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man holding hearing amplifier

Otofonix vs ZVOX Hearing Aid Reviews

Otofonix and ZVOX are both doing incredible things for the hearing care community. But which brand is right for you? Keep reading the following reviews to help you determine what the right hearing aids are for your needs.

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hands holding hearing aid and battery

How to Dispose of Hearing Aid Batteries

If you suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids, you’ve likely wondered what you’re supposed to do with your old hearing aid batteries. Proper disposal is necessary, as these batteries contain certain toxins that may harm the environment.

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q tips for earwax

Hearing Aids and Earwax

Did you know that wax buildup can pose problems for hearing aid wearers? People who wear hearing aids are more prone to earwax buildup. So it’s important that you practice earwax removal on a regular basis.

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