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Otofonix Encore Hearing Aid

  • Dual Directional Microphones – Focus on the conversation in front of you with the use of Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation.
  • Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation – Reduce unwanted background noise so you can focus on what you really want to hear.
  • Our Highest Output Hearing Aid – Comes with Ear Hook Power Kit to achieve 53 dB of gain.
  • Telecoil – Hear the Voices you want to hear at Church and other Venues.




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The Otofonix Encore hearing aid for adults is our most powerful and technologically advanced hearing aid. It has 3 programs plus the added Telecoil feature program, and 10 volume levels. It is an excellent fit for those who struggle to hear in one-on-one conversations, over distances, over background noise, and have significant difficulty with word clarity (tea vs fee). The Encore comes with free lifetime access to the 5-star, award-winning customer care Otofonix has become renowned for.

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Otofonix Hearing Aids boasts many of the same features and technology as traditional, prescription hearing aids

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Distraction-Free Conversations

Our Adaptive Dual Directional Microphones employ a front and rear microphone to improve your ability to focus on the conversation in front of you and selectively reduce or eliminate background noise around you.

z1 distraction free conversations
z2 advanced background noise

Advanced Background Noise Reduction

Dual Directional Microphones provide industry-leading noise cancellation. From noisy family get-togethers to taking a walk through the park, you’ll enjoy clear, effortless conversations.

Help For Those With Severe Hearing Loss

Our Encore hearing aid features an “Earhook kit” that enables you to increase the volume output of your device for those with a more severe hearing loss. This feature provides up to 53 dB max gain.

z3 help for those with severe
z4 helicoil

The Telecoil

The Telecoil feature is perfect for use at church, the symphony, theaters, or any venue with a hearing loop(inductive loop). The telecoil picks-up the electromagnetic signals from the loop and selectively converts the electromagnetic energy into sound without using the hearing aid’s microphone. Because the microphone of the aid is disabled on the T-coil setting, you only hear the sound of the performance instead of the sound of those sitting around you. No more avoiding social events because of hearing loss.

Features To Fit Your Environment

Featuring 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that allow for an optimal listening experience in a variety of environments, the Encore will move through life with you.

z5 features to fit your encore
6 encore whats in box v2 copy 2

What’s In The Box

      • 1 Assembled Hearing Aid (with #2 Sound Tube & Medium Magic Dome)
      • 1 Shockproof Travel Case
      • 1 Quick Start Manual
      • 1 Cleaning wire
      • 1 Cleaning brush
      • 6-Pack of size 312 batteries
      • 3 Open Domes of assorted sizes
      • Closed Dome of assorted sizes
      • 1 Magic Dome
      • #1 Sound Tube
      • 1 Earhook Kit for 10dB Increased Amplification
      • Lifetime free phone support

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Otofonix Encore Hearing Aid

Otofonix is the trusted hearing aid solution for over 100k people. We are so confident we are offering a 45-day trial.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Just do it!

Hello to those wondering if they should buy Otofonix. I've had a pair of Otofonix Encore aids for two years and I think they are fantastic. Moreover, they are remarkable in that you can do your own maintenance (e.g., wax removal) when necessary. I'm on the site today because I am recommending Otofonix to my brother who, I noticed at a recent family gathering, is having trouble hearing. Personally, I can hear at family gatherings, restaurants, and, importantly, at business meetings thanks to my Encores. Previously, I found myself faking my way through those situations or simply isolating at restaurant functions. Otofonix changed all of that. The Encores are an all-around tremendous product and the company's service is remarkable and trustworthy. Oh, and the Encore is certainly much sturdier than the significantly more expensive device I had used before from another provder. So, should you try them out? There's nothing to lose with the company's 45-day trial. Just do it! I think you'll be as pleased as I am with Otofonix.

Works like $6000 hearing aids!

My husband had hearing aids that cost over $6000 and when they needed repair he decided to try these. They work just as well as his others for a fraction of the cost. He has moderate to severe hearing loss.

this is a good product

I am totally satisfied with this hearing aid. I bought it to replace a rechargeable one I had....the sound quality is great, easy to wear, and battery last long time, over a week. the rechargeable one I have does not last even 12 hrs on a charge. I have bought 3 different hearing over the past 5 years or so and I can definitely recommend this as the best one I've purchased.

Great Devices!!

The best thing about these is obviously the price. But as someone who has been wearing a pair of Phonak $6000 hearing aids for the past 8 years, I can honestly say these are a terrific alternative. I bought two thinking that even if they were just OK they would be a good backup or good for when I want to go outside and be active and could possibly get the expensive ones wet or damaged. They exceeded all my expectations. BUT... you really need to take the time to customize them to your hearing level and ear size. They give you all the tools to do this, but it will take you a few days or weeks to figure out what works for you. I am a relatively small female, and I ended up finding that the open, small ear domes worked best for me and were most comfortable (they come with the medium, closed domes attached). I saw in a lot of other reviews that people complained about the ear domes getting lost in their ears. THIS HAPPENED WITH MY $6000 HEARING AIDS AS WELL (I had to go to urgent care one time to get one removed). You really need to make sure these things are attached well and if they start to get worn or stretched to replace them. I also found that Setting 2 and mid-volume worked well on one ear but a higher volume was needed on the other ear, which was not surprising because I know that my right ear is worse than my left. One other thing: I open the battery compartment every night after I take them out to save batteries. When you close the battery compartment the next day the aids go back to the default setting, so you have to take about 30 seconds to set them to your preferred settings again. And finally, they send a return shipping label with the aids, so they are serious about their money back guarantee. I won't be returning mine; I love them!

Good hearing aid for the price.

This hearing aid replaced a $800 one I had that succumbed to sweat while I was biking. This aid has been very efficient with batteries, lasting 7 or 8 days. Sound quality is good even though I turn the volume all the way up. I think it's a great value.

free encore protection plan v2