Why hearing aid wearersIf the thought of wearing a hearing aid fills you with dread, we’re about to tell you why you shouldn’t be ashamed of any changes that you’ve been experiencing. In fact, we say that you should embrace your new hearing device with confidence!

With over 30% of the U.S population wearing a hearing aid, hearing problems are more common than you might think. You have probably already met plenty of people who wear some form of hearing device without even noticing, so there is really nothing to be embarrassed or self-conscious about.

Here are a few more reasons why you should embrace your new hearing aid and not worry about wearing it out in public.


The ability to enjoy all of the sounds you’ve been missing out on

From a coffee date with friends to a trip to the movies, hearing devices such as Otofonix’s hearing amplifiers help wearers to enjoy a new lease of life. Being able to enjoy excellent quality sound once again is reason enough to embrace your device in our opinion.

Having a conversation without missing words or worrying about crossing the street is a great way to regain your independence if you’ve been struggling with your hearing for some time, so make the most of your new device and wear it with pride.


Discreet and comfortable

Otofonix devices are designed to be both discreet and comfortable. Available in soft beige or grey, these shades work well with a variety of hair and skin tones and are specifically designed not to stand out when worn, so you won’t feel that they are particularly noticeable when you’re out and about, whether that’s walking the dog, going to dinner or seeing friends.

Getting used to a new hearing device does take a little time, but you’ll find it takes just a few days to get used to the sensation and before long, you probably won’t think about it at all.


Greater independence

If you’ve been having to rely on friends and family members to escort you on trips to the store or to the doctors because of hearing difficulties, then a hearing aid can help you build up the confidence to be independent once more and carry out these outdoor tasks without having to rely on anyone for help.

Many Otofonix hearing amplifier customers have reported trying out new hobbies thanks to their ability to hear sounds and conversation clearly once again, so the benefits of trying a new hearing device far outweigh any concerns you might have about trying out one of our hearing amplifiers for yourself.