The design and manufacturing quality are excellent

On-line research on improving my hearing loss led me to the highly rated Encore. I decided to try a hearing amplifier instead of going the traditional hearing-aid route with its associated major purchase price and complex purchase process. The Encore’s cost at 1/5 to 1/10 that of a hearing-aid and Otofonix’s 45 day trial period with satisfaction guaranteed or a purchase refund were major considerations. I have been using an Encore with my right ear for about a week now and am extremely happy. It just works. My hearing loss, while not severe, was frustrating when participating in large group settings, noisy environments, and talking with people who spoke softly or did not speak directly towards me. The Encore greatly improved my hearing in these situations. Also, I no longer need to watch TV at elevated volumes. It is comfortable to wear, easy to control and took very little time to get used to,. The design and manufacturing quality are excellent. The customer phone support with the people at Otofonix has been absolutely outstanding and the company is great to do business with. I just ordered a second Encore for my left ear.