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Encore Hearing Aid

  • Dual Directional Microphones – Focus on the conversation in front of you with the use of Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation.
  • Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation – Reduce unwanted background noise so you can focus on what you really want to hear.
  • Our Highest Output Hearing Aid – Comes with Ear Hook Power Kit to achieve 53 dB of gain.
  • Telecoil – Hear the Voices you want to hear at Church and other Venues.



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Learn more about Otofonix Encore Hearing Aid

The Otofonix Encore hearing aid for adults is our most powerful and technologically advanced hearing amplifier. It has 3 programs plus the added Telecoil feature program, and 10 volume levels. It is an excellent fit for those who struggle to hear in one-on-one conversations, over distances, over background noise, and have significant difficulty with word clarity (tea vs fee). The Encore also comes with free lifetime access to the 5-star, award-winning customer care Otofonix has become renowned for.

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Otofonix Hearing Aids boasts many of the same features and technology as traditional, prescription hearing aids

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Distraction-Free Conversations

Our Adaptive Dual Directional Microphones employ a front and rear microphone to improve your ability to focus on the conversation in front of you and selectively reduce or eliminate background noise around you.

z1 distraction free conversations
z2 advanced background noise

Advanced Background Noise Reduction

Dual Directional Microphones provide industry-leading noise cancellation. From noisy family get-togethers to taking a walk through the park, you’ll enjoy clear, effortless conversations.

Help For Those With Severe Hearing Loss

Our Encore hearing aid features an “Earhook kit” that enables you to increase the volume output of your device for those with a more severe hearing loss. This feature provides up to 53 dB max gain.

z3 help for those with severe
z4 helicoil

The Telecoil

The Telecoil picks-up the electromagnetic signals from unwanted sounds, especially useful at church, concerts, or other venues, with a hearing loop. It then directs those signals to the hearing aids processor without using the microphone. Because the microphone is turned off in this setting, you hear a clear sound, free of any distracting noise around you. No more avoiding social events because of hearing loss.

Features To Fit Your Environment

Featuring 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that allow for an optimal listening experience in a variety of environments, the Encore will move through life with you.

z5 features to fit your encore
6 encore whats in box v2 copy 2

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Assembled Hearing Aid (with #2 Sound Tube & Medium Magic Dome)
  • 1 Shockproof Travel Case
  • 1 Quick Start Manual
  • 1 Cleaning wire
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 6-Pack of size 312 batteries
  • 3 Open Domes of assorted sizes
  • 2 Large Closed Dome
  • 1 Earhook Kit for 10dB Increased Amplification
  • Lifetime free phone support

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Customers Love the

Encore Hearing Aid

Otofonix is the trusted hearing aid solution for over 100k people. We are so confident we are offering a 45-day trial.


5 out of 5

On-line research on improving my hearing loss led me to the highly rated Encore. I decided to try a hearing amplifier instead of going the traditional hearing-aid route with its associated major purchase price and complex purchase process. The Encore’s cost at 1/5 to 1/10 that of a hearing-aid and Otofonix’s 45 day trial period with satisfaction guaranteed or a purchase refund were major considerations. I have been using an Encore with my right ear for about a week now and am extremely happy. It just works. My hearing loss, while not severe, was frustrating when participating in large group settings, noisy environments, and talking with people who spoke softly or did not speak directly towards me. The Encore greatly improved my hearing in these situations. Also, I no longer need to watch TV at elevated volumes. It is comfortable to wear, easy to control and took very little time to get used to. The design and manufacturing quality are excellent. The customer phone support with the people at Otofonix has been absolutely outstanding and the company is great to do business with. I just ordered a second Encore for my left ear.

Jim V
5 out of 5

It was so easy to put into action, such as finding the most comfortable earpiece and turn on the volume to the most comfortable adjustment. Also, they use battery size 312 which is the same as the $7,000 pair I own. This pair was less than $1,000 which I am greatful.

Guy Gold
3 out of 5

Good for volume. Did not meet my needs as a “hearing aid”, but wasn’t intended to function as such and I returned it for that reason. If all you need is volume, it works fine.

5 out of 5

I have extensive hearing loss in right ear, moderate loss in the left. I tried to follow the script and bit on an add offering two aides for $995. The numbers for the aids suggested turned out to be $9000 ! How could I go wrong spending $848 if I could get relief. Wow, I now hear far more than I want. TV has been turned way down. I have not needed dealer support, instructions are basic and concise. I have only used mode one, it has sufficed. Your request for feedback does not allow for enough time for thorough analysis but, so far so good.

5 out of 5

Very good product and better than the expensive ones by the ear companies.

Laurel T.
5 out of 5

I purchased this hearing device for my 93 year old mother. As soon as we out it on the was amazed how well she could hear! She can now here her great granddaughter chatted away! I would recommend this device to those who have a significant hearing loss as my mother has! Thank you! I also cut one of the tubes too short. I contacted customer service and they sent new tubes. I received them in two days! I am very impressed. I don’t normally write reviews, but I am so impressed with the unit and customer support, I had to submit this review. Thanks to you so very much. My mom is back into the hearing world again!

Susan Green
4 out of 5

Sound quality not as good as the $5000 pair but one should not expect that. Very helpful while I’m waiting for a reputable company to come out with a pair that connects to my android phone. A little bulky but good sound.

Amazon Customer
4 out of 5

I have only had the one device for right ear about two weeks. Still trying to get the right ear parts to fit comfortable so this review is not my final one for this product. Since I have about 80-90 percent hearing loss of the right ear, this product maybe my answer to at least some hearing gain, but only time will tell. From what I have learned so far is, that I may have to employ the larger tube ie. power kit to really improve performance. Right now I am still experimenting with the default setup as received. I will edit, update this review when I am more comfortable with the device.

5 out of 5

I had a previous model from Otofonix, I wore it begrudgingly to humor my wife. It worked, it was certainly better than nothing, but I wore it for her, not for me. The problem was that, in many situations, I could hear the conversation going on behind me better than the one I was having. Not so with the directional microphones on this model. It is really so much better, I wear it for me. The case sits next to the car keys, not in the medicine cabinet, when I go out the aid goes in.

5 out of 5

It works! That’s all I wanted. Saved a ton of money! Hearing aids cost $1800 to $3500.

free encore protection plan v2