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Otofonix Sona Hearing Aid

  • Customizable – You can fine-tune your Sona hearing aids to your unique hearing loss.
  • App-Controlled – Adjust the program and volume directly from your smartphone. (Not intended for listening to your phone via Bluetooth).
  • Practically Invisible Design – Discrete and nearly invisible, no one will ever know you’re wearing it!
  • Directional Microphones – Focus on the conversation in front of you with the use of Digital Noise Cancellation

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The Otofonix Sona hearing aid for adults is self-fitting, app-controlled, Bluetooth hearing aid. Paired with the powerful, Otofonix app, the Sona is fully customizable to your own unique hearing loss.

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Easy To Customize

No need to be a tech Guru. The initial hearing test built into the app will allow you to be up and running with your new hearing aids in minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

z1 easy to customize
z2 features to fit your environment

Features To Fit Your Environment

Featuring 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that allow for an optimal listening experience in a variety of environments, the Sona will move through life with you.

Practically Invisible Design

Discrete and nearly invisible, no one will ever know you’re wearing it! With this lightweight hearing aid, you can wear them all day and even forget you have them on.

z3 pracically invisible design
z4 sona changes with you

Sona Changes With You

Your hearing will change and the Sona will change with you. Quickly customize the amplification of individual frequencies from the ease of your smartphone. Update the custom configuration whenever you like, from the comfort of your own home.

Background Noise Reduction

Leading technology in adaptive background noise reduction. From noisy family get-togethers to taking a walk through the park, you’ll enjoy clear effortless conversations.

z5 background noise reduction

What’s In The Box

  • 2 Assembled Bluetooth Hearing Aids
  • 1 Shockproof Travel Case
  • 1 App Guide
  • 1 Cleaning wire
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 12 size 13 batteries
  • 6 Open Domes of assorted sizes
  • 6 Closed Domes of assorted sizes
  • 2 Large & 2 Medium Magic Domes
  • 2 of each #1 and #2 Sound Tube
  • Lifetime free phone support

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Otofonix Sona Hearing Aid

Otofonix is the trusted hearing aid solution for over 100k people. We are so confident we are offering a 45-day trial.


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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

As technology progresses, we are seeing the integration of Bluetooth into more gadgets and gizmos. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids entered the scene. Well, that time is now and Bluetooth technology is readily available in a variety of hearing aids.

In actuality, Bluetooth hearing aids (sometimes referred to as smart hearing aids) have been out for a few years. But more recently, we are seeing companies embrace this idea and fully supporting Bluetooth hearing aids.

What do Bluetooth hearing aids do?

In fact, Apple has gone so far as to ensure that anyone wearing hearing aids can easily connect to any of their products that are running iOS. If you are currently an iOS user in any capacity and want to make sure your next pair of hearing aids are compatible, simply keep an eye out for a label that reads: “Made for iPhone.”

Being able to stream audio directly to your hearing aids is a boon for many reasons. Sheer convenience aside, hearing aid wearers are able to hear a wider variety of sounds without having to constantly switch between listening devices.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids better?

Self-fitting feature. You are doing what an audiologist Previously you would have gone to an Audiologist to get hearing aids custom to your hearing loss. Now in 2020, with Bluetooth hearing aids and smartphone technology you are able to self-fit your device from the comfort of your home.

Bluetooth benefits

Adjust the volume of your hearing aids with your mobile phone

Do you suffer from hearing loss? If you’ve had a hearing test that shows you need a hearing aid and you’re interested in taking advantage of Bluetooth, you’re going to love Otofonix’s Sona Hearing Aid set. As the best Bluetooth hearing aids, you’re getting excellence in quality that greatly enhances your hearing care.

Thanks to their low-profile design, each Sona Hearing Aid is practically invisible. Whether you need only one hearing aid or two, you can look forward to devices that are inconspicuous when worn.

Why is Otofonix’s Sona Bluetooth hearing aid the best?

You have a lot of options and you have choices. There are many Hearing Aid Brands that now offer Hearing Aids with Bluetooth connectivity. Sona has 100% Bluetooth compatibility and is made to work with your iPhone and Android device, has good initial Bluetooth connectivity, and will claim low power consumption.

But for us it comes down to two things:
Support and stable Bluetooth Hearing Aids

We focused on creating a stable Bluetooth hearing aid. We researched and did R&D for over 18 months to ensure that our Bluetooth technology and your hearing experience would be reliable from the life that you own your Hearing Aids. You want your Bluetooth enabled devices to work every time and your Hearing Aids are no exception.

The Bluetooth connection is secure and there’s no interference.

As a leading hearing aid manufacturer, we also are here for you for the entire time with our award-winning support. So whether your device is Bluetooth or one of our other devices, we got you covered.

Total app control

Otofonix includes a downloadable app with the Sona Bluetooth hearing aid. This app allows you to operate your hearing aids hands-free. With this kind of convenience, you will never again want to go back to traditional hearing aids.

The app also comes with a built-in hearing test that helps you get set up in a matter of minutes. And if usually have trouble with technology, the app will walk you through the connectivity process for easy use. Simply download it directly to your Android or Apple device and use it to connect your wireless Sona hearing aid.

Incredible sound quality

The Sona hearing aid comes with stellar sound thanks to a built-in directional microphone. Now you can focus on who you are talking to by picking up the sound directly in front of you. Unwanted background noise is canceled out so you can clearly hear your conversations.

Whether you are attending a noisy family gathering, walking through the park, or shopping in a store, the Sona hearing aid will ensure that you hear only the sound that matters.

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