Why are hearing amplifiersMany people who have begun to experience hearing difficulties as they get older are often shocked to discover the price of hearing aids. With most models costing thousands of dollars, a hearing aid is often out of reach for those struggling with their hearing.

However, hearing amplifiers offer a far more wallet-friendly solution to hearing problems at a fraction of the price of hearing aids. Otofonix has been helping customers regain their hearing confidence and sense of independence for many years with great value hearing devices. If you’re considering buying a hearing amplifier rather than a hearing aid, you may be wondering why they are more cost-effective.

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between the two devices so that you can understand why so many people with hearing problems are turning to Otofonix hearing amplifiers for excellent quality sound at a much lower price.


There are only 6 major hearing aid manufacturers in the world and they have collectively set their prices very high.  They then sell their products to audiologist and hearing aid dealer who, on average, mark-up these devices 120-200% over the inflated wholesale price.  This is one reason why hearing aids are expensive.

Hearing aids and the more expensive hearing amplifiers use the same digital technology. Hearing amplifiers not only look the same but their internal components are the same.  Just like automobile manufacturers, the Big-6 consortium of major hearing aid manufacturers assemble hearing aids – they do not make the components that go into their devices. Seven large companies who make the parts also supply the same components to hearing amplifier manufacturers.  There is no difference in quality.

Additional features

Hearing aids have many modern features that all come at a premium cost. Manufacturers have spent time and money making the devices much smaller and providing them with features such as Bluetooth, remote controls and even wireless integration.

These features can significantly increase the price of a hearing aid and can also make them difficult to set up and learn how to use. As a more affordable, easy alternative, a growing number of people experiencing mild to moderate hearing problems are opting for a cost-effective hearing amplifier from Otofonix instead.

To find out more about our range of hearing amplifier devices, get in touch with our customer care team today. We’re here to help you discover how a hearing amplifier from Otofonix can give you crystal clear sound at a fraction of the price of even the most basic hearing aid.