I saved thousands

I have had a set of these for 14 months and have come more and more to depend on them. I have never had the more expensive hearing aids, but I have a friend who has a $6000 pair. When he and I compare how good his are to the Otofonix (dha), I think that mine are pretty good. For instance: my friend says that he cannot go to a restaurant with his and expect to hear much what is being said. These dha are also limited in their use in very loud situations but, I realized, even if I had regular hearing and went to a loud restaurant, I probably couldn’t understand what people were saying! But, I actually can hear a lot more than I used to hear even under those circumstances. When they are really useful is when I go to meetings. I absolutely cannot understand what everyone is saying without these. I love birds and, with these, I can hear them.
I got used to them pretty quickly. At first I was hesitant to wear them because, well, I just didn’t want to wear hearing aids. Now I find that I want to put them on so that I can be a part of the world!
I just bought a 3rd one (just one, not a pair) because I got to thinking that if one went on the blink, I could send it in to be repaired and still have a pair to wear.
I had tried a cheaper dha’s but sent them back. It just didn’t do what these do. And, the Otofonix has come down in price!