Good for me

I have worn $2000 hearing aids for about five years now. I have moderate hearing loss from wearing headphones for my job in radio. I have a loss of high frequencies making it difficult to understand conversations, especially in noisy environments. My hearing aids are equalized to compensate for the frequency loss.

Recently my right hearing aid stopped working so I looked into replacing the single unit with a hearing amplifier, after seeing how the prices of hearing aids have increased since I bought mine. The 45-day money-back guarantee and the good reviews for Otofonix convinced me to give them a try. I am very pleased with the Otofonix Elite and impressed with the four different programs and the 12 band audio processing. The normal setting is satisfactory for most situations, but last week I was driving in the pouring rain, and the rain noise on the roof of the car was disturbing. I switched to the Noisy setting which reduced the rain noise to a very comfortable level. The well-written documentation clearly explains the difference between hearing “aids” and hearing “amplifiers” and I think I made a wise choice of purchasing the Otofonix. This unit is constructed every bit as high quality as my expensive hearing aid and works just as good for me.