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Otofonix Helix Hearing Aid

  • Rechargeable – No more fumbling around with tiny batteries.
  • Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation  – Reduce unwanted background noise so you can focus on what you really want to hear.
  • Additional High Frequency Amplification – For those with greater hearing loss, the Helix boosts high frequency greater than the rest.
  • Telecoil – Hear the Voices you want to hear at Church and other Venues.

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Learn more about Otofonix Helix Hearing Aid

The Otofonix Helix Rechargeable Hearing Aid for adults is our newest, most powerful, advanced hearing aid. It has 4 listening programs including telecoil, ten-volume levels, and thanks to the dual directional microphones, this hearing aid delivers the most superior noise cancelation.

Trusted By Over 100K Americans
So many reviews, fast delivery, and a 45-day money-back guarantee

Premium, Medical-Grade Hearing Aids At Affordable Prices
Otofonix Hearing Aids boasts many of the same features and technology as
traditional, prescription hearing aids

5-Star US-Based Service
Our award-winning customer service is here to help!

Save Money With Rechargeable Batteries!

You can use your Helix for an entire day on a single charge. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting your spare batteries again!

Advanced Background Noise Reduction

Dual Directional Microphones provide industry-leading noise cancellation. From noisy family get-togethers to taking a walk through the park, you’ll enjoy clear effortless conversations.

Distraction-free Conversations

Our Adaptive Directional Microphones employ a front and rear microphone to improve your ability to focus on the conversation in front of you and selectively reduce or eliminate background noise around you.

The Telecoil

The Telecoil feature is perfect for use at church, the symphony, theaters, or any venue with a hearing loop(inductive loop). The telecoil picks-up the electromagnetic signals from the loop and selectively converts the electromagnetic energy into sound without using the hearing aid’s microphone. Because the microphone of the aid is disabled on the T-coil setting, you only hear the sound of the performance instead of the sound of those sitting around you. No more avoiding social events because of hearing loss.

Features To Fit Your Environment

Featuring 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that allow for an optimal listening experience in a variety of environments, the Helix will move through life with you.

What’s In The Box

  • 2 Assembled Hearing Aids (with #2 Sound Tubes & Medium Magic Domes)
  • 1 Shockproof Travel Case
  • 1 Charging Base & Cord
  • 1 Quick Start Manual
  • 1 Cleaning wire
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 6 Open Domes of assorted sizes
  • 6 Magic Domes of assorted sizes
  • Sizes #1, #2, & #3 Sound Tubes
  • Lifetime free phone support

With over a decade of experience
Otofonix is the smart choice

Customers Love the

Otofonix Helix Hearing Aid

Otofonix is the trusted hearing aid solution for over 100k people. We are so confident we are offering a 45-day trial.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
The Helix saved me $4500!

My old pair of hearing aids stopped working and I didn't have the nearly $5000 it was going to cost to replace them. I decided to give Otofonix a try since there was a 45-day risk-free trial. Well let me tell you, I LOVE this Helix. I had some confusion at first how to change my sound tubes, but they took the time and patience to walk me through it over the phone. The absolute best customer service team I've ever dealt with. Highly recommend.

Helix Rechargeable

I bought these prior to spending thousands on a professional pair to see if I would actually use them. From the initial experience of some tinniness, I read the instructions that said to expect them. I've only realized lately how much I depend on them. I forgot them one day and I had forgotten how I needed to ask people to repeat themselves. No problems with them at all.

Great Product

I can hear subtle sounds again that I totally forgot about.. Crickets, the wind blowing through the trees, my cat purring. Priceless. Thanks again for the support, Trish was a huge help.

The Helix Rechargeable Hearing Aid has been a life saver.

I have tried devices from MDHearingAid, NanoHearingAids, Britzgo, and Neosonic. These little gems are exactly what I needed. I charge them for 2-3 hours and they last for around 18 hours (I think), I haven't had to wear them longer than 18 hours yet. The ZipTips really make a difference in terms of comfort, I highly recommend them as an upgrade.

Work great as a backup for the expensive aids from the Audiologist

My wife got 2 of these for backup to her more expensive aids. (pre-release email) They work suprisingly good for her needs. She can't hear without an aid. Her $5000 aids need servicing so bought these as a back up. Being that these Aids are rechargeable, it's really nice not having to deal with the little batteries. I'm sure I still have a few of those batteries in my couch somewhere.

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