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The ApexThe EliteThe EncoreThe Helix
per ear
per ear
per ear
pairs only
dB Gain35 dB35 dB42 dB53 dB
4 Channels - WDRC
Channels separate the incoming sound signal into discrete frequency ranges that analyze, process and maximize speech understanding and sound quality.
12 Bands
Similar to an equalizer on a stereo allowing sounds in certain frequencies to be selectively amplified.
Listening programs allow you to optimize your hearing device for different listening conditions
Digital Sound Processor
The DSP is the heart of the digital circuitry and is responsible for many features such as sound quality, noise reduction and feedback cancellation not available on analog units.
2nd Gen3rd Gen3rd Gen3rd Gen
FDA Registered
White not required for personal sound devices, the FDA designation insures that these devices have passed the same safety regulations as hearing aids.
Background Noise Reduction
Advanced noise reduction intelligently ensures taht conversation remains clear in noisy environments for improved hearing.
Rocker Switch
Rocker switch conveniently allows you to change programs and volumn levels either up or down.
Dual Directional Microphone
Dual directional microphones employ a front and rear microphone to improve your ability to focus on the conversation in front of you and selectively reduce or eliminate background noise around you.
Telecoil allows you to hear better and cleaner on compatible telephones or connected to a loop system
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Every hearing aid we sell comes with a 45 Day Risk Free Money Back Trial. This means you can try any of our hearing solutions for FREE for 45 days to ensure that it meets your needs! If not, return within the trial period and we will send you a full refund!

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Why Choose Otofonix?

Superior Hearing Devices

The Otofonix Digital Hearing aid is patented state-of-the-art digital processing, multiple program settings, essentially no feedback and no compromise on quality.

Easy to operate

One switch operation – easily change the volume and program with one finger. Completely assembled and ready to use out of the box.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Otofonix Digital Hearing aid has a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure 100% satisfaction for your online shopping. One year factory warranty.

Very Affordable Cost

Direct to you! We work with the manufacturer directly to bring you the best price without the middleman with savings of up to 85%.

Here is How Otofonix Can Change Your Life

Otofonix Hearing Aids

Background Noise Reduction

Our hearing solutions have leading technology in adaptive background noise reduction. If you are outside exercising and hear rustling leaves or in a loud restaurant, Otofonix can provide relief.

Otofonix Hearing Aids

Programs to fit any Situation

Our hearing solutions will move through life with you. With settings for normal, noisy and our advanced treble setting to eliminate whistling, Otofonix will provide support.

Otofonix Hearing Aids

Get close to family

Don’t worry about whistling when having close conversations with loved ones – our whistling eliminating technology makes close conversations easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy one hearing aid or two hearing aids?

The brain processes sound from both ears for improved clarity, meaning,  balance and localization. Being able to hear with both ears is just as important as being able to see with both eyes. If you closed one eye, your depth perception would be distorted.  If you close off one ear, your understanding is affected. A recent Swedish study showed an 18% improvement in speech recognition in noisy environments with 2 hearing aids rather than one and a Dutch study showed that 93% preferred 2 aids rather than one.

How do these OTC hearing aids compare to custom hearing aids?

Custom hearing aids provide the highest level of care that you can get, but that level of care can come with a price tag that can exceed $4000 per ear! If price is no object, then we recommends you pursue a custom hearing aid. However, for most people, custom hearing aid costs are a significant barrier to better hearing.

That’s why our team of audiologists evaluated thousands of hearing tests before developing the amplification profiles built into each Otofonix aid.  Advanced digital technologies plus the convenient volume switch and program selection buttons give you a hearing device experience that rivals the most expensive hearing aids for a mere fraction of the cost.

What if I accidentally get my hearing aid wet?

Because the hearing aid is so comfortable to wear, it is not uncommon for us to hear that it was accidentally worn into the shower or in the rain.  Should this happen the devise is not necessarily damaged beyond repair.  The following are helpful tips in case you should get your aid wet.

  • Remove the battery and leave the compartment door wide open
  • Wipe the shell with a soft dry cloth
  • Dry the aid using a fan or hairdryer on the “cool” setting NOT “hot”.
  • Place the unit in a sealed plastic baggie filled with uncooked rice
  • Leave it overnight.  The rice acts as a dehumidifier and soaks up the water.
  • Insert a new battery.

Does the device come with instructions?

Yes, each Otofonix device comes with an English written user manual that clearly explains all features. We also have a Resource Center with many resources and tools.