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Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids that are rechargeable and customizable

Otofonix Groove Hearing Aids

  • Easy To Use: Fine-tune your Groove Bluetooth hearing aids to your unique hearing loss from the ease of your smartphone.
  • Rechargeable: No more fumbling around with tiny, expensive batteries. Charge for just two hours and get the hearing you deserve for ten hours.
  • Practically Invisible Design: Discrete and nearly invisible; no one will ever know you’re wearing hearing aids!
  • Bluetooth: Adjust the program and volume directly from your smartphone. (Not intended for listening to your phone via Bluetooth).
  • Hearing Loss Level: Groove Bluetooth Hearing Aids are suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Only Sold In Pairs – Smartphone must be 2019 model and newer.



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The Otofonix Groove hearing aids for adults are rechargeable, self-fitting, app-controlled, Bluetooth hearing aids. Paired with the powerful, Otofonix app, the Groove is fully customizable to your own unique hearing loss.

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Otofonix Hearing Aids boasts many of the same features and technology as traditional, prescription hearing aids

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Easy To Customize

No need to be a tech Guru. The initial hearing test built into the app will allow you to be up and running with your new hearing aids in minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

To see a walkthrough of the Bluetooth App, click here.

groove just hearing test

z1 save money buying batteries

Save Money With Rechargeable Batteries!

You can use your Groove for an entire day on a single charge. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting your spare batteries again!

Practically Invisible Design

Discrete and nearly invisible, no one will ever know you’re wearing it! With this lightweight hearing aid, you can wear them all day and even forget you have them on.

z3 practically invisible design
z5 background noise reduction

Advanced Background Noise Reduction

Dual Directional Microphones provide industry-leading noise cancellation. From noisy family get-togethers to taking a walk through the park, you’ll enjoy clear effortless conversations.

Features To Fit Your Environment

Featuring 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that allow for an optimal listening experience in a variety of environments, the Groove will move through life with you.

Otofonix Encore Hearing Aid LIfestyle
groove whats in the box

What’s In The Box

      • 2 Assembled Bluetooth Hearing Aids
      • 1 Charging Base
      • 1 Shockproof Travel Case
      • 1 App Guide
      • 1 Cleaning wire
      • 1 Cleaning brush
      • 6 Open Domes of assorted sizes
      • 6 Closed Domes of assorted sizes
      • 2 Large & 2 Medium Magic Domes
      • 2 of each #1 and #2 Sound Tube
      • 1 Earhook Kit for 10dB Increased Amplification
      • Lifetime free phone support

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Otofonix Groove Hearing Aids

Otofonix is the trusted hearing aid solution for over 100k people.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I decided to upgrade from the Elites that I have had for a few years to the Groove. What a difference. I enjoy the fact that I can input my audiogram or take a hearing test. The groove is louder with the high frequencies. What a helpful feature while listening to my grandbabies. I am glad I made this choice.

Gabriel Q.
Thank you from Gabriel

Rechargeable, and I was able to customize it with my phone. I am very satisfied with this aid. Customer service is really knowledgeable, I'm glad I called. I did ask my daughter to make sure I was doing it right.

Jane W. (Fort Mill, SC)
Excited to say the least!

Smart Rechargeable Groove is on the way! I have been trying to decide between the Sona and the Helix, and now I get it all! A smart rechargeable hearing aid that I can customize through my smartphone using the Otofonix app. My sister loves her Sona. I know I am going to love the Groove.


Love this aid! So glad I found something convenient and easy to use. I love being able to control my aid with my phone.

Love my groove

What a big difference. I just received my device and all I can say is wow. I hearing things that I have forgotten had sound.