Good Costumer Service

I was able to reach out to customer service and a wonderful woman helped me troubleshoot and get my amplifier running. She also told me if I had any other issues to call and they would be more than happy to help me. I must say, I wasn’t expecting such excellent customer service. I feel reassured knowing that if there are any more issues I can get the help I need. I have hearing loss in both ears but its more severe in my right ear and I purchased for that one even though it’s recommended to get it for the ear that hears better. It makes a big difference, more than I expected. You don’t realize how significant your hearing loss is until you experience hearing again. It does take some time to adjust to hearing all the sounds so be prepared for that. I was thrown by how loud some normal things like setting down a glass was but you get used to it with consistent use. I feel very happy and blessed because I can now hear my beautiful grandaughters clearly again! my friends, family, and music is all more clear! I can’t afford the $2,000-$4,000 I was quoted from an audiologist for a hearing aid so spending $300 is affordable and life-changing! I promised myself I would change my review if Otofonix proved it’s customer service to me. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, take the chance on this. They honor their guarantee and as long as you can rest assured in that, isn’t it worth it?
***To the patient, sweet woman from customer service, I didn’t catch your name but I’m hoping you recognize me by this comment. Thank you so much for all your help!***

I got this product and it was great but stopped working right after the return period to amazon ran out. I wrote Otofonix for an RA and haven’t received one. I am so disappointed because initially, it was wonderful. I only wore it a few times as I work long hours and I didn’t want to try to adjust to it while at work.