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The Apex hearing amplifier is our newest least expensive line of high quality, affordable hearing devices. It comes with our award winning customer service that you have come to expect from Otofonix. 

(58 customer reviews)

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The Apex hearing amplifier is our newest least expensive line of high quality, affordable hearing devices. It comes with our award winning customer service that you have come to expect from Otofonix.

Here at Otofonix, we want our customers to enjoy the best sound quality and comfort that our brand has become renowned for. That’s why Otofonix doesn’t just offer fantastic value hearing amplifier devices! Read on to discover how our range of Otofonix devices can boost wear-ability and enhance sound quality even further.

The Otofonix Apex has been rigorously tested by leaders in the hearing field (ENT Physicians and Audiologists) who have unanimously agreed that the sound quality and output is incredibly accurate.

Otofonix also gives customers the opportunity to protect their devices against loss or accidental damage. Available for Elite, Encore and Apex hearing amplifiers, cover starts from as little as 19 cents per day. This is ideal for an additional peace of mind. This also complements the 12-month factory warranty. It covers your device for product failures, but gives you extra protection against accidental loss or breakages. To find out more about our protection plans, get in touch with a friendly member of the Otofonix customer service team today.

Keep in mind that all Otofonix  Apex hearing amplifier is powered by small and lightweight mercury-free batteries that, dependent upon usage, should be replaced every seven to ten days. High performance, these zinc air hearing batteries are available in packs of six or sixty. We advise that you keep some in stock so you always have plenty to hand.

Additional information

Weight0.1 oz
Dimensions1.0 × 0.5 × 0.28 in
Select Ear

Both Ears, Right Ear, Left Ear

Select Color

Slate Grey, Cream Beige


Like the Elite it comes with an assortment of ear domes and sound tubes to insure a comfortable, customized fit.

Even though it is competitively priced, the Apex is a 4 channel, 12 band digital hearing device with all of the features of high priced hearing aids.You no longer have to decide whether to fit your right or left ear because of cost when you can now afford to purchase a pair.

    • Open fit design eliminates common plugged and stuffy sensation
    • Pre-programmed digital circuit
    • 4 channels & 12 bands
    • Low battery Indicator
    • Adaptive Layered Noise Reduction
    • Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
    • Button switch, 8 volume levels
    • 3 Programs
      • Default setting – everyday use with low noise reduction
      • Noisy setting – reduces background noise (restaurant, wind noise etc.)
      • Treble setting – reduces annoying high pitched sounds (feedback, whistling, squealing)
    • Amazingly low battery current consumption
    • Average Battery Life: 7-10 days (waking hours)
    • Dimensions: 25.5 x 13.5 x 7.5mm
    • Output limiting to prevent possible damage to hearing

What's Included

1  Assembled Otofonix personal hearing amplifier
1  Protective Travel Storage Case
2  Formed sound tubes. Different sizes to insure custom fit.
3  Sizes of open dome ear tips. Small, Medium and Large
1  Medium size closed dome ear tip.
1  Medium size hybrid dome ear tip
1  User instruction manual
1  Pack (6 batteries) of size 312 batteries
1  Cleaning brush
1  Cleaning Wire for Thin Tube

58 reviews for Otofonix Apex Hearing Amplifier

  1. Kisma

    This is the first time using a hearing amplifier and I must say, I am extremely impressed how well it works, especially given the price point. I didn’t feel like I was ready to spend a few thousand dollars on a hearing aid, and a friend suggested looking into hearing amplifiers, well I’m glad I did! After doing some research I decided on Otofonix due to their high ratings. I stumbled around with changing the programs at first, so I decided to call for help. The customer service rep I spoke with was very patient and helpful. This device is sleek and comfortable to wear, great amplification, and easy to use. After a few hours I forgot I was even wearing it. Great product and great customer service.

  2. oldglory

    I really like them, fit was perfect,greatly improved

  3. harold

    I hear more with him then when I did without him

  4. ROG

    Comfortable,easy to control, fits great behind the ear and has a clear sound that is good for me and you. I am happy with my set. I would buy another pair or one if I needed.

  5. Nicole

    The Otofonix Apex is a great device for mild hearing loss. The single push button was easy to learn and get used to. It has two functionalities. One quick press of the button gives you volume up. If you hold the button down for three seconds, it changes the program. It is a looping system so the volume will increase from 1-10 and then loop
    back to 1. Same with the three programs. Once you get to Program 3, you will loop back to Program 1 upon pressing and holding the button for three seconds. I appreciate the simplicity and value this product offers. I would definitely recommend the Otofonix brand!!!

  6. debra berry

    I bought these after seeing the ads and the reviews here on Amazon. I figured if they didn’t work as well as I needed them to I could return them. 500 bucks was a lot cheaper than $3,000. They arrived very quickly. I put them in and adjusted them right away. They work as well if not better than the $3,000 pair I currently have. When I called customer service to ask about a small concern they called me back right away went out of the way to help me and address my concern. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had! This was a great purchase.

  7. DebShap

    Skeptic is my middle name, but I am very impressed with this product. It really does amplify the sound to make it much easier to hear in noisy situations or bigger crowds. I’ve been able to go to a lecture/class and not have to worry that I won’t hear the speaker. It’s as small as any of the newer model hearing aids you regularly see on the market for a lot more money. Sure, those models can be tweaked to possibly get you better sound for your specific levels, but if your hearing is just bad enough to be annoying to really annoying – this is a great product.

  8. oldtimer

    Since I really am an old timer, I disliked the idea of having to reorder the ear part.

  9. Kindle Customer

    Like most of us I hate to wear hearing aids but these work well, small and reasonably priced. Satisfied customer.

  10. Buttercup

    bought this hearing amplifier for just one ear. I wanted to try and see if it helps improve my hearing. It does.
    Their customer service is excellent.
    I have been using it sporadically for 5 weeks now. Not every day, not over one and a half to two hours a day. Therefore, my review is just to say its easy to learn to use it, it does improve hearing, one needs to learn to live with it (I hate things stuck in my ear) and finally, the price is reasonable.

    To sum it up: I am very pleased so far. I will review again in a few months.

  11. LSB

    I’ve had hearing aids for years that I paid $4000 for. These work just as well, and didn’t bust the budget. It is a bit difficult to adjust the amplification, and I have had some feed back issues, but overall, they do the job. Battery life is about the same as the expensive ones, 3 days with normal use (I always keep spares in the purse. ) They’re ok.

  12. Gloria S

    We tried a couple of other less-expensive hearing amplifiers, but background noises made them uncomfortable to wear. The Otofonix Amplifiers work beautifully and are a good value.

  13. Tammy Samford

    They work great for my daughter. Easy to use and she can’t even feel them.
    Thank u

  14. christine mcgee

    Work great

  15. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use.

  16. KathyS

    I went to a hearing center and confirmed what I had suspected, that my hearing was beginning to fail. When I found out the cost of the hearing aids, I had to leave empty handed. After several months I began to look on Amazon for an alternative, and based on customer reviews, I settled on the Otofonix Apex. I have only had them a few days, but so far, I am thrilled. I am anticipating an even greater satisfaction as I learn how to tailor them to my needs. Thank you for enriching my life.

  17. spiritwolf

    Great sound amplification for the price. I have minor hearing degradation for mid to low tones. I first purchased a well reviewed competing product that fit in the ear. It sounded as if I were tap dancing on our bamboo floors and crinkling paper almost hurt my ears because only higher frequency sounds were amplified – NOT what I needed. I ordered a pair of the Otofonix Apex hearing amplifiers but didn’t expect much difference. It turned out they were perfect for my hearing loss and now my spouse asks ME to turn up the volume on the TV. I only wear the devices when watching television and plan to used them viewing movies as dialog is what I have trouble hearing. Have to admit I haven’t worn them in a noisy restaurant yet. So far, after almost two weeks of wearing them I have yet to change the batteries. Battery life is incredible. Comfort is great – I forget I’m wearing them.
    A friend who has more profound hearing loss just spent $6,500 on hearing “aids” and thinks I wasted my money. At 1/26th the price, there’s no way the Otofonix are a waste of money whey they’re perfect for me!

  18. Kevin

    Works purdy good

  19. Woseiay

    Absolutely wonderful. About 8 years ago I had my hearing checked by an audiologist and was persuaded to try a pair of hearing aids that retailed for $5400.00. The set had lots of bells and whistles, but considering the godawful price I decided I could manage for awhile without them. About 5 years ago I decided my hearing had gotten enough worse that I needed to try, again. I bought an excellent pair at a discount store for $1899.00. They worked very well and were easy to use and cost a lot less than $5400.00. About 10 days ago I managed to lose one of them and decided to shop around some more to see if I could buy just one hearing aid since the other one still works well. I have to say that this little dude is every bit as good as the highest priced aids I’ve tried. I highly recommend this brand. Terrific sound quality at any price.

  20. patsy l.

    Husband can hear better when he uses them.

  21. Dale B.

    This amplifier works very well and is easy to use. The people at the website are very helpful.

  22. Peter M

    I purchased these Otofonix hearing amplifiers based on the Amazon reviews and am glad I did. I am thrilled at the clarity and volume of the sound they produce. I haven’t even read the directions or adjusted the volume or program yet. Just stuck them in my ears, turned on the TV and can hear it perfectly and at a lower volume setting than I used with my old hearing aids. The Otofonix aids are incredibly small. I am using the open domes which came installed on the aids and have no feedback squeal like I had with the old aids.
    I was also impressed that the package actually includes a return label. That’s exceptional customer service in my opinion.
    I can’t recommend these hearing aids highly enough.

  23. Jerry Glucksman

    So far I’m pretty happy with these like anything new they take sometime getting used to these are my first hearing device and I’m hearing much better I like the small size and the battery life is good about 7 days

  24. Hit em good

    fulI have been wearing them for three days and they are wonderful. Just as good as the $4000.00 ones I had first.

  25. Sharon Stiansen

    Extremely effecient service from Otofonix. Very responsive to phone calls and dealing with any issues
    Hearing aids seem to work well although need to continually clean tube to amplifier etc to make sure no wax build up and working properly
    A good substitute to an aid that would cost 8 X as much

  26. lynn

    Received quickly and put in battery. Instructions easy to follow. It’s smaller than I thought it would be and is virtually invisible. Bottom line is, I can hear again. Set about mid dial and has no feedback though I have no basis for comparison. Good deal!!!

  27. Amazon Customer

    I have 50% loss in one of my ears from an accident. It was difficult to hear those ‘shy’ people in meetings , especially when AC noise or outside noise was interfering.
    I give it 4 * since I wish it had an on/off button. Kindoh strage to open the battery compartment everytime to ‘turn’ it off.
    As the title says, I forgot the unit in my shirt pocket and put it in the washer. I remembered after a few minutes and took it out. It was well washed already :). The battery compartment was open – I think that was my luck – so the unit was not powered. I dried it with the hair drier, left it in the sun for a few hours and then turned it on. I was really surprised it still worked fine :). Honestly, I did not expect that.

  28. A. Ladner

    Husband loves these. His old ones are 8 years old and paid $3000 for them then. Instead of paying over $5000 we thought we would give these a try. Just as good as his old ones and saved us a lot of money.

  29. Veronica Ann

    Pretty good for the price

  30. Joel Spring

    Just great. As other reviewers mentioned this beats $3,000 units. There is a bill in Congress that attempts to bust the control and high prices of hear aids–remember this particular unit is sold as a hearing amplifier.

  31. Judy H.

    These amplifiers work wonderfully, and they are not nearly as expensive as traditional hearing aids.

  32. Shawna

    Work great. These are fantastic for people who have hearing loss due to age. Bought these for my FIL, and he is extremely pleased with them. So much less expensive than ones from the hearing doctor!

  33. Herbert Schmulewicz

    Didn’t meet the needs.

  34. law prof

    We just purchased a pair directly from Otofonix, rather than Amazon, when my husband’s single Lifeear/Empower hearing amplifier (left ear only) died after two and a half years of constant use. We were satisfied with the Lifeear, which cost about $100 more, but service declined when they merged with Empower. So we decided on Otofonix, for its reputation for service as well as its reviews. The Apex amplifiers are excellent. We have one bit of advice if you have hearing loss in both ears. Buy the pair. My husband, who is thrifty, bought only one Lifeear. He got by with one and decided against buying one for the other ear. As he used it, he thought his hearing was further declining. Only after he started using the Otofonix pair did we realize what had happened. When he corrected his left year only, his right ear effectively shut down. After using amplifiers in both ears for a few days, his right ear awoke, so he was hearing better both with and without the pair of amplifiers. My husband is 83 years old and suffers from moderate hearing loss due to aging. He had a hearing evaluation at Costco before he ever bought his first amplifier. He expected to purchase prescribed hearing aids but none of the Costco aids significantly improved his hearing. So he turned to digital preprogrammed amplifiers, now called otc hearing aids, thanks to the Warren-Grassley 2017 legislation. They have been just what he needed.

  35. busch4all

    Received one day early, but came with the tubes for the left ear. I ordered the right ear version. Sent an email and they were very apologetic and responsive. Got the correct tubes in 2 days.

    The real problem is that the product just doesn’t amplify. I was diagnosed with moderate hearing lose in my right ear. Audiologists don’t like to give percentages, but when pressed, they told me I had 40% hearing loss. Anyway, I’ve tried this hearing aid in all 3 modes and all 8 volume settings and I can’t tell a bit of difference. All I can hear is static with no amplification of the sounds that matter. I’m returning it.

  36. ZENJIM

    My wife got 2 of these for backup to her more expensive aids. They seemed to work good for her needs at first. She can’t hear without an aid. Her $5000 aids need servicing so bought these as a back up. Trouble is, they don’t work for her any longer and she says she cannot fit them into her ears. Would not recommend for the price or for the extremely hard of hearing person.

  37. Amazon Customer

    I am a 92 year old man that has gradually been losing his hearing. I am now living alone after losing the love of my life six and a half years ago. So turning the TV up to hear it is no longer a problem. However, sitting across the room talking to my kids and friends is. I was not ready to put out four to eight thousand dollars for hearing aids. I have been an electronic engineer my entire life. — and an audiophile and music lover. I understand amplification and frequency response. I did not need an Audiologist to tell me I am not hearing the higher frequencies and that I needed amplification to hear what’s going on. So I decided to try a hearing amplifier with a few preset programs.
    After reading the reviews on many and researching the market, I bought a pair of Otofonix Apex Hearing Amplifiers. There were two reason I chose Otofonix. #1- I am still somewhat vain and they are vert small and — almost inconspicuous behind your ear. #2- They might have the programs and amplification to satisfy my needs.
    They arrived in record time. The packaging for each hearing amp is “first class”. And each device comes with a foam padded ring box to store the device in at night. They come already to use once you install the battery. The day following their arrival I had an opportunity to see how well they worked. I attended my son and daughter-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary. Not only could I hear all that was said, I could carry in conversations with individuals in a noisy group of people.
    I have now worn my hearing amplifiers for three days. — Wore them to church yesterday and was able to hear the pastor much better…every word. Yes, the music was much louder, but I never have a problem hearing the loud drums, bass guitar and keyboard. (what ever happened to the piano or organ in church worship?)
    The following day I decided to listen to my high-fidelity home sound system. Wow! I had to change all my tone settings back to a normal position. I’m hearing frequencies I did not realize I was missing. Listening to my favorite guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, I’m now hearing harmonics from his high notes that make him sound even better.
    I would definitely encourage anyone with a mild to moderate hearing loss to try a pair of these Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers before spending thousands for a fitted hearing aid.

  38. Amber Frazell

    I am so impressed with these!

    This is not a paid for review… I recently had my hearing checked to discover that I have moderate-severe hearing loss in both of my ears. 86% hearing loss in my left only hearing at 80 dB (normal range if ou don’t know is 0-10 dB). Hearing at 70 dB in my right ear. As my ENT and audiologist put it I am def and there is no other option but hearing aids.

    That was when my jaw dropped at the low end of $1600 each $3200 for a pair of aids with no coverage from insurance there is just no way I can afford that. That was when he recommended I try these and said he has several patients with mild hearing loss that use them. He said it is not an optimal choice for me being that my loss is severe but it is a good option if it does allow me to hear better than I at least until we have the money saved to buy a set specifically for my needs.

    I figured it was with a shot for the price and since they have a decent return policy if they aren’t working we can get our money back no harm.

    I put them in for the first time just on the factory settings and I was amazed at what I was hearing that I didn’t realize I wasn’t before. Immediately I could hear the cars driving outside which was something I didn’t realize I wasn’t hearing correctly. After playing with the modes and volumes I have then figured out fairly well and set where I need them for a sail use at home.

    The down side to these is that in my case with such a severe loss for now I am super sensitive to the sounds I am hearing and because they don’t fully self regulate like an aid that is programmed specifically to “your” hearing needs I do find that I have to adjust them based on what my surroundings are. Haveing two toddlers and watching kids on a daily basis means there is a lot of loud yelling, screaming, and squealing so for just my home setting I have them at mode 2, with hybrid domes and set to the 5 and 6 volume. But when I go to the grocery store I set them to mode 3 and turn the volume down to 4. It is still hard to hear the clerk talking to me so I have to ask them to look at me when they talk but at least when the intercalm comes on it doesn’t send shock waves themeiugh my ears. And then I can at least tell my kids are trying to talk to me vs only hearing the milieux playing.

    I do like that they come with protective cases but I wish I would have realized they don’t have an on off switch, in order to turn them off you have to open up the battery compartment and store them wide open otherwise they could turn on if the door is even slightly closed.

    Flipping through modes and volumes is not difficult just make sure you read the directions a few times and spend some time practicing so that you can change setting on the fly when you need to. Talking. The phone in mode 2 does create a microphone effect ao you will want to either change the mode or turn the volume down if it bothers you.

    Buy some ear drops to help moisturize your ears while you sleep if you are getting irritation. Or have your dr prescribe you some.

    Do not buy these with out first having your hearing tested by an audiologist a lot of places will do it for free. You could damage or further damage your hearing if you don’t know where your levels are or if you even need them. Making sure you don’t have wax obstruction or other complications if you are experiencing hearing loss is crucial before just buying something like this. For someone with severe hearing loss these are awesome! And that being said to some with no to mild loss these could damage your hearing if not needed or not used properly.

  39. Felix Skarpa

    Worked good but I exchange it for one that I had better control over the volume

  40. Amazon Customer

    I will be 60 next month and my hearing has been in gradual decline for 10+ years (high frequency in particular). The latest audiologist test indicates that my hearing loss is still in the “mild” category, but it isn’t getting any better. Last month I finally decided (admitted) it was time to do something about it. My health insurance will cover 80% of the cost of “hearing aids” but there is a lifetime limit of $4800. Based on what I’ve researched, that could be used up in one purchase. I’ve also read that technology is advancing quickly, and with the changes in regulation of PSAPs, I expect the advances will accelerate. And overall prices are likely to go down as quality and functionality go up.

    With a 45 day trial, I figured I couldn’t lose by giving the Apex a try. The unit comes with the normal and large size sound tubes. Turns out I have small ears and needed the small size. Plus my ears were itching a bit. My first call to Otofonix customer service connected me with a knowledgeable human being in less than one minute. She promised to send a pair of small sound tubes right away, and suggested a couple of options to ease the itch (I ended up just using extra virgin olive oil on a Qtip). The sound tubes arrived in two days. Way to go, Otofonix!

    I wore the Apexes for a few days, and was a little disappointed in the tone quality (voices sounded kind of tinny). I was scheduled to visit an audiologist and give “hearing aids” a try, but decided to look into the next step up from Otofonix (the Elite PSAP) before the appointment. Made the 2nd call to Otofonix, and again got connected to a knowledgeable human being in less than a minute. After sharing my thoughts with the customer service rep, I decided to order the Encore (Otofonix top of the line). They offer another 45 day trial period from the purchase of the new units. And the service rep sent TWO sets of the small sound tubes with the new units, which again arrived in two days.

    Turns out the Encore sound tube sizing is a little different. The smallest size was too small for me. So I called a third time and again got connected to a knowledgeable human being in less than a minute. He sent the normal size sound tubes which arrived in two days. No charge.

    There is a noticeable difference in sound quality with the Encore, but it is twice the price of the Apex. Well worth it, in my opinion. But if you are on a budget, I believe the Apex is worth consideration, especially with the 45 day trial period. I have cancelled the audiologist appointment. I figure it is worth waiting to use my insurance benefits until 1) my hearing loss is moderate to severe, and 2) I can take advantage of the latest technology at that time.

  41. Ruthie

    Having purchased 2 pair of regular hearing aides over the years and finding them uncomfortable, I didn’t want to spend several thousand dollars to continue the misery especially since I had reached a point of not wearing them at all. I read about the amplifiers being approved by the FDA and the price was about 12% of what I paid for a pair of regular hearing aides. These are more comfortable and allow more air circulation. The manufacturer tells you that “95% of problems are due to wax,” and I find that’s true. I have to run the cleaner through them at least once a day, even though I have an overnight cleaning machine. It takes time to learn the several odd noises/signals. These two irritations are not enough for me to even consider going back to prescription hearing aides.

  42. Kathleen T.

    My mom got these because she was losing her expensive ones. She loved them. Easy to use. This company and their customer service is beyond exceptional. I have never dealt with a company that is as caring and helpful as Otofonix. If I could give 10 stars I would!!!!

  43. Stovetop

    I’ve had these for about a month. They don’t help much with hearing conversations. They are prone to increase the levels of traffic noise, cabinet doors closing, items being put on a table, the crunching sound of walking on leaves, doors closing, etc to an obnoxious level. I tried all of the various settings as well as the different ear pieces and that didn’t help. My suggestion is to save your money. The company suggests that it will take about 21 says to get used to them. For me that isn’t so. These are not programmable by an audiologist which I will do with some “real” hearing aids. I gave them two stars because the are so-so and better than nothing.

  44. Amazon Customer

    This unit didn’t work out for me. I am a singer and need a fine tuned device.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Great quality and sound

  46. tomi

    Best gift I ever gave my father! I was worried he wouldn’t appreciate the gift however he couldn’t thank me enough something he would never spend the money on but needed desperately ! Thank you for making a greet affordable product.

  47. Sherry Livering

    We bought these first for my FIL for an early Christmas gift and now just recently bought them for my Father. Both of them had $3K/each hearing aids and at their age 80 and 85, didn’t want to make that investment again. They both tell me that these are just as good if not better than their expensive hearing aids from their doctor. They are both very glad they have these and would recommend them to others.

  48. Glorious

    Works very well. This replaces the hearing aid from the audiologist and would have cost me ten times as much if I got it from her. If you don’t have a physical problem, why pay more? I especially appreciate the extra piece on the hearing aid cord that helps keep the aid in place. If I had had that, I likely wouldn’t have lost the first one.

  49. Wanda

    I purchased this for my 81 year old mother. Customer service was wonderful. Mom is having a difficult time keeping it in her ear, plus the ear tube seems to keep twisting from the base. So I purchased another ear piece, although it is bulkier, she seems to like it better.

  50. don ouellet

    I came across this brand for my grandmother. She has SEVERE loss of hearing and even struggled to hear using aids priced above $1,000. We got the pair for $307.00 with same day delivery and so far they’re amazing. No longer do we have to yell, and she can enjoy her life without one of her most important senses. I would rate 5stars if the channels/volume was easier for her to manage without my help. Even so they are great and I would 100% recommend these for anyone hearing impaired!!

  51. Gary

    Works great.

  52. Delbert 999

    The first I ordered was for my best hearing ear and it worked great so I ordered one for my right ear. I have found that setting the left one at the best hearing program (program 1) and the right one with the “closed” dome (for the most volume) works best for me. I have a tone hearing problem that requires very expensive hearing aids which I have had in the past. These come very close to correcting the hearing of some of those hard of hearing tones and was an unexpected benefit. To top the quality as advertised off, the company is very responsive and excellent to work with.

  53. Dee

    My mom had a $2300 hearing aid and when it got old I bought this to see if it worked for her and SHE LOVES IT!!! Seems to do well for her.

  54. Jeannette

    Excellent replacement for a lost hearing aid. Thank you ! Saved me a lot of money.

  55. Laurel T.

    My husband can hear again!!!!

  56. Michael R. Jackson

    I am totally deaf in my right ear, and in recent years I’ve been losing hearing in my left ear. I bought this primarily so I can watch TV without turning the volume way up, or constantly asking my wife “What did he say?”. I thought I’d give this a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. I had tried a product similar years ago and didn’t like it at all, but this one is doing very well. I have left it on the factory settings because frankly I’m a little intimidated with screwing around with the settings. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and am very pleased.

  57. Tim Bingen

    My hearing has been bad for a few years now. Too much rock and roll, working in a noisy environment and shooting without hearing protection took a toll. A friend got a new pair of hearing aids through the Vets. He gave me his old ones which were about 8 years old. They had older style wire and large plugs. The one for my right ear would not stay in due to the shape of my ear canal and the wire not conforming to the shape I needed it in. I decided to buy one of these after researching. I thought if I liked it I would get the other. I read the reviews and looked at your more expensive models and decided to try these because I could return them if I didn’t like them. I didn’t expect them to be this good. I thought I would have to gravitate towards a more expensive set. I tried the first one in my right ear. It went into place perfectly having the tube instead of a wire. The old set my friend had given me were $4500 a pair, and were programmable. I decided I didn’t need all the bells and whistles at this time. Long story short, they are much better than the old pair of “hearing aids”. I had the friend that gave me them try one and he said it sounded just as good as his new hearing aids. I immediately ordered one for the left ear. I am satisfied with these amplifiers. I will not waste money on expensive hearing aids.

  58. JC Anain

    The Apex product works well for mild-moderate ear loss, I am using it when going out or when people surrounding me talking, it works fine, I hear more, easy to use, very reasonable price, as compared with other similar priced products in the market I think this is superior to all of them, I recommend it,

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