot and although I kept mine, I’m reasonably sure I would’ve had no trouble returning it if I wasn’t satisfied. Now, 45 days later, I hope this unit lasts much longer than the one-year guarantee offered. I would like to hear (no pun intended) from anyone whose unit did not last the year or soon “conked out” after the year was up. I will update this review if anything changes.

    That’s it, feel free to comment I will be glad to offer whatever response I can.

  388. Jeff

    like instructions state , takes awhile to get use to. I had the opposite side already and this addition made a wonderful difference. Being VERY active with motorcycling and Velo I have to take them off while doing both forms of activities. Also would like longer battery life.

  389. seniorgunner

    Great price and has helped my wifes hearing.Can turn the TV down now

  390. K. Arasato

    Oh my, I love these. I was told I needed to get hearing aids from my ENT doctor and I tried some out that I absolutely loved. Problem is, they would have cost me $7000.00 to get them. I need hearing aids for both ears due to a genetic disorder called otosclerosis. Anyway, through lots of research and reading so many reviews, I was directed to these. I got them and one didn’t work right. I called the support line and the people there were so helpful and so friendly. She shared some things for me to check, which we did together, and I still couldn’t get that side to work. So, she had me send it back for a replacement, which came just a few short days afterwards. I now can hear so well that work will be much easier and watching movies with my son will be much better. I can hear all of the finer sounds again. I would highly recommend these for anyone suffering a mild form of high frequency hearing loss. My loss will get wose with time, but these should get me through at least for the next 6 years or so. Great price, great product, great customer service. I’m very happy with these.

  391. Down by the Sea

    I can’t hear in rooms with high ceilings and lots of people talking anymore. It was affecting me professionally. I’ve heard the usual horror stories from friends who got expensive hearing aids that didn’t help, so I thought I would try the Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier to see if it was possible to change my hearing before investing thousands of dollars. I was also worried about it staying on because I wear glasses. It was amazing to try it on for the first time. The programming is easy to set and it stayed put behind my ear with no problems but best of all I could hear! I didn’t expect it to make much of a difference and the difference is huge. It was a shock to attend a conference recently and realize how much I had been missing. Only bought for one ear ( I was very skeptical!) and now am going to buy one for the other ear. It may not work for everyone but it was magical for me.Now I’m kicking myself for holding out on buying these immediately.

  392. edward costrini

    My 90 year old mother has truly struggled with profound hearing loss for approximately the last 15 years. After years of high-priced hearing aids from a well known brand and their poor performance, my brother and I decided to try Otofonix. Between the reasonable cost, excellent performance and outstanding customer service I don’t know what else I could say to show my gratitude to this company. If you know someone with hearing loss, please try Otofonix hearing aids.

  393. Curtis Killian


  394. Eileen

    Instead of paying thousands for a hearing aid, consider trying this first. Great if your loved one has mild to moderate hearing loss. I was very impressed with how customer oriented this company is. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed.

  395. Sherman Olson

    unit wasn’t powerful enough so they upgraded me to another unit and it works fine

  396. Car

    Yes it works as well as the old ones from Costco.

  397. Todd

    Great product. Works well. Better than the in the ear canal ones I have tried.
    4 settings and 2 dB settings up to 10 times with closed dome.
    I may buy another one later for other ear. Plus I have small ear drum perforation in both ears, surgery did not work.
    These are just as good for now. The other in the ear types I spent money on, will continue using in one ear and this new one in the other ear. In the ear canal types can hurt the inner ear if not used right, then it’s sore. This one has minimal discomfort. My eye glasses and hair hide the over the ear piece, hardly noticeable.

  398. Nolan O.

    My wife has owned several brands including more expensive ones in the past. These are the very best she ever used—No side noise or squealing ever.
    The fit perfectly and are invisible. She was diagnosed with profound hearing loss
    and these work for her!!!

  399. Peter V. Owens

    My pug Louie ate my $3000 hearing aid, so I bought an Otofonix to see if it could hold me over for a year until I can buy a new set of high-end Oticons.

    So far I’m impressed. I have severe hearing loss and many years of hearing aid experience. The Otofonix replaces my left Oticons, and my left side hearing is not as bad as my right. Still, it’s having to replace an excellent device.

    The Otofonix has first rate noise feedback suppression–the awful squealing when the volume is high enough so the instrument hears itself. This is critical especially as you increase volume to compensate for serious hearing loss.

    The sound quality is not quite as crisp as you’d find in top hearing aids. But it is quite good and very adjustible for difficult conditions.

    The device is very comfortable, the directions for setup clear and easy. Fit is as good as the very best devices and equally unobstrusive.

    People needing hearing aids should buy a pair so the brain can adapt with the least strain. I have my other right device already, and it’s really, really good. I don’t know if the Otofonix would be able to adequately replace my right hearing aid.

    But it’s a surprisingly high quality device that’s keeping my left ear in the game.

    For anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss, it’s very adequate.

  400. Bill

    The hearing aid itself is more than satisfactory for me. I have moderate hearing loss. What was a bit annoying was the fact that it came with a short tube that would fit only a child; the open style dome did not give me enough amplification. There was an extra tube that was longer and also a closed type dome that worked for me. I then had to order the longer tubes from Otofonix at a rather high price. I bought more domes from another vendor.

  401. Amazon Customer

    It amplifies well and is very sensitive.


    I purchased my Otofonix Elite PSA back in February of this year, and I love it! The only advice I would give is not to be afraid to take it apart and clean it. I waited six months to download the video on how to clean this device because I was afraid I might break it or something. The video was very simple to understand – they slowly take it one step at a time. I’m going to now try the closed dome and see how it works out for me. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I had to get a magnifying glass to better see how to put it back together. I’m 65 yrs old & I like this better than expensive hearing aides that costs thousands of dollars

  403. Amazon Customer

    Although I tried both their Elite and Encore models, I found that with my hearing loss, the Elite units worked very fine. Probably the most exceptional part of the Otofonix company is their personal and the personnel interest they all seem to take in dealing with their customers. Excellent amplifiers and excellent service.

  404. R. Black

    Bought for my wife, they worked I didn’t have to repeat myself three times but unfortunately she was unhappy with how they interfered with her glasses and had to return. The return was very easy without question. So if your thinking of trying, do it..

  405. AZ VOL

    I bought this for my wife and she loved it. So much so that, I ordered another for her left ear. She had a pair of $4000 hearing aids which never worked well. She says these are outstanding, she is hearing thing she couldn’t for years. I have noticed that she doesn’t need to have things repeated anywhere near a often now. Well worth the money.

  406. John14733

    This is a wonderful device with terrific customer service! First of all, let me mention the customer service, These people really seem to care about how their product works for you, I chatted with one of the agents that explained so much to me, it was like chatting with my Daughter, so friendly, so professional and caring! Now the product:: I have the Elite, the grey model that matches my hair. When I first put this device on and went out on to my front porch, my eyes welled up, I couldn’t believe what I was missing! I could even hear conversations two or three houses away, not that I could eves drop but just being able to hear them, a distant dog barking, birds at a distance I had not heard before, insects! I purposely waited to give this review so that I could give the four programs a work out. The manual said I wouldn’t be able to understand every word on TV and they were right but at least the TV doesn’t have to be so loud that it drives everyone with normal hearing out of the house and I can follow what’s going on without having to ask every minute or so. It works in every environment as advertised, when going to a restaurant with my children, they are amazed that I can hear them in the noisy environment of the restaurant. There are things that need to be replaced like batteries and the ear dome, but that is a small price to pay and it is covered for a year! I am extremely happy with this product and would purchase again.

  407. Wilfred R. Claborn

    It works as good as the ones I paid $2,500.00 each for. People were great to work with. I recommend you buy the warranty. I dropped mine in sink and it didn’t work. They advised I buy the insurance and I did. The next day I tried it again and it’s working fine. I didn’t need the insurance but will keep it as stuff happens, Ray.

  408. John Smith

    I only tried it for 4 hours then lost it. Not much time to do a review. It may have worked.

  409. Amazon Customer

    It has been a month since I received my Otofonix Elite hearing amplifiers. I purposely waited to write a more meaningful review. First, they came directly from the supplier in record time. Each hearing amp was received in a hi-quality box ready to use. The box also contained extra batteries, an assortment of ear domes and a padded ring box to store the hearing amp at night, They have excellent customer service should you have any questions or problems using your hearing amps. Your questions will be answered by a vert polite and well informed person in their North Carolina office.
    I am a 92 year old electronic engineer that has been suffering a gradual hearing loss even before the loss of my wife 7 years ago. Listening to music or watching TV has not been a problem. — Living alone allows you to crank the volume up to your desired level. However, sitting across the room engaged in conversation was becoming a problem. When you reach my age you receive offers every month from local Audiologists offering a free hearing test. But I was not ready to spend the thousands of dollars they wanted for hearing aids.
    I knew my hearing was dropping off at the higher frequencies and that I need amplification to hear normal conversation. So I decided to research hearing amplifiers. The more I read about them I realized they would boost the high frequencies, provide programs to reduce background noise when necessary and provide adjustable volume. Why not give them a try?
    I decided on Otofonix for a number of reasons. The small size makes them barely noticeable… The volume adjustment on the Elite is easy to move down in loud areas. And east to adjust up when conversing with people that seem to whisper.
    I wore them with “open domes” for two weeks under different conditions. …wore them to church…around the table with 10 people…one-on-one conversations. Then I changed to the closed domes” and repeated the same conditions. Each person will determine what is best for their use.
    After using my hearing amps for a month people no longer sound like they are mumbling. And I also realized they were not whispering . Overall, I am very satisfied with my hearing amplifiers and would definitely recommend that before you spends thousands for hearing aids, — try a pair of Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers.

  410. Happy Customer

    Didn’t help me hear people’s voices better but somesounds were clearer. Very discreet when wearing. Customer service couldn’t have been better when returned to company so 5 stars on that.

  411. Scott C.

    We now own a left and right configuration of this model. It has made an incredible difference and I recommend this product and the company that sells these items

  412. R. Depot

    Diagnosed with mild hearing loss, I went for a hearing test and was recommended the “usual” $2,600 per pair devices. Very flexible, blue-tooth and all, but – YIKES! It was recommended by a friend to try some OTC (over the counter) units. Except for the bluetooth connectivity and iPhone adjustments and telephone aids, these offer the same 14 channel, 4-program settings. I can get used to using these, and choose to upgrade later knowing what I’m missing – for now..

  413. J Stapes

    While the Otofonix Elite was not for me – my audiologist explained my hearing loss is too extreme – I can see how those who can be helped with basic sound magnification and do not have severe problems, could benefit from this amplifier. It is unobtrusive, light-weight, and not overly visible. Most of all, this company really wants to provide the best service possible, and they absolutely stand by their guarantee.

  414. Loscille

    I have used other hearing aids that had various problems. I got a set of these for both ears a couple of weeks ago and could not be happier. The adjustments are easy to learn, and they work as represented. I keep forgetting I even have them on. They work well with the telephone, which others did not. I use headphones for listening to all kinds of things on the internet. There is minor feedback when I first put them on, but it settles down quickly. I am very happy.

  415. Starbux

    I received mine yesterday and it works fantastic! I just purchased the left ear, as that is the one I am hard of hearing in. I have mild hearing loss, but in a big room, with lots of noise, I have a tough time hearing what people say. This worked immediately, right out of the box. It has 4 settings you can adjust. I previously tried Hearing Assist hearing aids, but every time I took it off, it lost it’s programming and I had to reset it. Plus you had to charge it every night. I don’t have to do that with this. I am very well satisfied. Try it! What have you got to lose?

  416. John H

    I seldom review products but this is one that is truly outstanding and deserves accolades.

    It arrived ready to go. A quick skim of instructions was all that was needed and this little PSAP (personal sound amplification product) was on my ear and working.

    All of a sudden sounds I hadn’t heard in years were audible. As I expected the higher frequencies were the most noticeable … outdoors I could hear birds chirping, frogs croaking, even the two metal tags on my dog’s collar clanking together. Group conversations are now intelligible. I can watch TV and make out the dialog without blasting others out of the room. The only down side – now I can hear ALL my wife’s requests.

    The control is quick and easy to use. The modes of operation are each distinct and beneficial. My favorite is mode 2 that suppresses background in noisy environments like restaurants. It really works well. This week at a regular group breakfast with my buddies I was able to hear and understand what was being said without asking for repeats. The acid test of mode 2 was yesterday when I could make out radio dialog (at a relatively low volume) with the window down at about 50MPH.

    There are changes that you’ll find your brain will adjust to. You’ll hear sounds that you create that you haven’t heard for a long time like the crunch of walking on gravel and probably most noticeably, your own voice. It only took me a couple of days to get used to these additional sounds.

    So far 5 days on the first battery – good news. One caveat, it’s easy to forget you have this device in your ear. Cover up in a rain and be sure to take it off before you shower.

    So far I’m thrilled with this PSAP. Thanks Otofonix for a great product at a reasonable price!

  417. Anonymous

    Helps me to hear. Must keep tubes clean to work properly. Love them! Recommend especially for those who don’t want or can’t afford high priced regular hearing aids that cost a fortune.

  418. Donald W. Wall

    Really just an amplifier. Not customizable to your particular needs


    Bought this for my father only lasted 2 years but worked well when it functioned.

  420. Ruby’s rumbles

    This is great. I’ve never bought an amplifier or hearing aid at all before so I have nothing to compare it to. But it works for what I need. I was having trouble hearing and understanding certain high pitched voices and now I can hear and understand without blasting the tv sound!

  421. John Thomas

    This really works well and I am pleased. My bride is estatic!

  422. Don Rysavy

    This was a replacement for a lost Otofonix aid. Have used them in both ears for the last two years. They deliver on a basis equal to the $6000 pair that preceded them

  423. JRW46

    My first response is how well the support was. I haven’t decided what ear dome I wanted to use, so they didn’t hesitate sending me an assortment of the domes. From open, to closed, to Magic. The magic size 12 is what worked best for me. The reproduction of room sounds and the four programs worked great. There is also 12 volume settings, for me was plenty. I originally tried the $4000 from a doctor and they were really bad. The pair I have are the Otofonix Elite.

  424. Derry Beck

    I replaced a failing $4k pair of hearing aids with this product, and could not be happier. The hearing aids lasted about 5 years, and are now kaput. I also found that maintenance on them was quite expensive, and my investment in them was well over $5k overall.
    These Otofonix amplifiers have performed as well as the hearing aids ever did, and their Customer Service has been excellent. I had some concerns about cosmetics, but my wife is quite happy that they are fundamentally invisible, even though they are an external fit device. The technology will get better over time, and I’m glad that the investment in these is such that I can afford to buy the “new and improved” versions if I choose, and it will not be the very substantial price decision that conventional hearing aids would be. If they only last a year or two, I’m still thousands ahead over five years.
    I’m enjoying very effective hearing enhancement at an affordable price, with the ability to upgrade the devices when change is necessary, or I decide to upgrade.

  425. nicole

    These have been great. Exactly what I needed and can’t beat the price. I have minor hearing loss in my right ear and can barely hear at all in my left and shopped around a few brands in stores. I was so surprised, these function as well as some of the big brands in stores I tried on.

  426. Lyle S.

    I purposely waited for several days to write a review just see how this amplifier works. In a nutshell this is everything I hoped it would be. I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear and struggled to hear softer tones and higher frequencies. The volume and setting controls allows sufficient flexibility for my circumstances. From the initial use to today the amplifier fits like it was made for my ear. I had to use the longer tube but there are times I forget it’s sitting on my ear. The instructions and packaging were initially a bit overwhelming but reading all the instructions FIRST is the right thing to do. I sat at the dining room table and spread everything out then read ALL the instructions. That saved me some time and frustration. A great product!

  427. Amazon Customer

    These hearing amplifiers work very well. They are amplifiers so you get noises that you may not want. But they do well if you can’t afford the thousands of dollars for more technical hearing aides. I find them very good substitutes and I would recommend them.

  428. Betty Lou Carlson

    This product has worked well and when it quit amplifying after 6 months this company was quick to stand by their 12 month guarantee. The not working one was sent in and they quickly sent out a working aide.

  429. Meire

    Muy bueno

  430. E. Teves

    These are my first Hearing Amplifiers and I was prepared to be underwhelmed. After reading many reviews and disclaimers of various hearing amplifiers my expectations were low. I decided to check out a highly rated hearing amplifier on Amazon. They were on the mid to high $$ for Amazon. I’ve had many hearing test over the last 20 years that showed moderate hearing loss. Both workers comp and my private insurance said that my hearing loss did not warrant hearing aides, even though I emphasized that I was having more and more difficulty following conversations that I couldn’t watch the speakers lips to fill in the blanks. My wife was getting more and more frustrated at having to repeat herself. I was an Airborne infantry soldier in the Army (Aircraft Turbines, gunfire, & explosions for 10 yrs), an Army Nation Guard Flight medic (Helicopter turbines 15 yrs), and a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic (Sirens & diesel engines 22 yrs). I was very surprised with the significant improvement in my ability to follow conversations without seeing the lips of who was speaking. I started out at the higher end of the volume setting and over the first week slowly backed them down to the mid range. I tell my wife they are magic. I can hear things I haven’t heard in many years. At first I was excited and then a little overwhelmed by all the new sounds. I’m still working on finding the sweet spot, I’m in my second week of using them. It still kind of blows my mind when I take them out at night for bed, and the new sounds are gone, it reinforces every night that they are magic. I’m wearing them 15 hours a day and did my first battery change at 8 days.

  431. Robert Cureton

    It’s been three weeks and these work as well as my old $4k pair

  432. Amazon Customer

    I would give it 10 STARS, the customer service is the greatest as long with the hearing aid, just give it a chance, I am very satisfied and Happy!!!

  433. Gene S

    The product works perfectly and I was so pleased I recommended it to 4 people who have also purchased this hearing amplifier. As importantly, I have had 2 issues requiring customer service – one minor product issue and one self-inflicted issue. Customer service responded immediately by email and by repeatedly calling me to make sure everything was all set. It was exceptional enough that I felt I wanted to share it with anyone looking at this device who is on the fence. They don’t abandon you at pruchase.

  434. lonnie mccauley

    I’ve owned hearing aids from Costco for a few years. After new dog decided to chew them up, I purchased these. Right ear had a squeal in it. They replaced it right away. As far as I’m concerned, these are as good as ones costing 3 times more. Very happy with purchase.

  435. frank may

    The product is well designed and easy to install and wear. It does what is is supposed to do, that is amplify what it hears. The volume control is easy to operate and does vary as expected. I am sure it works well for people who have a certain type of hearing loss. I bought it in order to better understand conversations when in a group setting. Unfortunately people do not speak at a steady volume. I heard some conversations better but most people vary their volume while they speak, so , I still missed the total content and thus was left off no better than before. This goes for lectures as well. It is amazing how often people drop off into a mumble and then speak up loudly in one sentence. The device is not to blame for this problem. It did help, though, in one situation. I can set the TV volume so that it is comfortable for other people in the room while I increase the volume on my Otofonix and I can hear as well since the TV volume is fairly constant. I will keep the unit since it is inexpensive and is sometimes helpful;

  436. RachelTowns

    These are the best ones I have used yet. I use them because of severe tinnitus that has led to hearing loss. I’m not ready for hearing aids yet so I tried these. I actually wear them daily. Wish the battery life was longer but the different volumes and settings make it easy to set them where you want and you dont have to reset when you change batteries. Love them.

    Update: 12.31.28- I literally took them out to dry my hair and the right one just stopped working out of nowhere. The battery was acting like it didn’t want to click back in? I’ve tried every troubleshooting method I can and cannot get it to work!

  437. Tinker

    I’m 72. I have finally accepted I’m losing my hearing. I got some high tech $8k hearing aids from an audiologist that were supposed to do everything without me making adjustments. They recharge in the case overnight. They were terrible in busy places, restaurants and such—unbearable din and I still couldn’t hear conversation. The seat-belt alarm in the car was loud and shrill—painful. I returned them after five days.

    My wife had bought 1 Otofonix to try when she found she could not hear at meetings. I tried hers and immediately ordered a pair. I saved $7.5k and they are working fine for me. Also, my wife had trouble with the first unit that was completely due to her non-technical nature, not the hearing aid. The seller talked with her on the phone and helped her. When she broke the switch, they fixed it and sent it back to her.

    Being deaf is new to me. Maybe I will find something better for a musician, but while I’m getting used to dealing with hearing loss, these are working well without costing much. And I can play with the adjustments for volume and location—in house, in car with car noise, in store or restaurant, watching TV.

  438. Bree

    My mom has had horrible hearing in one ear ever since I was a kid. Because we didn’t have a lot of money growing up, she never considered paying over $1,000 for a hearing aid. Her being nearly deaf in one ear was just something she lived with. When I found this hearing aid, I was skeptical of the price and reviews, but decided that their return policy was so fair that it was worth a shot. So I gave this to her as an early Christmas gift. I gave her the disclaimer that this wasn’t a $1,000 hearing aid, so I wasn’t sure of the quality (which made her much more willing to accept the gift) and that the booklet it comes with states that it might take a week or more to get used to.

    She tried it on and immediately loved it. There was no adjustment period for her, only the newly acquired ability to hear in both ears. It was a joy to watch. Within a day she said she felt weird when she took it off. It’s been awesome hearing her reflect on all of these daily experiences she’s having for the first time with two ears.

    Customer service was also awesome. I had ordered the wrong ear, and put in a request to return with the intention of ordering another one. They called my phone and informed me that they would sent me out a replacement tube.

  439. Kindle Customer

    Was surprised at the quality of this hearing aid. I use it every day, all day and it is comfortable. While on a trip i lost the first one i had, I left it in the hotel room. Altho i had only been using it for a couple of months, I had become so dependant on it, especially for watching TV, i ordered another one.

  440. Stephen P.

    Over the past 10 years I’ve used the expensive versions from two different top rated suppliers, spending nearly $10,000. I lost the right ear (second time, so replacement would cost over $2000), and replaced with the Otofonix as a test. I have borderline (56db) “moderately severe” hearing loss in this ear, and worse (70db) for my left ear. I’ve been wearing the Otofonix daily for 3 weeks, and find it as good as my previous high end models at pulling voices out of background noise, and for general use such as listening to the news at normal volume levels, or attending theater. I did find that if I turned up amplification too high, there was feedback, so had to find my own sweet spot. Also, battery life was low until I figured out that the battery “door” has to be rotated completely out or it will continue to drain. I continue to use the high end model in my left ear, but would not hesitate to replace it with another Otofonix should it fail or be lost.

  441. SH

    Gave this to my mom for Christmas so it’s only been a couple of days. When she put it in she told me to stop talking so loud. Ha! Didn’t expect it to work so well. I can finally stop yelling when I talk to her. Will update as she uses them more. The only initial complaint was her ear itching. And we may need to switch out the closed done for an open one if she still complains about how loud everything is.

  442. Brian E. Howard

    This should come with a small, rubber tipped pair of tweezers to facilitate removing and putting in a new battery. On the plus side, tech-support is almost as good as Apple!

  443. John Hamilton

    This is my second one of these (lost the first one after over a year of ownership). I am really satisfied with this product. I tried the Costco hearing aids and I can’t tell the difference. I’ve seen the complaints about the stabilizer bar bothering them; this hasn’t happened to me. I fact I don’t even know I have it in. Do yourself a favor. Don’t but the big bucks hearing aid until you try this one for $300.

  444. Jallto

    My husband finally can hear me!

  445. Dave

    I bought my wife one of the smaller in ear hearing aids that she found very uncomfortable, so I did some research and found this little gem. She says its very comfortable and sounds a lot better. on the bad side, if I make a quiet snide comment
    she can hear it from another room…

  446. Linda H

    Bought for my husband who is 78. He loves them and noticed a difference immediately. They are comfortable and doesn’t even know he is wearing them. Very adjustable in different settings.

  447. TornadoRoo

    Had this a month and it works great. Ok, I need to use the solid bell so I don’t get feed back when listening to classical music. But it does allow me to work in a loud lunchroom with K to 3rd graders and hear what they are saying. It adjusts and wears easy. 97% of the people I meet have no idea I wear it. Best for price I’ve had.

  448. Angela M. Doyle

    Nice item with good instructions on how to install and use. Really better than I thought it would be but it does use up batteries quite quickly.

  449. Joe

    It was easy to get comfortable wearing it. VERY subtle hearing improvement in most tone ranges, however, in a few tone ranges the sound is over amplified. The sound of a small, plastic water bottle being squished really comes through. For me, the differences between the four program modes is almost indistinguishable. Wears well with glasses. Proper ear tube fit is critical for comfort and performance. Customer support was knowledgeable and helpful.

  450. yogi

    This device works like magic. I tried other brands and returned them for many reasons including feedback problems, lack of performance, and difficulty of use (complicated and touchy). I had a question about this when I first got it and the customer service person was patient and helpful. I’ve used this for over three months now, and it has truly changed my life. Using it is like coming out from under water. I’m no longer thinking everyone is mumbling or ‘soft spoken’. I recommend this product highly!

  451. Coffee Lover

    Pros: I am 66 with gray hair. So I purcsased the silver-gray color. Love the miniature size, quality workmanship, accessories, thin almost imperceptible tubing. Volume and four settings easy to manipulate with device in place. I recommended item to family members, they are equally pleased. Cons: Not really a product con, but DO read the directions. It’s a precision instrument and must be treated with care. Easy to lose so be careful.

  452. Michele Bishop

    We ordered these for my 84 yr old mother who finally agreed to try hearing aides. These were a perfect entry level attempt. She loves them! So happy that we found these before we spent a ton of money on actual hearing aides. Her hearing seemed pretty bad, but these amplifiers are working great. My mother in law also ordered one. She is pleased as well. So very happy with this discovery!

  453. retired1

    They do not give me normal hearing, but I can hear better when I wear them. I have learned that the little plastic tube that leads from the hearing aid unit to my ear canal is easily twisted. When that happens, the hearing aid whistles. You need to realign the little red line on the tube with the line on the unit.

  454. Dale Patterson

    I have been wearing hearing aids for over 15 years. During that time I have purchased 3 different pair at $5,000+ each. When the last pair needed some minor repairs, I decided to try your product. I must say I am surprised and delighted that the Otophonics I purchased via Amazon, at a 10th of the price I would have expected to pay, works very very well. I am pleased with my purchase. Great value.

  455. Angela Incorvaia

    Cumple la función deseada, comodo para usar y tienen volumen altos

  456. Billie Riggle

    They worked better after I ordered the closed ear dones

  457. Melody Garber

    I have worn $2000 hearing aids for about five years now. I have moderate hearing loss from wearing headphones for my job in radio. I have a loss of high frequencies making it difficult to understand conversations, especially in noisy environments. My hearing aids are equalized to compensate for the frequency loss.

    Recently my right hearing aid stopped working so I looked into replacing the single unit with a hearing amplifier, after seeing how the prices of hearing aids have increased since I bought mine. The 45 day money back guarantee and the good reviews for Otofonix convinced me to give them a try. I am very pleased with the Otofonix Elite and impressed with the four different programs and the 12 band audio processing. The normal setting is satisfactory for most situations, but last week I was driving in pouring rain, and the rain noise on the roof of the car was disturbing. I switched to the Noisy setting which reduced the rain noise to a very comfortable level. The well written documentation clearly explains the difference between hearing “aids” and hearing “amplifiers” and I think I made a wise choice purchasing the Otofonix. This unit is constructed every bit as high quality as my expensive hearing aid and works just as good for me.

  458. G. Hopkins

    I have had a set of these for 14 months and have come more and more to depend on them. I have never had the more expensive hearing aids, but I have a friend who has a $6000 pair. When he and I compare how good his are to the Otofonix (dha), I think that mine are pretty good. For instance: my friend says that he cannot go to a restaurant with his and expect to hear much what is being said. These dha are also limited in their use in very loud situations but, I realized, even if I had regular hearing and went to a loud restaurant, I probably couldn’t understand what people were saying! But, I actually can hear a lot more than I used to hear even under those circumstances. When they are really useful is when I go to meetings. I absolutely cannot understand what everyone is saying without these. I love birds and, with these, I can hear them.
    I got used to them pretty quickly. At first I was hesitant to wear them because, well, I just didn’t want to wear hearing aids. Now I find that I want to put them on so that I can be a part of the world!
    I just bought a 3rd one (just one, not a pair) because I got to thinking that if one went on the blink, I could send it in to be repaired and still have a pair to wear.
    I had tried a cheaper dha’s but sent them back. It just didn’t do what these do. And, the Otofonix has come down in price!

  459. Alishera

    I was able to reach out to customer service and a wonderful woman helped me troubleshoot and get my amplifier running. She also told me if I had any other issues to call and they would be more than happy to help me. I must say, I wasn’t expecting such excellent customer service. I feel reassured knowing that if there are any more issues I can get the help I need. I have hearing loss in both ears but its more severe in my right ear and I purchased for that one even though it’s recommended to get it for the ear that hears better. It makes a big difference, more than I expected. You don’t realize how significant your hearing loss is until you experience hearing again. It does take some time to adjust to hearing all the sounds so be prepared for that. I was thrown by how loud some normal things like setting down a glass was but you get used to it with consistent use. I feel very happy and blessed because I can now hear my beautiful grandaughters clearly again! my friends, family, and music is all more clear! I can’t afford the $2,000-$4,000 I was quoted from an audiologist for a hearing aid so spending $300 is affordable and life-changing! I promised myself I would change my review if Otofonix proved it’s customer service to me. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, take the chance on this. They honor their guarantee and as long as you can rest assured in that, isn’t it worth it?
    ***To the patient, sweet woman from customer service, I didn’t catch your name but I’m hoping you recognize me by this comment. Thank you so much for all your help!***

    I got this product and it was great but stopped working right after the return period to amazon ran out. I wrote Otofonix for an RA and haven’t received one. I am so dissappointed because initially it was wonderful. I only wore it a few times as I work long hours and I didn’t want to try to adjust to it while at work.

  460. JazzGal

    Quick and thorough response to questions. Very accessible and eager to provide excellent customer service. So far, pleased both with the product and the company.

  461. Denopn

    Just buy the product without any hesitation. They have the best customer care and service for this product. My mom has partial hearing and I was hesitant to buy a product that is not prescribed. But this is worth every penny you spent on it. Other than the buzzing sound sometimes she gets , she was able to hear us very well. Originally I bought it for left year but it did no ot help her much and the customer care person sent us a right ear tube and she tried it out. She was happy that the machine is able to boost her hearing

  462. Richard Z. Bedy

    I found this product to be in line with product description and claims. It certainly improved the hearing through my right ear and I will getting one for the left ear in the near future.


    Very satisfied, rated # 1 but didn’t know that at the time of purchase, agree with the # 1 rating.

  464. Rich Maher

    Outstanding customer support.

  465. Ham

    bought this and wore it at the house, perfect sound and super light, small and comfortable. Said “dad you want to hear this?” Now Dad wont take his off.


    Impressed!! Mild hearing loss in right here. Needed help to hear voices especially in church. Crystal clear. Under $300 instead of 2-3 thousand. Does the job perfectly!!

  467. Cheryl Sparta

    I purchased the Otofonix elite pair to replace my husbands broken very old unrepairable hearing aides. He refused to go back to get a new pair because of the cost, (I paid over $4,500 for my Oticons). Our family had to put up with his TV volume all the way up to 80, and repeating everything at least 3 times. What a suprise we had when he tried his new Otofonix elite hearing aids. Since he is wearing them he hears better then me! No more blaring TV and he hears things that I don’t. We are so pleased with them. If you purchase them, I think you will be very happy with your purchase.

  468. SassyOne

    I have only had these a few days but am thrilled with them. I had a set that cost me over $5000.00, these work as well as they did! I was hesitant, but after reading the reviews I figured I would give them a try. I did not have an adjustment period because I have worn hearing aids for around 7 to 8 years. I did try different settings and ear pieces and found the right combination for me. If you are on the fence – get off of it – order a pair today. Well worth the cost.

  469. Amazon Customer

    Clear and natural sound, just amplified. Much more natural sound than the real (expensive)hearing aids that I had before. Would buy again and again. I have low to moderate hearing loss.

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